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The All New Momma Diet Plan

The Five Fish: The All New Momma Diet Plan

Friday, October 02, 2009

The All New Momma Diet Plan

Ladies, the buck stops here for all those diet scams and plans.

(Oh really?!)

Have you tried all pills, exercises, food and meal plans? Exercise machines and bogus contraptions? Let me tell you I have the ultimate plan for you and this is how you begin said plan!

  1. Have twins, or at least a couple kids, get nice and round.
  2. Make sure said kids have appetites like NFL Linebackers
  3. Make meals they will NOT eat and YOU will (or so you think)
  4. Sit down to attempt to eat said HOT, warm meal children will not like
  5. Children flock to you and said HOT meal to eat it
  6. They eat it off YOUR plate
  7. Every speck
  8. Leaving you just the crumbs
  9. ENJOY your little morsel of a meal, at most 100 calories in crumbs ladies
  10. You will be fit and trim in no time with that meal plan, BON APETIT!
Watch the gnomes, at least the Little Bitty Sara gnome,
in action as she feeds her Daddy...after she feeds herself.

Mom and Dad feeding from Karie Herring on Vimeo.

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