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Help....Need a Little Help!!

The Five Fish: Help....Need a Little Help!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Help....Need a Little Help!!

I am not one to ask for help. NEVER have I asked for help. Refusal to ask for help is such a flaw of mine that I have been working on ever since I was prego with the Squids. I had to learn to ask for help A LOT during my pregnancy with them because simple tasks were simply unattainable.

One day I finally mustered enough strength to call my mother and ask for help. She was always the last person on Earth I would ask for help because she taught me how to take care of myself from a very young age, and so help was not in my vocabulary. I picked up the phone and dialed. She answered, we exchanged simple cordials, and then I whimpered. A truly pathetic whimper of "Help" and then I began to gush like a big baby and began crying uncontrollably about how a trip to the grocery store would be impossible. My mother was so overcome with joy that after 30 years I finally asked for help agreed to help me push a cart through the grocery store and help me to load and unload. Since that day I have made myself ask others for help when I truly need help, otherwise I know I can manage.

The Squids are a handful at times when putting them to bed. Some times they are a breeze....hand them their blankets, turn on the sleep sheep, a warm bottle and off they drift. Other nights however, are a challenge to my brittle nerves and last night was one of those nights. Pickles decided he wanted to stand up in the crib, especially now since he is mastering the skill of standing and Peanut wanted to stand and shake the rails like a monkey in the zoo. IMPOSSIBLE!!! Absolutely impossible to get them to relax and go to bed.

I would take out one Squid and the other would whine and carry on uncontrollably. I would switch.....then the other would carry on.....UGH!!! I was at my end when I said to myself.....TO HELL WITH IT, I CAN DO THIS! So I put Pickles on my right side, leaned over the rail to grab Peanut with my left and hoisted her out of the crib and positioned them both for the rock of a lifetime.

That's right, had to rock them both at the same time. Thankfully I have only had to do this a few times in their short life, because otherwise I would need a hoist to get myself up out of the rocker. This time was one of those times. I had successfully rocked Thing One and Two to sleep and both finally succumbed to the endless bars of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and Billy Joel's Piano Man. However, I was sitting for too long that my butt cheeks had also succumbed. My ass fell asleep!! I swear, there I was embracing both kids thoroughly enjoying the long moments of watching them sleep only to realize my backside also fell asleep and I could not remove myself from the rocker.

Not wanting to wake either fear that I would have to start from singing and rocking scratch again I waited. I waited and waited until I heard heavy steps coming down the hall. HALLELUJAH!!!! DH was heading down the hall to give the Original G some water. So I quietly signaled my S.O.S. to DH who stopped at the door way looking around like he heard a ghost. I called again and said, "I'm stuck! Help....need a little help." Flipping on the hall light to see I was holding both Squids in my arms who were dead weight, sleeping, he chuckled at my quandary and stood there. I had to break him of his amusement so that he would relieve me of half the 40 pounds I was burdening on my upper body. After we laid both Squids back to bed in the crib I was able to "shake" my butt awake so I could walk again. My lesson to the conundrum I was in....was to have some sort of signaling device available in case my ass falls asleep again and I can't get up and need help!