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Ideas, sponsors, and feedback..Oh my!

The Five Fish: Ideas, sponsors, and feedback..Oh my!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ideas, sponsors, and feedback..Oh my!

So I want to do some fun stuff with being frugal in this economy. I am thinking of doing a frugal week but am lacking inspiration for some reason or another. Not quite sure why I am lack inspiration I mean I am the penny pinching bitch of mankind and I can handle money like no other but am lacking inspiration. I want to find some really frugal money saving products, I mean BIG savings, not just a few bucks here and there. I am not discounting (ha, pardon the pun) the smaller savings, but when you live on a budget, times are tough and the cost of goods is on the need BIG savings. If you are a company, fellow blogger, entrepreneur, or my favorite average Joe let me know your ideas or let me try out your product in ALL honesty to let you know the overall savings amounts. I mean I am a finance guru, I can do math like no other!! Compound equations got nothing on me!

I also want to do some really cool, innovative organic and or green products. I do not think we do enough to promote the importance of organic. Organic reduces the carbon foot print we leave by leaps and bounds, plus all the health benefits of not pumping extra chemicals and garbage into our systems. I am thinking a "Green Team" or "The Big O" on organic so give me your feedback and let's see if we can't do something fun on the net again.

I mean who really wants to bitch about BK's Square butts commercial? Not me!

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