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Hail to the Chief

The Five Fish: Hail to the Chief

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hail to the Chief

As Commander and Chief of House, Home and all that is domestic (which includes paying bills, etc) I have noticed that my children salute me. Most of the salutes I have received over the years from G have been in the form of a tantrum, slamming door, or food thrown in my direction. However, with the Squids I have received a new salute of sorts.

Every one of my children has spoken their first word of "Dada", with the exception of Peanut who said "Mama" first, or that's my story for now.

So the salute that I am speaking of and how that relates to my children's first words are very much related to what I do for them. When they are satisfied with anything, such as after eating, laying down for a nap, getting out of the tub, they all say "Dada", including G, who has now upgraded to Dada.1 where he is now called "Dad". Anyway, everything before all of these satisfying moments call for the assistance of Commander and Chief of House, Home and all that is domestic. For example,

Squids are tired: "Mama"
Squids are hungry: "Mama"
Squids want a bottle: "Mama"

But every other time......the salute is to "Dada". I mean what the hell? "Mama" carried you for nine months (36 weeks and 4 days to be exact on the squids), "Mama" changes all the poo (and I do mean ALL, I try to ignore the scent so that "Dada" will get it....but I always pick a stinky one when we play the "Who is stinky" game), "Mama" handles all the why does "Dada" get the reaping rewards for all of "Mama"'s hard work. Well, whatever the reason may be....I am just so glad they all know and want "Mama" and they know "Mama" will git 'er done!