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The Five Fish: 10/1/08 - 11/1/08

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chicken Little

We thought Peanut looked a bit like Chicken Little since she has this mohawk thing going on and the tuft of hair sticks straight up after washing it. Too funny. So we took a picture of her and Chicken Little to compare notes.....tell us what you think!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Project Manager

I think that is my new term I will use for everything since I am not treated like the CEO who runs this operation almost flawlessly everyday. Here is how a typical week of operations look like, including G and the Squids:
Sunday: attempt to finish any school projects, follow around kids cleaning up messes, attempt to blog about said messes, feed dog, water dog, brush pool, sigh at weeds that need pulled, make lunch, breakfast, dinner, play clown to Squids, personal assistant to G and Chad, watch my HBO shows, set up coffee for morning, bed.

Monday: Awake @ 3 by Squid Seth, lost bottle looking to crawl and fails miserably, back to sleep until 5 where I stumble for coffee and attempt to wake up alone and in peace only to have said Squid wake up babbling LOUDLY (dada, yaya, lala....squeals in the dark), in shower by 6 or 6:30 to be dressed and ready before G wakes up at 7 to feed him breakfast that he argues about (every morning), get him ready, Squid Sara is awake, load all three in car, drop off G at school, haul back to the house to put garbage can out by street before I miss pickup. Home to look over school, attempt to do some school work, squids down for a nap, take inventory of all dirty laundry (at least 3 loads), make beds, have Pepsi, back to pick up G at 11. Back home, fix lunch, take inventory of perishable and non-perishable food items including those that add to the side of my rear end (because Costco has the best damn cookies EVER!!!), make Costco run for said needed items. Come home, unload, back to Fry's to pick up small items not needed in bulk from Costco, back home to unload. Fix dinner, play clown and wait staff to the three small mob bosses barking at me from the counter eating. Clean up dinner, baths all around, then bed for the three little amigos, I then pull in the trash can sitting at the curb all day waiting for someone else other than me to bring in. I get to watch some DVR shows with DH (if he is not occupied by War Crack, I mean War Craft) bed.

Tuesday-Friday: Rinse and repeat. Except on Thursday, put out recycling bins instead of trash bin.

Now in the mix throw in doctors appointments for the Squids which is a circus (oh are they twins, oh, oh....SLAP), PTO committees, school functions like the Halloween parade on Friday, picture retakes, school recycling program. I swear, you think that parents are like the parents on TV and from Desperate Housewives....I mean seriously....who is over scheduled here? The kids or the parents? Sheesh!

Add on top of all of this....I have an electrician doing something outside of my home...that I need to check on right now...he is doing what we asked...though I hear funny noises. I have to pick up G in 20 minutes, write two papers this week (BLAH!), cut the last two pieces of trim for my room that DH said he would do Saturday (is it still Saturday?!!!), nail said pieces of trim in, caulk, touch up paint, move bed back, somewhere in there clean my house and find some peace. So as project manager I will delegate all BS projects to DH as I am tired of getting them all done. Which also include making a trip to an e-cycler (electronics recycler) to do my duty to our environment and get rid of the SHIT computer stuff taking up precious space, trekking through Home Depot with the Squids to pick up building materials, and I don't even know what else!! So, that is my rant for today. Here is what I have done though so I have proof of my hard work!! Now all of these items have been cleared out so the entire shed is EMPTY!!! Ready for the electrician to run lines and us to close in, etc.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tagged again..

I am suppose to post some pix of the kiddo's. Chad and I took some new ones so this should help matters. Thanks to Mrs. Mowers for the tag! We love Clayton and Stacey!

This is the most recent of the three playing with a baby laptop that sings. Here are some singles of my munchkins.....looking like Mob bosses when they eat!


