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Cleaning up

The Five Fish: Cleaning up

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cleaning up

The Herring's have recently vowed in this new year to 'Go Green'! In addition to going green we have also made some strong attempts to go green with what we eat. By that I mean we have gone organic. So while 'Going Green' and changing out regular incandescents for CFL bulbs, using HE washers such as our front loader, and recycling anything we possibly can, we have failed to clean up the one thing in our home that really need some cleaning up: OUR POTTY MOUTHS!

The other day while playing with all the kids in the Squids' room, I asked G to help me pick up the toys that were left on the floor after they were all done playing and the Squids scampered down the hall after something (probably DH). While he was helping me clean up the toys the following conversation took place:

G: Mama I am a good helper.

Me: Yes buddy you sure are a big helper. Just know that you don't have to take care of your brother and sister, that is Mama's job.

G: So I am a good boy again?

Me: are always a good boy!

G: So I am not an A$$HOLE any more?

Me: (controlling my uncontrollable laughter) Buddy, we don't say that word.

G: That's a Mama word?

Me: Yes buddy, that is a Mama word and you are ALWAYS a good boy.

I had to stop myself and realize.....OMG have I said that word enough in front of him that he knows how to use this word in the correct context? So we (DH and I) decided that while we are "Going Green", that the idea of going green with our language would be a fantastic idea too.