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A New Toy

The Five Fish: A New Toy

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A New Toy

I made a mistake by watching something on TV the other day with my son; who feels we need everything that is seen on TV. I have been told by G that we need Green Bags for the Bananas, Mighty Putty for the sprinklers, a snuggie for watching TV (which DH did order, in LARGE quantities....still waiting for them to arrive since they are backordered) and now I was informed of the new toy we need to buy after seeing them on TV.

We happened to be watching the TODAY show on NBC on Friday morning. Our family is AVID, and I mean AVID bulldog lovers. We have had two bulldogs, the first was Diesel who we had to put down right before G was born and then we got
Ginger days before G was born. So G and Ginger have basically grown up together and G feels that whatever he gets, Ginger should get something too. Although this has been replaced with Pickles and Peanut get what he gets or they don't, depending on his mood. Back to the TODAY show....the clip was about Tyson and Tillman the English Bulldogs and how they were part of the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Well, G didn't know they were the "skateboarding" bulldogs. (See the clip....totally cute.)
Today, G had to remind me that when he gets his new bike that we will get Ginger her new skateboard. That ought to be interesting since we can't get her off the couch right now.