Friday, October 24, 2008

McCalls Pumpkin Patch

G was in Albuquerque last week as we all know since I had some free time (HA!) last week. During his stint there Grandma ran him around and they did all sorts of fun stuff. One of his memorable activities was visiting the McCalls Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty with his cousin Colin and Colin's church day school. Here is how their pumpkin patch visit went along with pictures of BIL #1, G-Mommy (Great Grandma), cousin Colin, and pictures of the hayride. G was able to pick out his own pumpkin which is so cute since it is the size of a softball and he brought home baby pumpkins to our baby pumpkins. Such a great brother! Also big thanks and love to Grandma Bev for setting up the field trip for G for the pumkin patch and all the great pics!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playing Construction

I won't be least I say that now....for a few days as I will be playing construction to my home along with junk sorter extraordinaire!

Chad and I decided to convert our gigantic shed into an outdoor office so now we have to relocate junk, stuff, tools, and lawn mowers somewhere else! I am thinking we need a bigger house. So I was up late last night cutting trim to finish trimming our bedroom and today I will be finishing homework so that I can finish the aforementioned.

I will post pics of the before and after! This should be fun. Especially because I have an electrician coming on Tuesday and I need concrete cut and all the junk moved! YIKES!

But the good news is that the office will be the kids' play room for all their JUNK and toys and we will probably put a bed in there for folks to stay. Off to run power tools, research useless information, and stash junk where I have no place to stash it! HA!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I guess I am stupid

I have no idea why, but today I guess I am stupid. I am completely lost to the people I know. I mean have you ever had one of those days where one of the most important people in your life is not who you thought they were? I had a night and morning like this.......

Today will be my "outta whack" day as I have no idea about anything right now and I hope I figure it out. I hate not understanding or knowing WTF is going on.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For My Momma's

Here you go ladies! Let's support one another by being a Top Momma!

I dare you!
I double dog dare you!
I triple dog dare you!!

Here is the referral link:

Let's go click on each other...we do it let's get cheesy about it!


Ten Things Tuesday

I have to first say Thank you to Mrs. Brownstone the XBOX wife for this wonderful gift to share with everyone!

1. I am thankful for my sister. I am thankful for having my sisters, Brittany, Nicole and Tori. I don't always get to talk and spend time with them but I love them dearly and am thankful for them. Especially because I saw Britt doing Ten Things Tuesday and thought HOW AWESOME!

2. I am thankful for the fact that I can have breakfast for dinner and my kids eat it, they love it, and nutritious to boot!

3. I am thankful for my twins being able to sit in their high chairs to feed themselves and they ate their mashed potatoes all by themselves!

4. I am thankful for my G being able to wash his own body every night when he takes a shower. He still needs help washing his hair but he can wash his body and that is super awesome!

5. I am thankful that I will be spending Thanksgiving with 75% of my I just need to convince the other 25% to come out (hint hint Britt!).

6. I am thankful for all of my extended family and this weekend I will be able to see all of their crazy selves and spend time with them. Although it may be for a sad occasion with the passing of my Aunt, we will be "waking" in her honor and celebrating life just as she would want!

7. I am thankful for this blog and other blogs and being able to share in my friends' and families lives. We may not all connect all the time but thanks to the net we can still stay in touch.

8. This one is odd....but makes sense...I am thankful for my chunky monkey body. If I didn't have a chunky monkey body, that would only mean I am childless and I am thankful I am chunky because that means I have three wonderful gifts to share my chunky self with hugging each one of them everyday.

9. I am thankful for my mother for teaching me how to be tough. Because some days, when I want to give into my kids, I remember my mom and how she would NEVER give in to me and she taught me independence.

10. My dishwasher. Because I have a BOAT load of dishes and my hands are so cracked and dry anyway from cleaning that I couldn't bear to wash dishes. So I am thankful for my Whirlpool to do it for me.


Passing Out Love

Chadley had lunch today with some of our favorite people. One of which is still trying to convert us for half price Sunday's and 50% off our annual tithings (not bad!) and the other told Chad he gets all his gossip from my blog!! WOO HOO! That is a productive lunch! So here is a shout out from your Neighborhood Common-Law Mormons, the Herring's, to:

The Jarvis' and My Mowers

Check them out and their beautiful families!

