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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Successful Sunday

$50 off Old Navy $100 Purchase coupons (10 winners)
Please bear with me I did these by and managed to not take pictures of all the random numbers pulled because I had some serious medicine head. However I did manage to capture all the winner comments.

Happy Shopping!

Oral Health Giveaway Winners
Tammy you are the only one who needs to respond in order to claim your winnings. Please email me @ so we can ship to you.


Rubbermaid 6pc Drawer Organizer

Wanchai Ferry Gift pack $25 Target GC Registered & Protected

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General Mills Grains of Goodness

Every year the weight loss resolutions begin and you hear some odd diet tips, tricks, and suggestions. But the diet science and studies suggest that diets rich in whole grain help maintain a healthy heart, help manage weight, reduce the risk for diabetes and other health issues.

In a national survey, 91 percent of Americans said they want to incorporate more whole grain foods into their diets. In fact, nine out of 10 people in the U.S. still do not eat the minimum recommended daily amount of whole grain (at least three servings, or 48 grams). General Mills is the only leading cereal company to guarantee whole grain in every box, 8 grams of whole grain per serving to be exact. Every day, General Mills´ Big G Cereals - which include Cheerios, Fiber One, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chex, Total and Lucky Charms - deliver 35 million servings of whole grain to Americans. Additionally General Mills is reducing the amount of sugar in all of their cereals to provide the same great taste without all the unnecessary extras.

My house is a HUGE fan of Cheerios and most recently Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We love these two because you can eat them as a breakfast cereal or you can snack on them dry which makes for great snacks for the kids anytime during the day. When our house was provided with the General Mills Grains of Goodness prize pack we went and bought a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (since we already had LOTS of Cheerios on hand) and we wanted to try a new flavor of Total from General Mills. We got the Total Blueberry Pomegranate and can I just say, DEE LISH! Absolutely yummy.

So to promote General Mills promise to bring you whole grain in every box of cereal and reduced sugar, The Five Fish and General Mills on behalf of My Blog Spark are giving away this great prize pack for you!

TWO (2) VIP Coupons for Big G cereal products, a breakfast chiller, large cereal mug, & tote bag
Here is how you can win. Tell me how you are adding more whole grain to your diet? Do you know how much whole grain you need daily? Or tell me your favorite General Mills cereal. 
(Please leave me your email address if your blogger profile is not public, no email, no winnings.)

Extra Entries:
  • Follow my blog 
  • Fan The Fish (please re-fan as the previous fan page was all wonky)
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Tweet this giveaway, unlimited tweet option as long as you do not double comment on this blog for your unlimited tweets: Win General Mills cereal prize pack with @KariewithaK #giveaway Ends 3/6
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Best of Luck!

*The Five Fish received the above pictured prize pack and in no way are we making any health claims regarding whole grain, in no way was our opinion influenced by the product and we make no claims regarding the product other than the facts stated on the Nutritional Values chart on the product. Registered & Protected

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Saved by a Palm

No not that palm.
This Palm.

The Palm Pre Plus saved my life this week. Not literally in that it is not a secret defibrillator, though I am sure there is an app for that, but for the last week I have been terribly ill. I mean I was hacking a lung, running a fever of over 100 degrees, not pretty, all I wanted to do was sleep. The last thing I really wanted to do was fire up my computer and blog, check my email, send a tweet all while sitting in front of my laptop. I had no desire. But I knew I was receiving emails in my inbox, PTO, bills, blog giveaway entries and winners, I had to be able to read these emails, respond, and or forward important information.

Had I not had the capability of email on my Palm Pre Plus, had I not had the Synergy capability that syncs my emails, my calendars, my notes, everything I use on my laptop in Outlook I would be so behind. More so than I already am, but I am glad I was able to respond to my email recipients and read important emails with ease and without having to fire up my laptop. All while laying on my couch sulking in my misery of being sick. I know....rough life huh? In all seriousness the email capability is so seamless, streamlined and easy to access in the Palm Pre Plus.

