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The Five Fish: Tag-a-licious!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Normally when I am tagged I am oblivious...this time is no different. I think my lovely sister wants me to blog more. I am trying, been a rough week of conferences, projects, assignments, fires, you know, same pile....only bigger on a different day.

Anyway, I am tagged! I am excited to post all of this lovely and useless information, but I think the whole thing is absolutely fun. So here goes:

1. I am an absolute freak about my feet. Yes, I love to have pretty feet. I will only touch my feet, my children's feet, and my dog's feet. Everyone else might as well have the plague attached to their feet and I have no desire to come into any contact with them at all.

2. With that being said about the feet, I do not like to have stuff touching my feet on my floors. I want to ONLY feel the floor as in the hardwood or my carpet. If I can feel anything other than that I must eliminate said thing. Even if the task takes me weeks or all freaking day I will remove the scum off the floor for my bare feet to adore. (Huh, poet and didn't know it! LOL)

3. I am extremely vain. So sad really because I am just your average woman with three kids driving a mini-van. But whenever I can catch a glimpse of myself, I look at her just to say "I love you!" Yes, you can call me Narcissus....that's A-ok.

4. I have to have sun-light. I hate the dark, I despise overcast days (unless I am in a mood for one), and I love the warmth of the sun. I hate waking up in the winter and the sun has yet to rise. I am a sun person, my zodiac sign is that of the Sun since I am a Leo, gotta have my sun.

5. I kept my same initials. HA! Yes I have the same monogram and initials as I did before I got married. However, with that, my name sounds like "Julia Goolia" from the Wedding Singer. Terrible I know, but hey, saved money on not having to get a new robe or towels right?

6. I am super ticklish. You can touch me just about anywhere and I mean anywhere and I fall over and start laughing like a silly girl. DH touched my shins and I about wet myself laughing so hard, he thought this was hilarious that I can basically freak out so easily from being tickled.

7. I am and always will be a scent freak! I have always had flowers, eucalyptus, reed diffusers, Plug-ins, candles, whatever in my house and in my room growing up as I love smelly things! I also have so much perfume that it weighed so much on my took the cabinet off the wall. Yeah, so this eliminated some of my perfume. I don't wear perfume often, but man I love the smell of a good Eau de Parfum, candle, or whatever is smelling good.

As for tagging...I have no idea where to start on if you want to're it!