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Up and.....running?

The Five Fish: Up and.....running?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Up and.....running?

Seems that a year has basically blown past me in what seems like just a day. Exactly a year ago today I was laying in my comfy king size bed, flipping channels aimlessly in an attempt to find something entertaining to watch as I was forced to lay there until I absolutely had to get up, which the absolute was generally a bathroom break. Yes, I was on what I called house arrest, bed rest, as I was 34 weeks and 6 days pregnant with Thing One and Thing Two. I had gone into preterm labor at 34 weeks and 2 days, in hopes of delivering as I was miserable, only to be put on a magnesium drip for two days and sent home on bed rest.....which I failed to do. I am not one to just "lie down" on the job.

So here we all are at a year later and my little Peanut, who came into the world with her eyes wide open is now up and attempting to walk. She is 11 months and 16 days old and dying to walk around. The cutest thing about her attempts to walk is that she is so short and so excited, you can just feel the energy bursting inside her, that she becomes so frustrated and crawls into you like a freight train. Anyday now....anyday, she will be up and toddling into and over everything. She already scales all of the furniture, cabinets, your legs, she is like Spiderman the way she can crawl up something to stand. So anyday now she will be walking and then...running! Oh how time flies and they grow so fast.

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