Oh I also need to add that since the hubs works from home too I use Google talk to message him during the day. "What do you want for lunch?" "Dinner?" Or a quick may-day to tell him I am drowning with the twins. So while being sick, trying to maneuver to his office to tell him I need help or need something as close to impossible as well. The Palm Pre Plus has a messenger option too through SMS text and Google talk. I just logged in my Google account and VOILA! I can message right from my phone, again without firing up my laptop thus again making my life so much easier as a mom and a business woman.

*The Five Fish, Karie Herring, received a Palm Pre Plus on behalf of Verizon Wireless to review and share my experience with the phone. In no way has the review influenced my opinion of the product, my review is my opinion about the product. Registered & Protected

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fish Fry-Day Featurette: Wheel-Chair Mommy

I met this lovely woman during the Monday Mingle cruise and can I just tell you that her smile and demeanor is totally infectious. IN- FEC- TIOUS! (Can I stress that more?) She has a wonderful smile and is super cool. So I am sure the first and foremost question to most normal folks is "Is she really in a wheel-chair?" To which she is....and she has the cutest short vlog on MomTV about herself, so when you stalk her blog be sure to check out her super sweet video.

Also, I asked her about how she became bound....well I shouldn't say bound because this woman is in and out of her chair like a toddler in and out of their clothes. But I asked her how the accident happened and she sent me to her fabulous uncensored FAQ which answers all of our most "curious" questions. Admit are curious. My husband was curious. So let the beautiful, happy (since she will slap you silly telling you that you make your own life happy), young, and strong Priscilla tell you her story and her fun blips here on my blog. Enjoy the sweets of Wheelchair Mommy!

  • Tell me, why do you blog?
I blog as an extension to the baby books and I love connecting with other moms/women :)
  • What is your real life job?
I stay at home with my 2 prince charming boys, William and Lucas!
  • What is your favorite drink?
Mmmm.....Mexican Martini!!! TEQUILA!!
(Oh we would have to watch out.....whew...this woman and I would end  up closing a bar!)
  • Where do you live in the world?
Texas (Yee Haw!! Sorry...LOL)
  • Your favorite quote?
"Changed, but still the same" by me in 1999 after my wreck.
 (I love it! I think we are still the same people with a whole new outlook and perspective on know....perception is reality.)
  • What is your life motto?
Live to make yourself happy!! (Amen sister!)
  • So...I had to long have you been paralyzed and have to get around by wheelchair?
I have been paralyzed for 10 years. The date was September 12, 1999. It was my first fall semester at college. I say first FALL because I also took a class over the summer. Yea, I’m a dork. Whatever.
  • Can you know?
And for this one.....head on over to Priscilla's awesome blog and read more about her "life is what you make it" with her adorable boys and her super sweet husband who got her some sweet gifts for Valentine's Day. Registered & Protected

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    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Win and Give with Betty Crocker

    If you have read my blog long enough you know how much I love to give to others. Benevolence is in my core and I enjoy giving to others not only because of karma but I enjoy seeing people's faces when they receive a gift of kindness. Even better is seeing the face of a child when they receive a wonderfully kind gift.

    My son is brutally competitive and loves to win but he is so beautifully kind and enjoys giving to others, especially when they are deserving and they are other children. When I received the email about how My Blog Spark was helping to promote the program with Betty Crocker snacks, on specially marked boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups, Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, and Stickerz & Shapes, to donate a laptop to one African child for every laptop won by a U.S. child I knew this as a more than noble post to promote. Grant was so excited when we received the prize pack not only because we received Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot but also the opportunity to win a laptop in our home and that we had a donation made on our behalf to One Laptop per Child.

