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Mothers Day SUCKS!

The Five Fish: Mothers Day SUCKS!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day SUCKS!

I know I am such a Scrooge and I am sure most of the Mom's who are reading this are saying "But how can such a wonderful day suck, you are just so negative Mrs. Fish." Well you know I am not really negative, just totally honest, blunt, and forthright with the fact that Mother's Day is no different than Valentine's or Easter. Honestly the day is just another day for Hallmark to reap the rewards of poor suckers to go out and buy some sappy card about how much they love their Mama's and how Mama's are so special. Why the hell do we need a day for this, really? I mean we, females, are the only mammals that can carry, bear, and care for our young like no other. We are the foundation and rock of the entire family unit, everyone depends on Mama.

Don't get me wrong I am sure that plenty of single Dad's can handle the job of Mom, but the bond of mother and child is like no other and if you tell me different, well then you didn't bond with your child like the majority of other mothers did and have.

So I have to say that Mother's Day sucks! We expect to have this grandioso day of celebration, relaxation and pampering. What effing planet do you live? Sure I had breakfast made for me, but I still cleaned up the dishes, sure a paper was brought to me, but I still had to put it in the recycle, sure messes were made by the kids and guess what.....I was still left to clean them. For those mom's who got a scot free nice, but guess what, you got a hearty dose of reality today as Monday has come upon us and it's back to the old grind again. At least I can say that I didn't expect my mother's day to be filled with relaxation, pampering and being able to not "be a mom." I still comforted those who needed (like my Pickles Magoo who was a little under the weather.....which is why I failed to blog for some days), rocked my babies to sleep, kissed those and wished them a good night, and made the best Mac N Cheese, even if from the microwave, it was still made with love and they all appreciated that dinner was made by Mom.

I think Mother's Day should be everyday, why have one special day to celebrate all that makes a Mom, Mom. I tell my Mom almost everyday how much I love her and she knows by my own accomplishments as an individual that she had some part in my actions and where I am today. So Hallmark, to HELL with your effing holiday, everyday should be mother's day. Be sure to tell the Mom's in your life and all the Mom's you know how special they are everyday, and show a bit of gratitude for the hard work we Mama's do all the time.

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