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The thing with the Penis...whats it called?

The Five Fish: The thing with the Penis...whats it called?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The thing with the Penis...whats it called?

HA!!! I so got you all! I love that word...PENIS....sounds so naughty but so clinical. I love to say PENIS. HA HA. Okay enough of my penis speaking fetish. I did get a thing with the penis, you know like the SAG award, The Actor, as the statuette is called.

I found I received an award for having a smoking (no pun intended) blog with gratitude and attitude. Though I would have to lean more towards the attitude as I have been lacking gratitude lately, which I must show soon. Anyway, enough rambling.
Brittany Greer of The Greer 5 was so fantastic enough to nominate me for this award! How awesome and fantastic could that be? I could not think this to be cooler....though I wonder if she has ulterior motives....she is my little sister you know!? O.o

So here is my FANTASTIC award that I am going to show off and pass on to others as I nominate them as well for having super fabulous blogs that I love to read and share with others.

So the rules apply like so:

1. Have to post the smoking cool, fantastic, fabulous Logo (as seen above)

2. Nominate some folks for their blogs (all about sharing love in the bloggy blog world right?)

3. Have to hyper link your others can go check them out too...see what all the fuss is about!

4. You must tell your nominee that they WON! Hello? How would they know if you didn't comment on their blog.

5. Finally Hyperlink the blogger who gave you such a wonderful gift.

Without further adieu here are my favorite folks:

Mrs. Singh over at A Spare and A Pair, this woman is awesome and knows all the crazy of raising her!

Another Suburban Mom as she has a great Foodie Friday, she got Hub to blog, and the woman can make a great letter "A" with her ass and bare it on the net...Fabulous!

Lee, my Queen of reads! Love her and her wit, you can check her out at Moms Without Blogs as she is Queen there!

Angie with Seven Clown Circus....this woman is a hero with managing her kids and multiples and maintaining some level of sanity.

My dear friends
Jade and Ty who are expecting their very first little lovable bunch of crazy! She blogs now about the happy joy of pregnancy and I can't wait to see her after baby is here! Love to this young woman.

M....I love M! She voices what I won't....why....because my in-laws read my blog and if I had her balls.....DH and I would be divorced for blogging like M. So I live vicariously through M. Love her bitchin' and moanin'!

I would hit up my sisters again......but they already got nominated so I am spreading the love evenly and all around. Thanks again ladies for being such a wonderful part of my daily routine and sharing your divine insight!

Love, Mrs. Fish

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