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My Magic

The Five Fish: My Magic

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Magic

I have divulged I am a mother of I am truly NUTS. I have informed you that I can whip up some foodie delights......I pride myself on being an amateur chef. What I have not told you about is my magic. YES INDEED, I have magic. My "force" as DH suggested I use this word, since I did not have a thesaurical thought for another word for magic...ah, mystical energy, there. So my mystical energy allows for my children (A.k.a. G, as the Squids do nothing but demolish right now) to complete chores, tasks, respond appropriately when called upon. Yes, my mystical energy is flowing within my house.

I know that so many of you want to know the secret. Am I Wicca? NOPE...I'm not even Jewish. Am I brain washing my kids? NOPE...not that talented. Am I beating them? NOPE....though, the thought has come to mind. No I even have a magic wand that I conduct through the air and G answers every beck and call from my lips and the wave of the wand. Here is a picture:

Yes, my mystical energy...or the "force" as DH calls it and my wand are merely the power of persuasion with a large wooden spoon. I know that G knows he will get the "spoon" (which he really won't) for bad behavior, not keeping our hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves, and failing to follow directions (like no repeating cursing, words such as Jackass, @**hole). I merely pick that lovely utensil up and ALLAKAZAM, my boy is following directions, picking up the Lego's off the kitchen floor and counters, and telling me "Yes Ma'am". I am liking this spoon more and more each day.

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