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You know life is rough when...

The Five Fish: You know life is rough when...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

You know life is rough when...

Life is rough when this conversation takes place between a five year old kindergartner and his parents:

Me: G, you need to go get dressed baby. Since you are done eating you need to get out of your Jammie's and get ready for school.

DH: Yup buddy, you have school today. Listen to your mother and go get dressed.

G walks into his room and then promptly turns right back around and comes out with this horrendous whine.

DH: Buddy...why aren't you getting dressed.

G: (mumbles something completely incoherent)

DH: Buddy, I can't understand you.

Me: Listening in like a hawk.

G: I can't get dressed.

Me and DH: Why can't you get dressed?

G: I just can't! (whining) There is just too much.

DH: What the hell is he talking about...too much what buddy?

G: There's just too much. I just have too much clothes...I can't get dressed.

Me: Well then just pick your favorite of what you want to wear.

Sheesh, I wish I had that problem at the ripe old age of FIVE!! So many clothes the kid can't figure out what to wear on a school day.

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