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Summer Reviews and Giveaways!

The Five Fish: Summer Reviews and Giveaways!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Reviews and Giveaways!

I was contacted by a pair of lovely PR ladies the other day. One of whom wants my gnomes to test out some really cool summer products! I am ecstatic to review them because my gnomes will be spending a lot more time outside now that the weather is warmer and school is out. Not to mention that my pool is already a tepid 83 degrees! In addition to the review.....GIVEAWAY!! So stay tuned for that great stuff.

I also have the opportunity to catch up on my much needed reading! All the reading I have been doing for the last three years are text books. So I am happy to announce that my nose will be pulled from the text books and shoved back into some much needed, much appreciated, much loved novels, books, and short stories. These items will be reviewed and shared with you all as well, which will be super fantastic! Some great reads for mom by the pool....multi-tasking and reviewing multiple products at one time....bring on more!!! I can handle it....I have twins HEAR ME ROAR!!

Here is a glimpse of the summer products! Based on my these for the elementary school so I am super excited!! Make sure you Digg, Stumble, or Technorati these sites, I know I did.

MFS Eyewear

Sun Protection Zone

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