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The weight is lifting

The Five Fish: The weight is lifting

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The weight is lifting

I can tell you that as a woman a pregnancy can take a huge toll on your body. I don't care who you are and how active you may or may not be, a pregnancy is rough all over. Well, add one more baby in that carrier we all our uterus and mid-section and WHAM! The saying "double trouble" gives a whole new meaning to twins and especially a twin pregnancy.

My pregnancy started eventful from utter illness in which the only items I could stomach were lemons, ginger, ginger ale, applesauce and toast. Needless to say I dropped major L-B's but those were quickly tacked back on after the first trimester blew past me.

Each visit I would just cross my fingers that I did not cross the 200 pound threshold in my pregnancy with the twins in which my very last visit I teetered. I was 199 and ONE half pounds. That was two days before I delivered. Now almost one year later and three-fourths of that time was spent breast feeding twins, at the same time, I think the majority of the weight is starting to come off.

Everyone says breastfeeding helps you lose weight. Sure! Sure you can lose weight breastfeeding if you are breastfeeding one baby. TRY TWO, for EIGHT MONTHS straight. I have had jerks with the nerve to tell me "Well Angelina Jolie did it"! I wanted to smack them. I mean come on, she probably did for a bit, but she has nannies, she got a tummy tuck, is able to take off to work out and breastfeed to lose that weight, so not realistic.

In the real world I lost a lot of weight and then my body went into starvation as it was trying to feed the twins and I did not have the resources to do it. So I began to feed my starvation and the twins and the weight came back on, not to mention emotional eating as two infants take an emotional toll. If you don't believe they do.....please I urge you to visit a parent of any denomination of multiples to see how emotionally drained you can be after a single day...or even an hour! But I am able now to get some time to me and part of my resolutions is to take better care of me and put me first, so I have been doing so and with the help of a fantastic website that my lovely sister-in-law "Sassy J" sent me. The site has tools to help me track my food, cardio, strength training and you know what....I should be seeing results....soon!!! After one week here is what I have to show:

Breakfast: Srambled egg whites, 2 pieces turkey sausage, English muffin toasted with Flax Oil
Lunch: Smoked Turkey (4oz), 2 slices pepper jack cheese, handful of cherry tomatoes
Dinner: Grilled skinless, boneless chicken breast or fish, steamed veggies (fresh or frozen), more tomatoes and or a salad with low calorie, low fat dressing.
Snack: handful (4 pieces) Dove Dark Chocolate

All of that and I am totally satisfied! Not to mention I am at 1300 or so calories and then I have 30 minutes of power walking every night (just got back not too long ago, after my poor Cards lost the Super Bowl), 15 minutes of high cardio, stretching, and strength training with a resistance band.

Based on that my results are 8 1/2 inches lost all around from my waist, bust, and hips! Just in ONE WEEK!!! I am on my way to be in a bikini by this summer. I know if I can do it...ANYONE can with a lot of hard work and power. Just knowing I can treat myself and not feel guilty. So for you Mom's out there who think that they can't do it or you love your pizza or can do it! I had pizza today and tracked my calories and then just made sure I beefed up my walk to a light jog tonight to make up for the extra calories. You can do it, treat it like a job that you have to do everyday. Here is the link for the website, it's totally free and so awesome!

If you sign up, use my user name as your referral kherring1415. I just LOVE IT!! I hope you will too if you sign up.

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