Another shout out as well to my BIL who finally hit adulthood! Way to go Brentley, Happy Birthday! Welcome to being 30! Go check out my BIL's beautiful wife, my sister, Mrs. Greer!

Finally, to my SIL and my brother. My brother who finally communicated to me personally...after I don't know how long of always talking to his wife! Love you Chris and Nic! See you guys Sat!


Ah...forgot to post....update and my excuses

I found that having children does make you totally and utterly insane, crazy, retarded, stupid, completely absent minded and a little loopy. The boys made it home on Saturday night and I have been in overdrive since then being CEO of house and home again. Of course in there I have completely forgotten so many things to do until my Outlook calendar screams at me a half day before hand. Here is what I have accomplished since last Monday....I fail totally at getting things all done, ah, long gone are my 20's when I used to be able to do that. Plus two extra kiddos sucked the life and memory force from me.....maybe Chad can upgrade me like his computer? Eh...not a bad idea...not.

13th Parent/teacher conference (went smashing!) As protective parents of our oldest we questioned everything from his intelligence to his progress and how we can further find ways to send him to therapy. We found he and Louis love to talk. My child? Talk? Like Non-stop? NO WAY! All good, he is a little lazy on his "L" sound...his tongue doesn't work I found...he laps it like a dog making the "L" sound. So he looks like a cow chewing cud....Herring family trait I suppose...not Hudson....we roollll the tongue. LOL

14th Wrote totally unriveting paper about Bid/Ask spread of foreign currency

15th Helped pack boys for Albuquerque....packing is an ordeal as the men in my house pack like they unpack. Twins and I ran errands after they left. Watched the debates and ate Taco Bell.

16th Wrote another paper for school about Futures and Forwards of currency or known as hedging, again....(snores) riveting stuff. Got hair done, argued with Step dad profusely (the man is nuts I tell you...LOL), figured out why I am such a perfectionist (this was an epiphany), ran more errands.

17th Went to Goodwill to spend a little alone time shopping where I am not chasing kids....the twins can't run yet, so enjoyed that, and shop off my ill feelings from the previous day. Caught up on my soaps later than evening, caught up on my DVR shows, blogged, did school, went to bed.

18th Went to Costco (my fave place) where I attempted to make a mad dash in and out considering it was Saturday. No such luck. I got the multiple questions (sigh) while attempting to grab my necessities along with a few goodies (damn their bakery and those gigantic cookies and croissants and pizza..."Curse you Costco....Damn you! Damn you all to hell!" ). However, I got the best statement, my all time fave (check out blog from the 17th ) to which I turned with my favorite, happiest smile that wreaked of 'choke on this' and said "Thank you, I really appreciate that!" Then returned to loading all my stuff on the conveyor. But she didn't stop there....then she had to comment on my formula....which I turned and told her..."Not that it would matter to you but I breast fed until just recently. So it is either the formula or my sanity....I chose the formula."

After my trip to Costco I needed a nap. Seriously....I had not felt so drained from all the vampires hovering on me in Costco since I was breast feeding. Wowsers! But that night was a blast! We had our annual G.A.I.N. (Get Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods) meeting and our neighbors had a chili cook off and we met with the police, waste management, and the kids all had a blast....minus the G, poor G.

The boys got home around 7:15pm that night where G was wrecked in the front seat (to avoid projectile vomiting....funny story about that) and Chad was visibly tired from the drive. So he and I enjoyed some "friendly" parent time together that night.

Sunday pretty uneventful....whew!

20th Back to school, rushing around in the morning getting everyone dressed and ready to go including myself. Breakfasts, dressed, we go! I pick him up only to see that UGH!! We are on another committee! The first is for the Family Dance on Nov. 6th where we are responsible for drinks, then his party for his class on the 29th where we have to bring Bingo prizes!

