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Fun and NO Fun

The Five Fish: Fun and NO Fun

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fun and NO Fun

There comes a time in a child's life where they do not have fun with something new. You would think that a child who has not seen this "thing" that is sparkly, full of wonder and excitement and completely foreign to their senses would be so exciting and fun.

For the most part the new thing can be lots of fun and joy.....which can soon be shattered by a parent, whom out of sheer love and affection for their child does not let certain actions and events take place when playing with this new thing.

What is this thing you ask? Well that thing is the TUB!

The tub? You question as if my children have not taken a bath since their birth.

Yes, the tub. Yes they have been bathed, but not since infancy as bending over a tub to wash two squirmy little squids is close to impossible. So the sink became the next best thing and the shortest vehicle delivery from kitchen to kitchen sink, clean, VOILA!

So here is some fun for the first time in the bath tub. At the time the only camera available was my cell phone....HALLELUJAH for carrying that thing every where! Enjoy!

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