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Monday, August 31, 2009

*CLOSED* 200 Custom Postcards from UPrinting: Live Giveaway!!

Let's get the show on the road with all the goodies and deets!!
I am stoked about the 200 postcards from UPrinting because they are so versatile! 
Use them for anything not just postcards.

The cards come in different sizes of your liking: 4x6, 4.25x6, 5x7". Not to mention the quality of the cards with 14pt gloss or matte, 13 pt uncoated and Full Color on both sides (4/4).
Order them and use them for custom greeting cards or  custom postcards to share with the ones you love.
Here are the deets:
Just leave me your the form of a coherent sentence, with your email addy of course
Leave me your Tweet info in a comment
Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pie!!
The more comments you leave and the more comments you leave with your tweets the more chances you have to win! I would hate for this giveaway to go to waste!!
Enjoy, be nice, play fair! The giveaway will end tonight @ 10pm Arizona (PDT)

Winner will be chosen from and posted by Midnight in this post.

Pretty sad I can only give ONE away when I have this many entrants.
(insert sarcasm and sick humor)

Congrats Shelly!!
Your coupon codes will be emailed to you directly from UPrinting!
Thanks so much ladies for entering.

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Awe Chuck It

Has everything become disposable? 
Is everything so expendable that we can just chuck it, toss it, throw it away?
Do manufacturers make anything that last for ages anymore, or has everything become part of our throw away society? Awe to hell with it, chuck it. 
Awe, it's got a won't turn isn't touched anymore. 
Do these sound familiar in your home? They did in mine.

I have a hard time throwing out something that is perfectly fine, that could use a screw driver, or maybe a hammer to the side of it (like my garbage disposal when it stopped working). Diapers I even have a hard time with buying disposable, but unfortunately a diaper service for the cloth diapers is out of the the budget at the moment. I cannot throw away toys....not purposely...Lego's in the vacuum don't count. I have a hard time with throwing away ruined clothes, dishes, anything that is of use.

More and more our society is filling landfills, sides of the road, you name it, with STUFF that could be used, re-used, recycled, refurbished, overhauled, donated, you name a use and something could be resused.

T-shirts - make great rags for dusting, painting, cleaning. If you sew a button on a small swatch you can use it as a scrubber for your dishes to really dig into the grime, plus you can wash it and reuse it again. Jeans - make them into shorts, or cut them up to make patches for your kids jeans. Or donate! Jeans never go out of style. Old sheets - valances, pillow cases, table linens or even decorative napkins when pressed, just cut and use some sew tape if you are not domestically inclined or if you are....bust out the sewing machine.
A million things in your home can be reused for the simplest things that you don't have to go out and buy new or replace. But some things inevitably do need to be replaced, however, others don't but households toss them because the items become aesthetically unappealing (like sunfaded toys) or they want the newest edition.
My toys....all sun faded. Part of living in the desert with 100 degree weather four months out of the year and if we are lucky a week a year of rain. But those toys don't work any less because they are sun faded. They are not brittle or unsafe, just kinda ugly. My kids still play with them just the same and when they grow out of them I might sell them for dirt cheap at a garage sale for other children to enjoy. Or heck, donate them to a women's shelter or the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation.
So what do you decide to keep or save? Are you a "chuck it" or keep it person?
What items do you reuse in your home? What are some keepers?
What are the chuckers?

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

500 Business Cards Giveaway from :: CLOSED

Are you running into a snag when out and about and you don't have a business card with you or something to give a friend, client, or networking associate that has your contact information. Are you left searching for a pen and paper or fumbling through your cell phone to add the contact or they are doing the same? Get your own personalized business card.

The cards do not need to even be business related!

I just got my FABULOUS business cards done for my blog! Yup you got it! I love my blog and myself so much that I created my own business card to pass out that has my blog URL, my contact information and all of my networking like Twitter, Facebook, Whrrl!! No more searching for that info when you meet me.These business cards are fantastic for all the choices too, just take a gander what offers:
  • Choose size: 2x3.5”, 2x3”, 2x2"
  • Choose paper:  14pt cardstock (matte or gloss coating) & 13 pt cardstock uncoated
  • Choose Color:  (4/4) Color both sides; (4/1) Color 1 side , B/W backside; (4/0) Color 1 side, black backside
I know I had fun with the customizable business card sizes and of course the die cut business cards where you can round off your edges for a more unique look and feel. What is even the best part about this offer is the quantity, the quality, and YOU get to build your own business cards. Upload your own design or build one with their design service.
I know I had fun building my card and this is the way they turned out:

So now I have my professional business cards for my employer and my personal business cards just for me for networking and getting what I do for my personal business out there. What will you build your business cards or use them for?
That's right! You get a chance to win 500 Business Cards!
Here are the deets and most importantly 
  •  Tell me what you would print on your business cards
Additional entries, up those odds of winning folks!!