Today: I REMEMBERED! To get G's costume that he has been bugging me for weeks for! He will be a knight still....thank goodness (and no shiny pee pee....see this to understand)! I remembered to buy vanilla that we are out of, a note pad so that I can jot all this crap down that I forget and have forgotten during the day (which I am sure I will forget that I bought the notepad for that....must leave in obvious place with note), Bingo prizes, promptly forgot the cooler for drinks for the family dance, stepper (to work off my junkyard booty from the babies....I got major back!), and baby wipes. Yup, Sara Squid decided to take the nastiest, yuckiest, stinkiest diaper known to man and I FORGOT wipes in the car. I so fail! There I the Wal-Mart bathroom.....searching aimlessly for something that resembles a wipe while holding the squirming squid down so she doesn't plummet to the floor from the changing thingy. Sigh, so I wiped as best I could until I could get to the car to clean her up. So sorry Sara.....I am so glad you won't remember the day I forgot wipes in the van.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Multiple Question.....and Multiple Answer

An outing in public with twins is always an interesting ordeal. I mean the whole thing is an urban safari with all the miscellaneous gear and crap you have to take.....ridiculous! But the best having fun with those who are the poor souls who do not have multiples and have deer in the headlights when they see you and they ask you these "Here's your sign" questions:

My all time favorite and most asked

Q: Are they twins?
A: Nope. I thought the other one in the nursery was so cute I had to take it home.

Q: Oh.....a boy and a girl?
A: Nope, my other son felt like wearing a lot of pink today with that cute bow on his head.

Q: Oh, you must have your hands full?
A: see my entourage of help....I got it covered. (As I am looking aimlessly behind myself, like can you see that there is no one else around)

Q: Do twins run in your family?
A: Nope, hubby and I made the decision to go get a turkey baster and see how many we get.
(Yes they do....and Nun ya!)

Q: How far apart are they?
A: a minute? (WTF really?)

Q: Are they yours?
A: Nope I got them from the "Twins" outlet and thought I would stroll them around for the day and see how I liked them. (again....WTF?)

Q: Are you getting any sleep?
A: (crickets)

Q: Are they identical?
A: ( they not see the blue and pink?)
The best part about that question is that I had an "identical" twin ask me that...I about fell over.

Q: Can you tell the difference?
A: (I badly want to answer...between a moron and a smart person?) Yes

Q: Can you tell which one is crying?
A: Generally the one with their mouth open. I can tell the difference between each of their cries...that's easy.

Q: Oh, you must be so busy?
A: Nope that is why I am running through here and you stopped my beeline...because I am soooo not busy.

Q: How do you do it?
A: (I answer honestly) I don't know...I just can't stop and think about it.

Q: (The bold) Did you gain a lot of weight?
A: I smile, want to give the bird and walk away.

Q: Are these your first?
A: (As I am yelling at G to quit climbing on things and he responds telling me 'No Momma') I smile

Q: Are you done?
A: Um...yeah like two kids ago I was done.

Q: Are they good?
A: Dunno...haven't thrown them on the grill yet. Oh you mean the kids......

Last but not all all time high and favorite thing to say to me about twins and so not an original........................................................................................


With that I want to say a big F*#% You and have a great day! I was told that if you don't have anything nice to say.......don't say anything at all.

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Parents and Children

We all say it as potential parents. We say this to ward off the evil wrongs done to us by our parents. We say it in spite at times. We all say that we will treat all of our children equally and with fairness. But really? Do we?


Not one person can say that they treat all of their children with fairness and equality, unless of course you only have one child. In that case of a single child, no other children are vying for your attention, affection, and approval. If you can say you treat your children equally I stand here telling you...You are a liar! Each child, probably with some difference in age, will require different needs to be fulfilled and honestly you feel differently for each child which by human nature results in a different outward display. This is not a flaw, just a stated fact. I have viewed this behavior by my own parents.

