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Fish Fry-Day Featurette: Adventures in Juggling

The Five Fish: Fish Fry-Day Featurette: Adventures in Juggling

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fish Fry-Day Featurette: Adventures in Juggling

I just love this woman...after my own heart I tell you that Laura and I could be wine soul sisters! She has a heart of gold and I was laughing so hard I was crying because I feel her on so many levels with life. This week's Fish Fry-Day Featurette is Laura from Adventures in Juggling. You might know her on Twitter as NICURNMama and we LURVE her!

  • Tell me why you blog?
I blog because if I don't surely I will lose my mind. I am juggling a life filled with a husband in the midst of a dear-god-get-over-your-self mid-life crisis, 5 children at all ages and stages from young adult to adolescence to school age (with special needs), an amazing grand-baby girl whom I get to spoil, err, watch while her mama works, a career as a NICU RN where I get to cuddle babies, save lives and pursue my calling. What else would I be doing but juggling and blogging about.
  •  What do you do in real life?
Silly rabbit....see above!
  • Tell me your favorite drink; alcoholic or otherwise?
Water, red-red wine, diet coke. they all give my body, mind and soul exactly what they thirst for.
Let's seriously give her a big AMEN for that!
  • Where have you lived in the US world where would you like to live again or move to?
Oh I am so well my trailer trash girl mind...I was born in California, raised in western Pennsylvania where the dialect has its own special musicality...and vulgarity...and I settled back into northern Cali where I married, fell in love, pursued my career/passion, birthed 4 babies, adopted one more to complete the family circle and moved to the Central Valley of California to challenge my teenaged daughter, my politics and to afford home ownership.
  • Favorite Quote?
Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.
  • Life Motto? favorite quote. Plus my life is truly an adventure.

Now head on over to Laura's joint and feed her...seriously get her feed. I know I am since (I suck..she wasn't in my feed...I know slap me..okay that's are getting rough) reading through her posts. She is ever so strong and has a helluva sense of humor. God love a woman who only comes out stronger!

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