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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I haven't done one of these in quite some time. In such a dismall time in our world we need every bit of joy, sunshine, and happiness to keep our hopes alive, well, and provide reassurance that a light will be at the end of this dark tunnel we travel through at this time. Please pass on your thanks in the blog world and don't forget to thank Mrs. Brownstone. Please post what you are thankful for, happy about, or just want to share some good feelings.

1. I am thankful I was able to wake-up this morning so easily and enjoy a HOT cup of coffee without interruption.

2. I am thankful that G had a great day at school and didn't get another ticket sent home.

3. The twins took TWO naps today....and at this moment are still asleep...I will pay later, but Im happy they are getting some much needed rest.

4. G asked me to come outside and play Star Wars with him....I am so glad I am cool enough to play with the boy....most of the time DH is the one being summoned to be Darth Vadar.

5. DH got home early enough this evening from his trip to Salt Lake to spend time with the fam.

6. The Squids both jumped up and wanted to be held by DH when he got home.....this warmed my heart to know they adore him as much as G and I do.

7. I got to check in on my fellow bloggers today.....I don't always get to do so and today I very much enjoyed the opportunity.

8. I get to do my nightly constitutional 1.5 mile jog.....just me....the road....the full moon and my iPod....

9. Tomorrow is Wednesday....the middle of the week and next week is Spring Break....HALLELUJAH!

10. With next week being Spring Break, I am looking forward to my nephew spending some boy time with G and they get to have all sorts of fun boy time, which also means, girl time with my

What are your TEN THINGS.......

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