True equality happened to me with multiples. In all seriousness. One Mommy, Two babies and they are both crying....which one do you pick up? If you pick up one the other is still crying and visibly more upset because you picked up his or her twin and vice versa. What do you do? In my case I picked up both. I breast fed both at the same time, changed them at the same time, dressed them at the same time, bathed them at the same time, spoon fed them at the same time (and I am not ambidextrous by any means), everything happened to them at the same time. Not only did this allow for some serious time management for my oldest, but allowed me to sleep and accomplish a few things.
Now the tough part will be their needs as older children since one is a boy and one is a girl. However, I also have big G to think about too. The other day was a tough one as a mother as I told him that the toys he was hiding were for the babies, he could play with the toys, but he had to play with the toys with the babies. He hated this! So I asked him if he wanted to be a baby and he told me NO. Okay, case closed, so I then explained the difference. I also made sure that I spent equal amount of time playing with him as I did the other two so that we all were spending time together. I also made sure that he got his special time alone with me just as the other two do. I have to say that being truly equal is the most time consuming, emotional experience that happens to a parent. Normal human instinct is telling you to go with the flow of the three kids and tend to the one that needs the most attention at that time....well, who dictates that? I think as parents we have been trained that way and in the end each, child is put into a role for life!

My oldest is my oldest by time, cannot deny that. However, G is not my babysitter, G is not the babies surrogate parent, G is not responsible for his siblings, G will not be put in the perfectionist spot of most oldest children. I say this knowing that my son had obvious flaws that I love, I always want him to do his best and when he gets older he will not be the automatic babysitter. If he WANTS to baby-sit he can, but he won't be expected to. As for the twins, I will always do my damnedest to treat them as individuals but they will be loved and treated as equally as G all the time. Alrighty....enough of that heavy to a fun rant of sorts.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mommy Free Time

I have some Mommy Free Time all day today and probably some of tomorrow or could be all day tomorrow.....Film at Eleven. (Happy Dance!)

My boys (DH and G) are in Albuquerque for the next few days. Chad has some business there so he is visiting customers and staying with his folks. Yesterday he decided that maybe he should take Grant so that he could see his cousins and have a mini-vacation from me. Though I think the mini-vacation (mini-stay-cation) is for me. Don't get me wrong....I love my G dearly, he is my oldest, but man.....sometimes you need a break from your kids. So they headed off onto the open road and made it to Albuquerque late last night.

I, on the other hand enjoyed a night with just the twins. Not total free time....but guess what? THE TWINS CAN'T TALK!!! Or change channels, or bitch, or moan, or tell me to shut-up, or tell me no, just cry and whine because they are babies. So refreshing! The squids and I got dinner last night, watched the debates which were watching a couple of teenage girls fight about gossip, did a few little projects, got all the laundry done, all the dishes are DONE, did some mending of clothes and odds and ends. Needless to say I had a quiet, productive evening! Not to mention I have NO laundry to do except the clothes on my back and the squids and the only dirty dish in the house is my coffee mug. PLUS!!!! I have a hair appointment today and my wonderful Mommy is coming to spend time with the Squids and I get girly pamper time. Loving my day! But tomorrow I am sure I will miss the boys terribly and hope they come home.....but for now.....I can take a nice deep relaxing breath!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008 you will be IT!

So I got damn sister Brittany! I didn't like the game as a kid.....but I will play along since I love games!

1. I have a really CRAPTASTIC day if my bed is NOT made and the day gets worse if I make it then G and DH go and mess it up while playing. My place of tranquility is not your playground! So I have to have my bed made everyday or I am a wreck....I am anal like that.

2. I love to cook, bake, grill, you name it and I will and can cook it! But I hate cooking when the meal is expected and unappreciated like I am the hired help.....that's when we order pizza.

3. I don't like to wash my hair. Weird...I know! But I love the way my hair feels after a few days of not washing and then washing it and adding my favorite product...I feel all supermodelish and I have a great hair day.

4. I can't stand feet. People and their feet are the nastiest objects that literally ever walked the earth! Do not touch me with your feet, wiggle your feet next to me, hope to rub your feet, negative. Feet are nasty and ugly.