  • Follow my blog
  • Blog about this giveaway
  • Subscribe to my feed (I do check)
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Tweet this giveaway (once a day entry!!)
  • Fan The Fish on Facebook! (See the sidebar option)
  • Digg my blog
  • Stumble my blog (not the post...le blog)
  • Technorati fave the Fish

Now the giveaway ends on September 10, 2009 @ 10am Arizona time. Best of luck and lots of fun!!

*Disclaimer: For all The Five Fish transparency and disclosure policies, 
be sure to click the link Looking in the Fish Bowl.

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Sloppy Joes

The messy, saucy, warm, crumbly, meaty goodness in a warm, fluffy bun. The beloved Sloppy Joe.
Now I am a classy broad of sorts, I love my fish, my filet, my Faux Grois, something you use a knife and fork to eat, but I really love me my Sloppy Joe. This is a meal where I can really dig in and let loose. Last night, was a Sloppy Joe night. I don't mean the open a can of Manwich type of Sloppy Joe night. I mean the real flavor, the taste, the ultimate mess of a homemade Sloppy Joe that guess what? You can make too! No can. No bullshit. Just open your pantry or your fridge to the loads of condiments in your door. Here are the deets for the easiest, tastiest, Sloppy Joe's you will ever sink your teeth into.....ergo.....the rest will land in your lap....or like me....on my boobs.
1-2 pounds of ground beef or Turkey (if you are a dieting type moi)
NOW, these ingredients all depend on the amount of meat AND how Sloppy you want that Joe.
1-2 cups of Ketchup
3T - 1/4 c of Yellow Mustard
1/2 - 1 cup of BBQ Sauce if you like that zippety sweet taste in your Joes
1/4 - 1/2 c of brown sugar
2-4T of Vinegar
1/4 c. Diced onions (optional)
1/4 c. Diced Bell pepper (optional)
BUNS (mmmmm.....buns)
  1.  Brown all meat with optional vegetable, while meat is browning mix together the vinegar and brown sugar to dissolve.
  2. Add sugar mixture to ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce, mixing throughly so that a smooth creamy consistency is reached.
  3. Drain meat of any fats and liquids and return to pan
  4. Add sauce, stir thoroughly until all meat is coated. 
  5. Cook for 2 more minutes
Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pie. Sloppy Joes in a snap. Really who doesn't love a Sloppy Joe?
My Big G...who doesn't like anything that doesn't rhyme or sound like chicken told me this:
"Mom, this is the bestest meal ever. It makes my stomach feel real good! Oh! SO! DELISH!"
I know buddy.....I rock as a lazy chef.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

How You Do It

Something a mom of multiples hears all the time is :
"How do you do it?"

Granted, we really are no different than any other mom. We all birthed a child, we care and love for our child or children, we worry, we do the best we can, we struggle, we cry, we scream, we want to pull our hair out, we are just like any other mom.

With one exception.
Multiple and twin moms gave birth to MORE THAN ONE child at ONE TIME.
So when you dress your children the same that may be a year or two apart in age, this is not the same as twins or more. Because you had two in diapers at the same time. Say a newborn and a 14 month old or so....this is not the same as twins or more. Now don't get me wrong, I am not bagging on these women. But open a whole new can of something when you say:

"Well, it's like having twins"

Right! Like a colonoscopy is the same as having a vaginal exam right? They are down in that nether region...rooting around...its like the same.

I laugh. I cannot help but laugh. Or smirk like I want to tell some twit that her comment about "Well it's like having twins" or "Well they are like twins" IS. NOT. TWINS.

Again, not bagging or berating. I am clearly stating the obvious. Which back to the obvious question of "How do we do it?"

I tell you what. I really do not have a clue how we do it. Something went off in my brain that told me I had no choice. In reality, I did have a choice.
A). care for my children or B). leave them to fend for themselves and dub myself a terrible mother. My decision was pretty crystal, A!

From the moment they were born I knew I had to run the show like a perfect machine. Rituals, schedules, timing, noting all of the pertinent details of everything from changing's and the types of changes. Did we have a #1, a #2, or a combo platter. Feedings. How long, how much, breast or bottle. Which in my case it was breast and for how long. Did I have to pump. The whole thing became a science during the first six months. I called my therapist. A LOT!

I cried. A LOT. My therapist told me to, she said crying was healthy. I had to grieve. I had to feel like I was falling apart. I did and then pulled myself back together and went right back to taking care of my babies. All three.

