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Wordful Wednesday

The Five Fish: Wordful Wednesday

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

You see that smoking hot chick?

By smoking I mean the blond with the cigarette and all?!

Yes, that smoking blond is me.....or should I say was me.

You see I was a HUGE smoker. I loved to smoke. I couldn't go anywhere or be anywhere without my stogies. I used to smoke so much I would make certain vehicles look environmentally friendly. I would smoke 2 packs of Marlboro Red's a day when I worked in the car business. The thought of smoking that much now makes my chest burn. While I did finally cut down...and changed from Red's to Ultra Lights (like there is THAT much of a difference.....a cigarette is still a cigarette) I never could just quit. Until two years ago I was finally able to kick the habit!

I have been completely smoke free for TWO YEARS!!! This is not to say that I have not had my moments of weakness. Where I have been so stressed that I just wanted to run to the corner store and pick up a pack and light up. Yes I have been there, yes I still have cravings. But the best part is.....I tried to take a drag of my sister's cigarette and about choked and died!! I couldn't believe I would suck those things down like candy! I truly hate the way smokers smell, just like an ashtray that has been watered down....the stale icky smell. But, I do love the way a fresh lit cigarette smells. I can get a contact high just from the smell of a cigarette. The best part about that is....I can smell a cigarette and not ever want to smoke one again. The scent is enough for my poor addiction sensors to be calmed. So when you think you can't quit, or you will quit, or oh when I am can do it. Do it in your time, when the time is right for you and don't pressure yourself. Quitting smoking has been compared to heroine addiction if that tells you anything. I know that I love going places and not having to worry if I have my smokes or not being able to swim multiple laps in my pool because I am winded. A whole new life awaits you as a non-smoker. So that "smoking" hot girl used to be I am just HOT! HA HA

Happy Wednesday!
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