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Wordful/Wordless Wednesday: Little Bitty

The Five Fish: Wordful/Wordless Wednesday: Little Bitty

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wordful/Wordless Wednesday: Little Bitty

I was so excited today yesterdaybecause I finally was able to wrangle the twins into their totally cute Revenge Is shirts that I did a review about, and a giveaway. Yes shameless I am. So I got them all dolled up in their shirts with their cute shorts to match and everything. I mean the day was beautiful, the lighting for the pictures would have been perfect as well as you can see, just marvelous. I even got Big G to smile a beautiful smile.

(Thumbs up mom!)
But they decided that the hose would be "totally wicked!" to play in before Mom (moi) got off her duff finished working to go take the beautiful photos of these beautiful children. Thus, the review got some candid shots, cool. That's how we roll. So here are my children playing in the yard that Yolanda has been neglecting.

Oh yes, they are TOTALLY. Head. To. Toe. S-O-A-K-E-D!! Being the perfectionist mother I am I tried for a few more shots of my baby girl who is my ONLY baby girl and a total photo poser for me.

I got this beautiful picture with the sunset in the back....I have yet to edit or clean it up. I love the raw beauty.
And I thought I would go for one more as a hat trick and this is what I got

I will be damned if she is not happy about something. Mind you, this is before the blood curdling banshee wail. But isn't she just the prettiest baby to throw a fit?

Happy Wordful/Wordless Wednesday!! Be sure you go see Angie and her circus to link up, as well as Extraordinary Mothers, Wordless Wednesday Headquarters, 5 Minutes for Mom.

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