You really take for granted trying to maneuver 2 infant carriers and a 5 year old. Who do you load first? Who gets unloaded first? You run the chicken and the egg question in your head. You weight lift and learn to man handle them both at the same time. Now I look like a quarter back grappling each one under an arm, but before I would cradle each one in a palm and arm. No choice, no option. Especially when you have a husband who could sleep through the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Doors are fun. If they are not automatic or have the handicap button, you really struggle. No one helps you. They stare. They gawk. Then they interrogate you. You are a celebrity and they are the paparazzi. You want to run. You want to ignore them.

Questions. Oh the questions. I have contemplated the idea of toting stickers with me that have the coined phrase "Here's your sign" because I am appalled at the boldness and daft beauty in the probing. I have a whole post dedicated to I should update and bring forth as I get new questions everyday. Especially when the one woman who had separate fathers was spotlighted. Oh that day was a joy.

Judgment and ridicule. We get that too. Not sure why. I mean we don't ask for help. We don't. Twin and multiple moms go to other twin and multiple moms for help. Watch them. They rarely ask any Joe Blow, "would you mind helping me for a moment." We are usually the ones who have folks offer themselves upon us as if we are invalids and completely incapacitated to care and watch over our own children. They are the ones that reach in and want to hold your child when you are shopping. Those folks give me the urge to shop with a fly swatter. Seriously, I don't grab at your children or at your walker saying "Hey let me give you a boost" or "Hey great baby, let me hold him/her for you." Seriously?! We also get that EVERYONE else knows that we could not have had boy/girl twins or girl/girl or boy/boy twins that are fraternal.


They are all identical. Um...okay. Thanks for playing, you do not get to go to the bonus round. I am not quite sure why people assume that twins mean same sex. But I have had so many say, "so how long were you on drugs before you got pregnant." Again, seriously?! I want to say not long, hubs got me all liquored up pushed me down on my back and WHAM, did we get lucky!

How do we do it?

One foot in front of the other. Long, heaving breaths with our eyes closed, our minds empty where we return to center and build the gumption to keep moving. We have a sick and twisted sense of humor. We learn to laugh at everything, freak about nothing (unless Earth shaking of course), and share what we go through...with everyone. Because we are truly blessed to have a body that was a holy vessel of sorts for two special people to take residency for nine months. Blessings of kisses and smiles and hugs. I truly believe that if we stopped and thought about all we do as parents of multiples and twins we truly would lose our mind.
However, we do it just like every other mom.
We love, dig in for the long haul, hope for the best, worry, cry, wipe tears, chase off monsters, wipe butts, clean messes, give every ounce of ourselves and our unconditional love and at the end of the day hope we saved a little for ourselves.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Feature Friday with Trudy

Have you met my friend Trudy?
She started a really fun meme today about movies!
Now the gig with the movies is that these movies have to be circa 1980 or earlier or ones that you see on TCM.

Here are all the rules that she made:

1. Are you a fan of classic movies, as in TCM (Turner Classic Movies) or like, anything prior to 1980? If so, provide a list of favorites.

2. Discuss a favorite actor and/or actress and tell us why you like them.
What are your favorite movies they have starred in?

3. Tell us if you have a favorite genre of movies (comedy, drama, science-fiction, action, etc...) and why you think you are drawn to that particular style.

4. If you could spend one day with a famous actor/actress, who would it be and what might you do?

My answers since I thought it was too fun!

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Taming of the Shrew
Cool Hand Luke
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Way We Were
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

I love Elizabeth Taylor in her movies prior to 1980, same with Stockard Channing, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn. I just love their style, grace, and class.

I can't pick any one genre I love all types of movies. That's why everyone loves movies for all the variety.

As for spending a day with any actor or actress I would have loved to spend a day with Paul Newman. I think he is a fascinating and a lovely actor. I would love to have had a meal, coffee and chat him up.

Now feel free to play along and head over to Trudy's and post on her McLinky!
Have a great Friday!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last night Big G had a moment of clarity with Dad. I was very happy to later only hear the story and laugh till I about peed myself. I have to say that I am SOOO glad his Dad handles those situations because I...would give the poor boy a complex. I would laugh until I fell over leaving him perplexed and wondering when I would give him an answer.

Shortly after taking a shower Big G was getting dressed and for some reason outfitted himself in a different set of chonies (underwear for you gringos..HA!!). Not sure why he chose the pair he did, but I did find the selection odd when I walked in the door from my PTO Board/Margarita meeting. (Yes that is how we ladies in the PTO roll....a few margaritas, maybe a Dos Equis, some chips and salsa and we get to business.) So I walk in to see the hubs on the couch and the kids roaming through the house and Big G already dressed for bed....which consists of his white t-shirt and his chonies. As I said...interesting choice for underwear this evening.