    Grant was ever so sweet because he told me when we went over the Win One Give One program he told me, "Mama, if we win a laptop can we give it to some kids who don't have one. I already have a computer...Dad has three of them in his office so he has one to spare for me." I just about fell over laughing and I was so happy to hear that my son was willing to give to others so selflessly. He also saw that kids should have computers in their lives.
    Not only do you support children in need but the products are also Box Tops participants. So everyone wins with these Betty Crocker snacks, and hey, they are pretty tasty. But here is some really powerful footage about the One Laptop per Child program.

    Now you can get involved without making any purchase AND you can enter to win a Betty Crocker snacks prize pack and have $25 donated on your behalf to One Laptop per Child. To enter, tell me what you do to promote benevolence with your child? How are you teaching them to help others?

    Extra Entries:

    • Follow my blog 
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    • Tweet this giveaway with unlimited tweets, no double comment tweet entries: Win and Give a laptop to a child in need with @BettyCrocker snacks and @KariewithaK
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    Best of luck!

    *The Five Fish received a prize pack of Betty Crocker fruit snacks from Betty Crocker on behalf of My Blog Spark and a donation of $25 was made on our behalf to One Laptop per Child. In no way did the product influence this post, this post is to promote a wonderful cause for children around the world. Registered & Protected

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    Wordless Wednesday

    Oh how fast the last two years have passed. I am still amazed each day I have two more and they are phenomenal little people who are bright and intelligent, full of life and trouble. If you look closely you can see a small line of drool after blowing out the candle. Full of life and trouble!

    Here are to many more birthdays celebrating all your life and trouble together.

    For more Wednesday fun visit Extraordinary Mothers, 5 Minutes for Mom, WW HUB, and Angies Circus. Registered & Protected

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    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Drowning the Demon

    I love my children. I love my children. I love my children even when they are monkey carrying, germ infested, snotting, coughing, hacking little people that they share their gooey, infectious loves with me.


    I should have known that they would pass the junk onto me. So for the last week I have fought to not succumb to the whining pathetic little girl that grown men usually turn into. But I did. I turned into a jaded, pissy, crawl into my cave, I am not good as someone who is ill type of person. Basically, I slept. I slept like I haven't slept in years. Oh wait....yes, I have not slept in years.

    Then came the hacking and the fever and the bitterness again of how to drown out this demonic illness. Ah yes. Fight fire with fire. What you ask? Fire with fire?

    I learned while living my entire life in the southwest that the best cure to anything is Mexican food, well the best cure to the common cold and drowning the demon is Green Chile Stew. I love green chile. I could have just about every meal with green chile if I could, especially Hatch green chile. The hotter the better too!

    So I sucked it up, got off my arse and made from scratch while sweating a fever, hacking a lung, and a nose that as running like a faucet my favorite Green Chile Stew recipe. Now I want to share it with you and share my poor woes of how I have missed you all and I missed a local Tweet-up with my friends on Twitter that live here in Arizona and I missed, I missed, I missed. I know right....cry me a river Linda....but seriously wanted to say I missed you all and I am glad I am feeling better so I can get back to reading blogs and writing again. Being sick sucks a goat's ear you know!?

    Green Chile Stew
    4-6 4oz cans Green Chile (the hotter the better people!)
    2 tomatoes (diced) or 1 can diced tomatoes
    1/4 diced onion
    2 garlic cloves diced
    1/4 c. finely chopped cilantro
    2 T. cumin
    1 t. Corriander
    4 potatoes cut into cubes or 1/2 bag of frozen cubed hashbrowns
    3 chicken breasts shredded or 1lb shredded pork
    2 T. Olive Oil
    3 C beef (or chicken) stock
    salt and pepper to taste

    In a large stock pot heat oil adding cumin, corriander, cilantro, garlic, and onions until onions are slightly browned. Add potatoes to toss into spices, then add in meat. Coat the meat lightly with seasoning and oil then add in the tomatoes and green chile. Stir slowly and add in stock. Cover and simmer for a minimum of one hour for potatoes to soften and for the green chile flavor to infuse. Serve hot with warm tortillas Registered & Protected

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    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    Celtic Woman

    Music is so much a part of my life as well as my children's; for learning, play, and basic entertainment. While I pride myself as a music aficionado I admit that some music was out of my league. So when I got an email saying "Hold your horses and be open minded" I thought I really need to hear this.

