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Am I really unconventional?

The Five Fish: Am I really unconventional?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Am I really unconventional?

Today while working out much of my many frustrations on my back yard, which now is well groomed and well watered, I pondered if I am really that much of a different mom. By different am I truly that unconventional? Do I raise or treat my kids or give them privileges that make other mothers gasp.

One of the things I am a little 'unconventional' about is my kids daily sugar content. I read a great number of labels when delivering these foods to my kids mouths. Why? Amazingly enough everything has a certain amount of sugar or some sort of fueling product such as protein. Big G however reacts to sugar a bit more dramatically than other kids. *Now this is where I get the rolling of the eyes and the "Oh you are overreacting, all kids get a little hyper on sugar." While this statement is OH SO true, have you ever seen a five year old high on adrenaline. I mean pure, raw, unadulterated epinephrine? Yeah, didn't think so, not until you meet my kid. I have to limit even the tiniest amounts or balance out sugars with a certain level of protein. Like PB&J, lots of the PB and easy on the J. DH gives me all sorts of hell for this saying I am destroying a perfectly good sandwich to which I reply "Sure, then I will send him in your office shortly after he consumes this so he can wreak havoc on your world and your day. Thanks for playing!"

Another thing I have noticed from reading many a blogs and from comments around my family is how other children seem to be confined or limited to household areas. The whole idea seems weird for me....not sure why but it does, probably because my kids have run of the mill with the entire house. Of course bathroom doors are closed to prevent toilet playing and drowning, the pool gate is more than secured (combination lock....and I am the only one with combo...DH can't remember it to save his life!), cabinets are all secured to avoid getting into trash, cleaning items, etc. So from one mom to another why are kids confined to certain areas? I mean they get older and learn that certain rooms contain certain things, etc etc, so why keep them in one area? I do understand the whole "Well I know where they are at all times" but at what age does this progress to run of the mill? Like I said, maybe I am weird.

I also give my kids choices. I don't let them TELL ME what will go on, I TELL THEM here is what you got, you can choose A or B, not both, not C, not that you won't choose, it's A or B or the highway. I saw a segment on the TODAY show about not giving your kids choices and I about threw something at the TV. I mean really?! I think giving kids choices will empower them, the whole idea allows them to choose and to learn cause and effect. Just as a baby will drop a sippy cup and we pick it up, they are learning cause and effect. Once you stop picking up that cup all the time, they learn to not drop it.

I do not spank. GOD HAVE I HAD MOMENTS!!! My Big G is my mortal arguing nemesis. He pushes my argue button like his father does. EEEWWWWW!! Then when he argues and is defiant my first action is that I am angry he is being defiant and I just have this angry urge to haul off and spank his derriere. But I have to stop, take a deep breath and remember he is learning his boundaries, he is learning his independence, he is learning. I am able to calmly explain to him the consequences of his actions and the actions I take, this seems to be easier, not much, but easier when disciplining. He freaks out for a moment, and then explains what I am doing and why.....and surprisingly, everything is right with the world.

I try not to spoil my kids nor spare the rod. My nieces and nephews on DH's side are living proof of that. But I think kids need positive reinforcement and they also need true discipline and not a beating. I also think that giving kids their way all the time, even if we are tired, even if we are not in the mood to argue, fight, or deal with them because our day is and has been hell only reinforces certain behaviors. Again, I may be way off.

I am just curious to hear from other moms if you have little quirks and ticks that may seem weird to other moms or seem weird that you do certain things and other moms don't. I guess I want to know what works for you as a parent and do these things seem unconventional to you or other moms.

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