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Ten Things Tuesday...on Wednesday

The Five Fish: Ten Things Tuesday...on Wednesday

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday...on Wednesday

This is my Ten Things Tuesday on Wednesday (DUH, I know), but yesterday I was bombarded with school stuff since this is my second to last class. I decided I needed to rant, but I was taught to show some gratitude so enjoy my spin on Ten Things Tuesday, on Wednesday and make sure you thank Mrs. Brownstone.

1. I am so thankful I have a MIL who offers to babysit all the time. However, she always makes sure to find a reason why she can't and or puts stipulations on babysitting.

2. I am so thankful I have a house that I have to clean I so LOVE to clean my house everyday, ALONE. Because you know I fired Yolanda....oh wait....I'm Yolanda.

3. I am so thankful that I had classmates who worked as hard as a prima donna socialite, but I am thankful for the learning experience of working in teams.

4. I am so thankful that I have a yard and wonderful plants that are in dire need of watering, since I am the only one who ever notices they need watering....and get watering from me.

5. I am so thankful for the Mexican food I had for dinner tonight....I can't remember the last time I had Mexican food.....but I couldn't enjoy it since the Squids were fussing to take a bath, so I had to leave my love to care for my other loves.

6. I am so thankful my kids have grandma's....because I know at least one of them spends quality time with them...

7. I am so thankful I have someone who takes good care of me.....which is me.

8. I am so thankful I have a blog....that I wish I could devote more time the time I devote to my 3-4 loads of daily laundry.

9. I am thankful I have a great dog.....but wish the rest of the family would love on her as much as I do.

10. I am thankful I have some audience to listen to my thanks....and in this rant.

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