    Mind you I am very open minded, but when I saw the name of the band I cringed in fear. I received a Celtic CD as a gift some years back and really I needed to be in the right mood and or just gift the CD away. But with Celtic Woman Songs from the Heart I was so pleasantly surprised at the sound of traditional Celtic harmony with a modern day spin. Beautiful sounds were echoing through my speakers as I heard the familiar sound of the lyrics to Fields of Gold...sigh...and swoon to my heartthrob Sting.

    I then moved onto the next song in the play list Amazing Grace with full bagpipes. I was bawling like anyone would who loves the sound of Amazing Grace in bagpipes. Next was Níl Sé'n Lá and was blown away at the beauty of the song. Soulful, sweet, and soothing. Now fast forward to O' America and the song screams nationalism, country pride, and you can feel the red, white and blue pulsing through your veins.

    Please go listen to them and watch these ladies on YouTube to see how beautiful they are when they perform. I know I am excited to see their show here in Tempe in May at Gammage Auditorium; the timing couldn't be more perfect as well as I take my mother to the concert for Mother's Day. I cannot wait to post about the show and the feeling of being in the audience with their performance. Oh did I forget to mention they are on tour?! Yes. You can see these talented ladies LIVE in a city near you with their list of SOLD OUT tours or download their CD on iTunes or even better...enter to win Celtic Woman Songs from the Heart LIVE concert DVD. Just as if you are right there in the audience.

    To enter tell me what kind of music do you listen to and are you open to music like Celtic Woman? What city would they be touring near you?

    Extra entries:
    • Fan Celtic Woman North America on Facebook
    • Follow my blog and tell me you do
    • Follow me on Twitter
    • Tweet this giveaway and tweet as much as you want as long as a comment separates your previous tweet entry comment: Win Celtic Woman LIVE DVD from @KariewithaK #musicmom Ends 3/1 
    • Subscribe to my feed
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    Best of luck!

    *The Five Fish received a copy of the CD Celtic Woman from EMI Music as a member of the Music Moms program. Registered & Protected

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    Successful Sunday

    bareMinerals Smoky Eye Tutorial

    CONGRATS Kiara!!

    CONGRATS Kathy!!

    Thanks to everyone who entered and be sure you get your entries in for those giveaways ending this week.
    Big Thanks to bareMinerals and MyClyns for the wonderful giveaways. Registered & Protected

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    Friday, February 19, 2010

    My Newest Love Affair

    The new touch phones over the last year have been ALL the craze! The iPhone seemed to set the standard for touch technology but really.....I thought the iPhone as a bit of an over-glorified touch screen Blackberry. I had a Blackberry actually. I say HAD but I still have the phone...because this baby....yes THIS IS my new baby.

    Yes ladies and gentlemen. 
    That beautiful piece of technology is my newest love affair. The Verizon Wireless Palm Pre Plus.

    Now this phone is what my mother would tell me is "Fancy Schmancy" and she actually, did, say this, the day I got it. While I was on an adrenaline high to play with it I was a bit taken back. I felt uncomfortable, awkward at best using the device. I mean this is truly like a laptop in your purse or pocket or in your hand. I thought later as I as fumbling with it and figuring out all the fun features that the Palm Pre Plus is like my fabulous pair of Ralph Lauren pumps. I just needed to break in the feel, the gait, get used to the contour and after just a single wear, I look like I was born to wear this phone...err shoes.

    What is truly fabulous about this phone thus far though is all the multi-tasking. You can have an app open and then minimize it on the phone itself and if you want...make a call. Tweet. (Of COURSE that was the first app I installed sillies) Best of all the organization, which is what we mom's need, a bit more structure and organization to our chaotic life with kids.

