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"Free" Week

The Five Fish: "Free" Week

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Free" Week

Free week you ask? As in giveaways? Well those are coming, but most importantly I am doing a product review of "FREE" products. By free I mean that these products are free of VOC's, free of preservatives, carcinogens, and other ingredients that often result in allergic reactions among some people and or can cause premature aging and other health issues. I am doing this in part to promote the reduction of our carbon footprints (Going Green!), products that work without all the extra additives and you have no worries with kids and your family, plus these products promote an all over healthier living. These products will range from health and beauty, dietary supplements, and home products because often our home is the most polluted space, even more polluted than the air outside.

Stay tuned this week for the "FREE" product review week and be sure to check out our sponsors and give them some bloggy love, make sure you let them know where you found them......right HERE @ One Fish Two Fish Three Four Five Fish and that Mrs. Fish sent ya.

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