5. I can't sleep unless someone is general DH or the dog. If you have ever owned a bulldog and suddenly the dog is not there snoring....cannot sleep. My bulldogs have all snored and I cannot sleep unless someone is sawing wood, very soothing to me.

6. I am such a dress up queen. I love my heels, my make-up, big hair and perfume. I love to feel like the classiest broad around and I hate wearing sweats and T-shirts. But the heels and suits don't cut it when it comes to fixing bottles and getting goobered on.....not so sexy.

7. The guys I have dated and now married all have had single syllable names. My mother pointed that out to me when I was a senior in high school. I know I have a winner for sure....just had to work through the alphabet to find the right single syllable named man! Love you babe!

I am suppose to tag 7 folks but I haven't that many people to if you wanna play....alrighty by me and A-OK if you don't. But enjoy my random weirdness.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Technological Lust!! here is my NEW object that I am totally in lust with and for the vibrates!!

I have to say I just think that this thing is the coolest and I have been playing with it since the Fed Ex man left me with it. Now I can tell Chad...yes, the Fed Ex man has given me phone! By the way...this cool new phone has unlimited text for my text happy family, and it was part of my 2yr upgrade so I paid a whopping........are you ready for it????
I know you are jealous right? LOL Anyway, just had to share my love of my new phone that I can text to my heart's desire now too!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I blame Brittany

So my beautiful and goober sister did this and I am so addicted to these little things so here goes:

Place to Visit (Tokyo)

Favorite Place

Past Pet

My Age (yikes)

Maiden Name

Bad Habit

Where I was born (Scottsdale, AZ)

Favorite Color

Favorite Food
Favorite Object
My Name
Favorite Animal
My Degree
My First Job
My Favorite Smells (I have to smell everything)
What I am doing right now

Why I love AZ

Yesterday was so awesome. I woke up to my husband and three beautiful kids and to top the whole day off.......I got to open all my windows in the house and my back door. I think the high for yesterday was in the 70s and the day was absolutely fabulous! We went on our evening walk and I had to bundle up all the kids in sweaters and hoodies and Chad and I put light sweaters on because the wind was blowing and the night air was a bit chilly. However, you know you live in AZ when you are wearing a sweater, shorts and flip flops.

Then this morning I woke up to a bit of a chill in my house. I figured because the AC had just run not too long ago. WRONG! The thermostat said 68* and the thermometer outside my kitchen window said 50*. FABULOUS!!! I actually had to put a robe on this morning. More beautiful days to come as we head into the AZ winter. I love it here because 1) NO SNOW (Love the snow, very pretty.....but hate living where there is snow and bitter cold) and 2) 70* November and December's rock.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cursing in the house

This is who yells at you the most. She especially hates the word "pussy". Gets her all mad....not sure why.

All about a bargain and some comedy

Shopping is always an adventure for me. Not only because I have three kids....that is a task I tell you. But because I have twins and for some awful reason I have tattooed on my head:


Yes I get all the dumb twins questions along with the questions that make me ask...."Do I also have I am a dumb and or retarded Mom?" tattooed on my head. I mean I know I had kids...but come on now. So after many stops of "Oh! Are they twins?" I finally have resorted to answering, "No....I liked the little girl so much I stole her since I was sick of this many boys" Thank goodness no one hears what I say since the majority that ask this question need the assistance of a hearing device. So I kindly nod my head like that bobble toy on your dash.
Okay so back to shopping. The kids and I visited Goodwill as I love Goodwill. I think thrift and secondhand stores are awesome for all the treasures, the baby clothes that are awesome and the jeans! I mean come on....jeans should never be donated they are timeless. So there we are shopping and finding all sorts of FABULOUS bargains when this woman approaches me. I am not one to judge, but she screamed DUMB ASS! Here is what fell out of her mouth to me:

(bad accent of some sorts, southern in nature) Oh look......a baby. Oh look, two babies....hmmmm....they ain't twins are they? They sure as much do not look like each other....they can't be twins....well..... I guess since one is a boy and one is a girl. Are they yours? these are your only children huh? Amazing what technology can do?

