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Does this mean anything to you?

The Five Fish: Does this mean anything to you?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Does this mean anything to you?

To most women and or especially moms this appliance is our arch enemy. In my house especially because the Squids seem to know when that door will open and then you would think open season just began. They scamper as fast as they can to jump in....for what and why? I still don't see the appeal. Anyway, I wanted to share with you this picture. What does this mean to you?

A dishwasher to me means a place, and or an appliance to rest my filthy, grime encrushed flatware and dishware so they may be automatically washed by Whirlpool. To my husband, I am not quite sure what the appliance means to I see that dishes pile in the area just to the north and the west.....ah yes you see it??!!! That would be the SINK. I am always curious why the dishes can't and don't end up in the dishwasher.....I mean is it REALLY that far to the dishwasher from the sink?

Moving on I did notice this today as I was sitting here updating my blog, talking about being a mom and how I just had my moment to blog and relax, just take a moment to be me when I see this dumped at my side.....and not at the sink and not with one of the Squids. Does this mean anything to you?

So I am assuming because DH was on a business call and this was dumped next to me that I was suppose to put it in the dishwasher? I think?! As you can plainly see I was in the middle of my blog (and paying bills....see them there...hidden behind my Vitamin Water.....yes I am avoiding them) and wasn't sure what the hell the empty bottle being dropped at my side was suggesting.

Any takers on this one? LOL

Sidenote - DH does do dishes when I cook, or he does dishes 50% of the 90% of the time I cook. Happy Friday folks!

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