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Devil's Food

The Five Fish: Devil's Food

Monday, January 05, 2009

Devil's Food

Do you know why they call Devil's Food cake Devil's Food? Let me tell you why.

DH decided to make a Devil's Food cake this evening with a chocolate fudge frosting that I whipped so deliciously. Beside the point. So G had dinner and saw DH frosting said cake and he stated he wanted a piece. The time now is 643pm.....G had cake at 543pm. The effects of the cake have resulted in the following actions:

DH: G, was that good cake or what? You are pretty hyped up on cake aren't you?
G: Dad that was the bestest cake ever.....and I am a ninja. (*takes ninja stance with Styrofoam sword in hand)

Now he has been sword fighting Pickles for the last ten minutes.......hmmmm.......sword fighting an 11 month old.....not hard to do.
Now we are running sprints up and down the hallway of the house.....with no slowing in sight. Oh, now we are racing 11 month old opponent. I have to give him props for having such enthusiam for playing with his younger siblings but competition with them is beyond comedic.

Sugar is so awesome! Especially because sugar takes the affect of pure adrenaline pulsing through my son's veins. Sugar tends to hype most kids, but mine, yeah, he might as well have taken a shot of epinephrine right in the heart. Going to let DH put him to bed tonight since he is to blame for giving Devil's Food to the "angel".