I smiled. If you know me you know I had to refrain from slapping the old hag. So I said ever so politely, "Yes they are twins, they do look like each other even for being opposite sex. And, if your curiosity is killing you that much twins run in my family."
All I could do was smile and laugh...YIKES!

So then while Grant and I were together looking at some items he makes this utterly random comment to me:

"Mama, I don't want a shiny pee pee."

Yup just like that. I about wet my pants and then looked at him like WTF are you talking about? Who is shining your wanker that we need to be worrying about it. So I asked my boy so lovingly:

"Grant-baby what do you mean you don't want a shiny pee pee?"

"You know Mama....shiny boots, shiny chest, helmet with a feather....I don't want the shiny pee pee and everything else is shiny." the knight costumer he has hounded me about has gained more detail. No shiny pee pee. Alrighty. But everything else in the knight costume must be shiny. Got it.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Twin Side of Life

So we all know twins are tough:

Double feedings
Double Diaper Changes
Double the Crying
Double the Trouble


But on top of that is getting to the double everything. What everyone, including myself, seems to forget is how fragile a pregnancy can be, let alone a twin pregnancy. A twin pregnancy is double the eating, double the worrying, double the "take it easy". Some things however are even more double. Twins are like this: di-zygotic and mono-zygotic....I know I lost you. But to a MOM (Mother of Multiples) you know exactly what I am talking about and the difference this makes to your twins. My kids were di-zygotic in that they each had their own pod and their own placenta, where my previous twins that Chad and I lost in 2005 were mono-zygotic where they shared the same pod and probably the same placenta and they were transfusing blood to one another. This sucks!
So on the other side of twin life, when we heard our friends Mr. and Mrs. Jason Palmer were having twins we both laughed in joy (since they told us we were screwed and we laughed at their karma). But our joy has now turned to concern and unstoppable and unending prayer for these two folks who told us that their twins are mono-zygotic (and probably 99% identical). On Tuesday, Jason (a dear friend of Chad's who he worked with @ Smith) told us that Baby B isn't looking so good by the ultrasound and that they had two options:
1. Take it week by week to see how he does and then take them out at Week 28 to save them
2. Clamp off Baby B to save Baby A.

As a parent you know that you cannot choose one child over another and that you would gladly take their place. For these folks, they are in an awful waiting game and told Chad:

"There is really nothing we can do."

I beg to differ! I am asking any and all of you who read this blog to please say a prayer for Jason and his wife, that their twins beat the doctors prognosis and that they get to enjoy these two beautiful gifts that they have been given, that all will be alright, and then they get to complain to us all that Chad and I know as parents of multiples.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So I checked out how many weeks I have left after I finish all my retarded elective taking them online is so much easier than visiting the campus with 3 kids and no time for anything....not even sleep!

I will officially BE DONE with school and my Bachelor of Science in Business Finance in roughly September of 2009!! ONE YEAR LEFT!!! Hooray!!! Then I can do commencement ceremonies the following spring at the new stadium! HOORAY!!!

Then I sit around and do nothing. Yup, I will be an over educated stay at home Mom until the twins go to school. From there....I go back to work...use my expensive ass degree to pay off my student loans and then.....maybe...... conquer the LSAT's and apply to the Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law.....but.....we'll see. I will just be happy to have my degree's all finished up...and a JD would be nice....since that has always been my argue and get paid for it.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dental Darlings

My boys are enjoying the wonderful times of teeth. Ah, yes....riveting....not so much. Seth boy has been teething for oh say.....the last 5 months and just the other day.....a breakthrough.

I mean it....a real breakthrough....right through those tough gums I can feel his bottom, front left tooth! HOORAY!!! So he and I have been enjoying long nights and early mornings together rocking, gelling up his mouth with Orajel, and medicating.....he gets Motrin....I get Motrin for the headaches and coffee for lack of total and utter sleep.

