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The Five Fish: Resolutions

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Every New Year marks the dawn of a new era for some and for others just another day. For those who start the year off fresh resolutions are fantastic. Resolutions and the New Year are as if the slate has been wiped clean. I welcome and enjoy the New Year because of the new slate, however, I do not think that the slate wipes itself clean. Some tool must be used in order to wipe the slate clean, almost like an affirmation of all wrongs done through the year and the promise to oneself to right those wrongs or to not make the same mistakes again. WOW, this sounds much like AA if you ask me. Nonetheless, resolutions are fantastic!

My resolution that I had made year after year after year was to "lose weight", "quit smoking", "stop saying F&^K, so much"......all of these resolutions failed me until I was ready and I was never ready. But this year, I don't smoke (thanks to the Super Squids), I am losing weight (only because I gained lots of twin poundage), and the "F" word is so universal that I will probably continue to use it with all the universal glory in which the word was created for, an adjective, verb, noun, pronoun, you get the idea.

This year my resolution is to TAKE BETTER CARE OF MYSELF!

WOW!! This is just novel right? Wrong! As a mom, a mother of multiples, and wife the person you put first are the aforementioned individuals, never yourself. So this year is a year of "K". With taking better care of myself which includes my super duper healthy eating and drinking LOTS more water and getting LOTS more sleep (including naps) is to ward off toxicity. Toxicity you say? Toxicity I do say. This entails everything that could be harmful to me, my life, my family, and is not conducive to my taking better care of me lifestyle. I mean last year I bore twins, breastfed them for over EIGHT months, and managed to take care of everyone else but myself! I mean I cared for the twins, my G, DH, my home, my education, the dog, everything! But I did not take care of me and in there I got angry.....really angry and I wasn't clear why. I now know why. So these are the things that I will be warding off until further notice....even though I will have reservations, I know the decision is for the best and somethings I will be doing for myself:

  • I will say NO more......lots more......not to my kids, they know this word well....I mean EVERYONE ELSE!!! A big FAT NO is headed your way this year.
  • I will ward off family that is toxic. Family that is ungrateful and does not have a good interest for my family or does not care how his or her actions affect me or my family.
  • I will ward off my Pepsi. (EEEE Gad, I love my caffeine) Hence, the Pepsi is bad, so I must ward off and limit my intake.
  • I will ward off ice cream. (Oh something I indulge in whether I am sad or happy, ice cream is my comfort) But this too I must ward off.
  • I will make sure I am taken care of before my kids. (I know this sounds super selfish, but without a happy, healthy Mommy, my kids would not be happy or healthy....can you say Britney Spears episode....right!)
  • I will no longer go out of MY way for someone else unless I receive some personal gain, such as the feeling of goodwill. I think HIGH time someone else "paid it forward".
  • I will have more girls night and girls me and my girls will get together without DH's.
  • I will take more time outs and let (make) DH do more around the house and with the kids.
  • I will take more time to sit and play with my kids. (I play with them quite a bit now, but I need to do it more. That's why we have kids right....? Is to act like a kid more!)

There it is. There is my small, but expanding list. I look at my resolution list as a pregnancy belly, slowly growing, milestones will be met, and the big payoff in the end after much patience and love. Happy New Year everyone. Please feel free to share your Resolutions, they are always great to share.