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Upgrading from the the BMW!

The Five Fish: Upgrading from the the BMW!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Upgrading from the the BMW!

I haven't blogged much in the last I don't even know, I can't even tell you and I am lucky to know what day today is! Been so busy with the twins inching closer to that ONE YEAR mark, which I am just falling over about and then G went back to school TODAY (FINALLY!). He has had since last Wednesday off and he has been driving me insane. I have been keeping him busy, plus throw in my homework (since I graduate in MAY! Hallelujah!!), the Squids running a demolition derby through the house and NO TIME TO BLOG!

Anyway, enough ranting. So the major reason why I have not been able to exploit my boring life with my Big G and Squids is that my computer will randomly decide some time to lockup on me requiring a full reboot. This sucks the big one....huge big one. My computer mind you is the Volkswagen edition of computers. One of my DH's many "hand me down" computers that I have accepted graciously and used until he decides to upgrade his machine to be the Terminator of all operating machines. To which I then get his left over computer to operate on which is generally about 4 years old. Again, I shouldn't complain, but when I cannot complete my tasks I am highly annoyed.

With that, I was lucky enough to have a green streak (cash in fist!) and I was finally able to buy myself my VERY OWN BRAND NEW computer! I know!!! Sounds totally lame but this thing is the BMW of computers for me and I am just tickled pink! This posting was merely to apologize for my lack of posting useless information about my oh so boring life and to rejoice in my new computer...that will be ALL MINE! I mean ALL MINE! No kids on it, no Nick, No DH name on the ownership...everything will read MY NAME! So I wanted to share my good fortune and my apologies for not being able to post all my crazy chaos. Soon, I will be able to operate at lightning speeds for my ever so happy blogging addiction, surf and operate on Facebook, and pay bills all at the same time.....with no lockups, interruptions from a random kid pop-up, and I will be able to post on a regular basis! HOORAY!!