My oldest boy Grant....well last night the tooth fairy came to see him! He finally, after a MONTH!!! lost his two front, bottom teeth! At the same time, same day! He was so excited that he finally lost them. I was just glad to get the damn things out of there since his adult teeth are half-way in and every time he talked he slobbered like my Bulldog and spoke with the worst lisp. So now we have the joy of visiting the dentist more often.....which reminds me....have to add that to my list of things to do today! Ugh....the never ending list!

Gadget Girl

Here is Gadget Girl again on the move here at home......we found she loves these things:

1. Fleece blankets
2. Her BFF Seth
3. Organic Apple Sweet Potatoes
4. The Cable remote
5. Mommy's cell phone

Beware of Gadget Girl coming soon to a home near you! Be sure to lock up your fleece and electronics!

annndddd......THEY'RE OFF!!!

Well not totally.....but one of them is, the squids that is. We are officially mobile! While she has been mobile for about a month now, I have not be able to capture on film until recently this exciting moment.

I warn with extreme caution......

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy ME!

On October 1st, 2000 Chad Westley and Karie Noel, together with our friends and family, who shared their love and friendship joined the two of us while we exchanged our vows.

Fast forward 8 years, 3 kids, can't even tell you the pounds, hurdles, and mountains we climbed.....we are still going strong and still absolutely in love with each other. I can say that I was lucky enough to meet my match, my best friend, and at times my complete opposite who compliments me and I compliment him in every way. I love you Chad just as much as the day I met you.

So last night we got to enjoy a babysitter (BIG LOVE to Grandma Sandy....sorry no Optimus Prime this time Grandma Sandy) and Chad and I went an totally had a blast. Normally we do the uptight married couple thing of getting dressed up for a stuffy dinner at a stuffy restaurant in North Scottsdale only to feel bad about how much we ate, drank and spent. So we did the opposite! We went to Dave&Busters and had a nice dinner (nothing fancy but good eats nonetheless), had some cocktails, and played VIDEO GAMES!!! I so whooped Chad at Ghost Recon, while he earned more points, I had a better shot every time and stayed alive more. Silly boys! We even broke a sweat playing the game. Played some Golden Tee...which I proudly bogied every hole and played some Skee ball. We called it a night and came home and were two happy clams...this morning....still happy clams with our three happy munchkins and looking forward to the next 8 years and the next 8 after that!

Thank you for the last 8 years Honey Bunny! I love you!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Good Will Grant

Lots of goings on lately! Sorry for not being able to post here is some of what has gone on:
Chad went out of town last weekend for business so we spent the day with Grandma Sandy. The kids and I had a great time just playing and I got to sneak in a cat nap! OMG!! I have not had a nap in ages so that was nice....even if it was for only 30 minutes. While we were there Grant asked my Mom about her birthday since her birthday falls two days after Grant's. Here is how that conversation went:
Grandma Sandy did you get any presents for your birthday?
No Grant, I didn't get ANY presents for my birthday.
YOU DIDN'T? No balloons?
No buddy, no balloons.
NO party hats?
No sweetie, no party hats either.
NO Optimus Prime?
No Grant, not even an Optimus Prime.

Such a sweet boy....thinking about how much his Grammy would love to have an Optimus Prime. Good Will Grant gets better though. We had the A/C guys here on Tuesday installing the fantabulous new unit (which by the way is a dream and when it runs my house smells like fresh rain...Film at Eleven). So Grant goes over to one of the installers who is working on our ducting. Here is how that conversation goes:
What is your name? My name is (spells) G-R-A-N-T, Grant, Grant Thomas Herring.
Well Hi, my name is G-E-O-R-G-E, George.
Hi George, nice to meet you. Whatcha doing George.
(George explains how he is adjusting the ducting, etc.) are doing a great job George. Thank you George, good job.

I am sure George and Jon appreciated the sentiment from a five year old...especially because they were working at our house for over 10 hours in the heat and in our attic.