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Wordful Wednesday

The Five Fish: Wordful Wednesday

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

My favorite destination so far for travel is Cancun and SanFrancisco:

Here DH and I are swimming and holding a shark....
YES, a real live shark and I have to say that was the coolest thing ever!

We rented a motorscooter to get around since we were not going to let the cab drivers tote us around.
The decision to rent the motor scooter was done under heavy intoxication...I HIGHLY recommend this.
Driving in Mexico is treacherous when you are sober.

I made a great passenger on the back of the scooter a whopping 80kmph was the top speed.

We did pay homage to the great Mayan ruins. I for one LOVED them but was too chicken to climb.

So we just posed at the bottom and I let DH do all the climbing.
I would go back in a heartbeat! We snorkeled, drank, ate like gluttons (hello, ALL INCLUSIVE!!) and had the best honeymoon you could ask for.

This is the view into Nob Hill from our room on the 20 some odd floor of the Crowne Plaza in Union Square. LOVE IT!

Me at the Maritime

CRAB!! San Fran is NOTORIOUS for Sourdough and Crab.
I was in heaven with both.

Of course the infamous San Francisco Cable Cars!
That day was EXCEPTIONALLY hot so they were spraying down the track to reduce the expansion and get the cars back on track. I loved riding those. Just a great way to see the city in addition to walking.
Which if you walk the city....bring TENNIS SHOES!!

And finally the fog. The entire time we were in San Fran...NO FOG!! The last day the fog rolled in and we couldn't miss the sunrise and the fog for anything!! This is looking out towards the bay.

Now I will tell you that our travels have changed......

Never in a million years did I think that my travels would look like they do now.
In a minivan. 
Loaded to the hilt with strollers, pack-and-plays (at least two!), luggage, snacks, DVD's, sippy cups, bottles, Cheerios strewn on the floor. I have to tell you that traveling with kids is tough. Now if I had just three kids, no biggie, each age would be entertained in some fashion or at least two-thirds would be yelling the infamous line "(S)He's touching me!" To which I would threaten to pull the car over and have a "discussion" if they didn't knock it off. So traveling right now with twin-fants is challenging to say the least. Never a dull moment. And unfortunately because traveling is "challenging" we haven't been able to take many trips. But we do have a border run we might be doing really soon with some friends.
So who knows what you may see for another WW.

Does your car, truck, or van look like mine when traveling?

I have to say that these are the best passengers anyone or anything could have blessed me with!

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