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Random Thoughts Tuesday

The Five Fish: Random Thoughts Tuesday

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday


When things are quiet in my house...which truly is not often I find myself pondering what people really think of me? Truly their opinion has no bearing on my life. The damaging, gluttonous, masochistic part of me really wants to know. Mostly because I know that a lot of people are full of shit.

I do not fit their mold by any standards. On the outside I may look to be a standard mom, somedays a true housewife when I waltz around in my eye makeup smeared to my cheeks since I forgot to use remover the night before, I have a patch of hair tuning into channels in space (total JBF or Bed head) and I am sporting the hawtest pair of Jones New York sweat pants. Other days, I look like I could kick your ass, others, I look like I sit next to you in the pews of church saying prayer.

While also thinking I wonder what is going on in the twins' little pea brains. Are they planning mass manipulations of our emotions later? Maybe a jail break? Munchies? The warmth of the diaper I just changed that was reminiscent of enchiladas? I truly wonder how fast and how hard those gears are turning in those bright little minds.

I wonder somedays if Grant doesn't try because he is bored. Seriously my Big G is highly intelligent, not just because he is my child but he is truly bright. At the ripe age of TWO he was planning jail breaks and was sneaky about it. I wonder if he is not challenged enough. Reading is boring to him if he has to do it, unless of course there is some math involved. Hmmmm....sounds like mom.

So my dog that I was quite literally in pieces about last week has made a full recovery. She suffered heat stroke and a case of pneumonia. I literally thought I would have had to put my dog down on my boy's birthday and I was NOT. GOING. TO. DO. THAT.
I knew that day would live in infamy and I would hate for him to experience that on his birthday.
But the dog is fine. Two thousand...yes $2000 dollars later. Like we really had that money. I mean hello? I could have spent that on blogging conventions alright!! (HA, *snort)
Not but luckily we have Pet Insurance. Right. Laugh it up chuckles.
My dog has better has MORE insurance than we human's do. Period!
So hopefully we can obtain at least a 60% (hopeful..highly hopeful) reimbursement.

Lately I have been busting my ass too because my twin mom group is having our semi-annual garage sale. HUGE!!
HUGE GARAGE SALE!! Like 25 people strong garage sale of all of our SHTUFF!!
So I am hoping to make a pretty penny at that.
Oh and soap...did I tell ya I make soap?
Some people really don't care for it. But since I hate being dirty, stinky, smelling like a monkey's butt, I am a smelly whore type person I love me some soap.
Personally I have to say that my soap rocks. Yes RAWKS!!
Why? Oh well because you don't feel like you were hit with a sand blaster after you took a shower.
Yeah, little to no lotion at all after a shower unless of course you are like me and you like to smell all whorish and pretty. I have a sick obsession with pretty smelling things. I have cut back on buying the smell stuff, or I just make my own now. Since I am way cool like that.

So, oh right the garage sale and shtuff. I am tagging all that crap like a gangster in East L.A. I tell ya! The other night my left butt cheek fell asleep from sitting so long! Yeah, that hurt. I was afraid it would leave a mark ya a floor sore....from sitting on the floor too long.

Yesterday was gratitude day I guess?! I had no idea. But here is my big fat gratitude. I am so thankful I have bloggers and readers that like my all over the place, speak my mind, no sugar coating blog. I am really like this 24-7, I just don't go out of my way like other people do. I am a Leo, so I stay the course, patient, loyal, loving, but if you cross me....ha ha...beware. So seriously I am so grateful for readers, bloggers, my internet that has been working without a hitch and for my hubs who works to pay for the internet.
Since I don't got a job! Well at least a job that pays.

Oh and one more thing...I was totally dying to post these pics for my Moxie post yesterday but I don't think the girls would have appreciated what Mona was doing with SpongeBob!
Seriously....she got a little frisky. We finally had to strap her into the seat.

I might have to have her go enter my Eden Fantasy's Giveaway! Naughty girl!

Be sure you go check out Keely the Un-Mom because she seriously RAWKS!
I just love to stalk her....shhhhh.....she might come Google Earth my IP if I'm not careful.

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