    But I am still figuring out all the features. Which can I tell you there are features GALORE. If you want to be organized this is the phone for you. I won't say too much because I am still learning for myself so stay tuned as I share my journey with you all the features, fun, and capabilities of the Palm Pre Plus on behalf of Verizon Wireless.

    *I was provided the Palm Pre Plus to review including one month of service and service upgrade to fully review all the features, capabilities, options, pros and cons of the phone. I already had service with Verizon Wireless in order to be eligible for this promotion. Registered & Protected

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    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entrees

    As parents we always need more time in our lives and in our economy eating out is not always an option when looking to save time. Our family is a big fan of take-out style food at home and Wanchai Ferry is great for the restaurant style flavor but only a portion of the price. We love the Wanchai Ferry at home boxed kit and when we heard they make a frozen meal kit...ALL ABOARD! Talk about a huge time saver to take the meal from freezer to cook-top to table-top in a jiffy.

    Wanchai Ferry offers four different flavors with orange chicken, spicy garlic chicken, shrimp lo mein, and sweet and sour chicken. My personal favorite is the spicy garlic chicken while my husband prefers the orange chicken. Each has enough heat to give a nice spicy flavor without being overbearing. We prepare ours with brown rice too for a healthier option. So since we cannot always decide which one to eat we get both and split. Plus with plenty of tasty leftovers.

    Want to have a "Night In" where you can have Chinese takeout without the Chinese takeout price? Well you can enter to win a prize pack for Wanchai Ferry and download a $1.50 coupon off your next purchase.

    Enter to win the following prize pack with a $25 Target GC. Just tell me what you do to supplement takeout? Do you bake your own pizza? Cook your own Chinese food? Grill burgers and dogs?

    Extra Entries:

    • Follow my blog 
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    Blog Search
    *The Five Fish received a complimentary coupon from MyBlogSpark and Wanchai Ferry to receive a free package of Wanchai Ferry as well as the above pictured prize pack. In no way was our opinion swayed or influenced about the product as we have previously purchased the product prior to this campaign. Registered & Protected

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    Old Navy Weekly $50 off giveaway :: CLOSED

    As we enter into spring and with so many of us taking our resolutions seriously with weight loss and living healthier lives we are in need of a new wardrobe. Yes ladies and gents, shopping!

    I am lucky enough to bring you one of my favorite brands, Old Navy and the special offers they have on the website The site features some hot deals for kids and toddlers as well as the "Item of the Week" which is a super deal and of course totally fashionable from Old Navy.

    The "Item of the Week" for the week of February 26th to March 4th is Men's Short Sleeved-shirts and they are available for $8.00 (Reg. $19.50) Men’s short-sleeved shirts are small on price but big on style. With a slightly tapered cut, retro print and buttons, they come in classic spring colors and look super with jeans or khakis. Whatever his taste, the Men’s short-sleeved shirts are a can’t-miss style buy. You can only get them in stores so be sure to head to your local Old Navy to take advantage of these great deals for "Item of the Week."

    In addition to the "Item of the Week" I am bringing you a giveaway for even MORE savings at Old Navy where I am giving away TEN (10) coupons for $50 off your purchase of $100 or more at Old Navy good for the week of February 26th to March 4th.

    So I want you to tell me who wears the Men's Short Sleeved-shirts better?

    Extra entries:
    • Follow my blog (Google Friend Connect/blogger) and tell me you do
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    • Tweet this giveaway with as many tweet entries as you want as long as there is a comment separating your last tweet entry: Enter to win one of 10 $50 off coupons to @OldNavyOfficial from @KariewithaK
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    The date allows enough time to pull winners and distribute coupons in a timely manner. The coupons are date sensitive and are one time use only. If the coupon is not used it will expire and a new coupon will NOT be redistributed.

    Best of luck!

    *The Five Fish did not receive anything in exchange for this post. This post is a hosted giveaway for promotional purposes only and I was contacted by the host company on behalf of Old Navy. Registered & Protected

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