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We're Not in Kansas anymore Toto!

The Five Fish: We're Not in Kansas anymore Toto!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're Not in Kansas anymore Toto!

As a mother you can always tell when something is in the air. Either the air is the changing of the seasons as kids become antsy for Spring vacations and summer break or just your run of the mill Full Moon every quarter.

In my home......the FULL MOON reigns. For at least a week my kids act like heathens risen from the bowels of Hades itself. No one....and I mean NO ONE goes to sleep unless drugged. But not really...I have been tempted to administer some Benadryl to induce sleep and render peace in my home, but I have restrained. So they merely go to bed out of sheer exhaustion from fighting to go to sleep. Each child has something to whine or carry on about at a meal. Everyone fights to get dressed, but shivers because they are naked. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is on a rampage.

Moods flying everywhere. Fits to be had, screaming, shrieking, yelling, crying, whining, the sounds enough make your skin lift up and ask you what the hell is going on! Technically though the moon is only 85% full now, the effects are still felt in my home. Hopefully once we get past the lunar cycle, the Valentine's celebration over the next few days....and the Squids turning ONE (!!!!) on Sunday, then we will return to the happy Munchkin Land and my gnomes will return to their cheerful lollipop twirling Lollipop Guild selves.

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