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Are you serious???

The Five Fish: Are you serious???

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are you serious???

People never cease to amaze me. I am one of those people who truly cannot be offended, you can piss me off to no end, but I take no offense to quite a lot, and blushing....forget it....hardly blush. So comments that are made literally make me shake my head and ask "What possessed you to say or do such a thing?"

The things that never cease to amaze me are the comments about the Squids. I am needing to come up with new responses to the dumb question of "Are they twins?" My dear friend T suggested that I tell people who ask that they are foster children, I fell over laughing! So as I am making my weekly and or bi-weekly excursion to Costco. I find myself overwhelmed with all the holiday shoppers. I am not a people person, people bug me with his and/or her lack of respect and no apparent consideration for others, that is why I am not a people person. Anyway, there I am maneuvering my way through the sea of elderly, retired, and the rude to make my way to the produce section so that I may gander at what is new in the walk-in cooler. The cooler mind you is a very cool 50 degrees or so, not quite freezing, but damn chilly. Off I go into the vast yonder of the produce cooler inside Costco before this maniac stops me in my tracks. I mean she might as well have grabbed me by my arm and begged me not to enter. There I was standing in complete bewilderment with all three kids who were anxious to get the hell out of Costco. The woman had the sheer audacity to have these comments to say to if I was some teenager without a clue about children, let alone my own:

Me: It's okay, they are in long sleeves, pants, and they have blankets, (smile) they are fine.

Woman: NO! You can leave them right here I will hold and watch them for you.
Me: NO, really, they are fine.

Woman: You can leave them right here and run in.
Me: Look, they are fine, they are MY kids.

I wanted to slap the woman and then give her the card to my therapist and a list of books on co-dependency. I mean really!! Get a grip!!! Not like I was going to be basking in that cooler all afternoon, I go in, make a circle around the displays of produce that are in there and out I come. I guess she felt I was a terrible mother for taking my kids who were dressed in long sleeves and pants since it was 50 degrees outside and RAINING and had their warm fleece blankets. I should have taken her borderline Mother Teresa craziness up and then asked her to go get my car so I didn't have to walk half a block in the parking lot to my van with my the rain.

Oh some people.....I think I have only met one other person who is borderline Mother Teresa (trying to save the world all at once), so this lady really caught me off guard. Plus I have a hard time with other people telling me what I should and should not do with my kids....I mean its not like I tell them...."Well you did a fantastic job of screwing up your children, so back off of mine". Plus I know a lot mean well, but seriously whether you are a mother who raised a brood or not, not your place to tell another MOTHER what she should or should not do with her children. You may not agree, but keep that to yourself. Otherwise you will get a HUGE argument from me.....and believe don't want to argue with me.