After the hubs puts the boy down and we are left wrangling gnomes well into the late demonic witching hours, aka 9pm, I asked about the underwear situation. Here is how the whole thing goes down:

Me: So what's up with Grant's chonies tonight?
Hubs: What do you mean?
Me: Not his typical underwear....those are usually the "Last Ditch" Mama needs to get the laundry done pair. I have them at the bottom of his underwear pile.
Hubs: Oh yeah, he just picked them out. And then he figured out they were different.
Me: Um yeah! (My best DUH impression rolling eyes and all)
Hubs: Yeah but it was funny because he got all "Dad, why are these shorter than the rest?" and he began pulling them down and fidgeting with his package.

The package...the if their "tool and jewels" were the beloved and sacred genitalia of all the world. Okay moving on......please enjoy the eye candy. Yum

Me: Giggling uncontrollably now.
Hubs: Grant was telling me "Dad and they are.....well they don't feel right."
Me: Laughing still
Hubs: I told him "Well buddy those are Tighty Whities" and he was like "Huh!? What are tighty whities?"
Me: Cackling!!
Hubs: "Buddy, well they are tight....and they are called Tighty Whities." Grant then tells me "What are the other ones called that aren't tight and white?"
"Bud, those are boxers, you can move in those."
"Yeah Dada these ones don't really squish my penis."
Me: I am falling over ready to pee myself.

So glad the hubs deals with moments like those. I couldn't keep a straight face let alone handle the penis comment I would be cackling like an evil witch the moment he said "squish my penis" about his underwear, I know I am such a mature mom.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Skin Free Review

While I think I may have been doing a giveaway on this one....I lost the email for all the happens. You have more than one kid and you seriously start losing it. I have post-it notes for everything. But here is my review. So I apologize for my failure....but at least I am getting this fabulous information to all my beauty loving ladies out there....oh and men too! I have caught the hubs sneaking in on my goods....and I can smell him!

This review is "overdue" by some standards, but in my opinion, you cannot do an HONEST and full review of a skin product without trying it for at least 30 days. Did you know it takes 30 days for your skin to acclimate? Yup, your skin has to get used to the new product which is why most women think that they breakout because of the product, when really the breakout is because their skin has to become accustomed to the product itself. The same can be said for makeup. Don't believe me....go try it and come back to me. ;)

Anyway, the folks over at Skin Free contacted me about trying out their products. Perfect timing too on their part with me making my move to organic and healthier products for me and my family. Here is what I love the most about Skin Free:

Skin Free Skin Care Products are Recommended to Individuals with:
  • Extreme Dry Skin
  • Skin or Fragrance Allergies
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Pregnant Moms
  • Elderly
  • Diabetics
  • Renal Patients
  • After Radiation or Chemotherapy
Additionally Skin Free has these to boast about in their products:
  • All Natural, Vegan Ingredients
  • No Perfumes
  • No Petroleum Products
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • No Steroids
  • No Colorants
  • No Greasy feeling
  • No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free
A little more about Skin Free:

All products distributed by Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio™ are designed and formulated by owner and practicing pharmacist, Julie Hilton, who has over 30 years experience in compounding and natural skin care. “I started the Studio in 2000 when my husband and I moved to the Blue Ridge of Virginia. Our friends were calling us “gypsies”, so the name evolved naturally.”
“Working in a typical retail pharmacy setting, I was constantly frustrated when asked to recommend products for patients with difficult skin problems, especially those with fragrance allergies. I recognized a void in the market and knew that I could offer effective and affordable products to fill it. Atopic dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis are life-long conditions and need to be addressed for the long term. Patients with diabetes or renal disease, pregnant women, babies, the elderly, and patients treated with radiation therapy can all benefit from quality natural products. Even people who just have dry, sensitive skin can appreciate wholesome natural skincare products.”
“Since I personally suffer from chronic allergies and eczema, I understand that it is very important for people with these conditions to maintain the integrity of their skin and reduce their exposure to antigens to help prevent acute outbreaks. These diseases can be quite debilitating and cause increase depression, work loss, and pain."
Naturally occurring vegetable oils and butters contain indigenous nutrients, antioxidants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS), and antibacterial agents that petroleum-based oils just don’t have. Natural oils absorb into the skin and do not feel greasy. They also come from replenishable sources, which is a great environmental concern.
"I hope that SkinFree™ products will become widely used and be truly helpful to the ever increasing patient population who need products such as these."

Now the products that I chose to review were the After Shower Moisture Spritz, Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin and the Lite Moisture for Blemish Prone Skin. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. I know EXACTLY what all the ingredients are. I didn't have to try to pronounce the chemical names, I knew what they were and are! I could feel the truth in the product and they smell GREAT! What some companies do is they try to stick too much to the vegan aspect and forget that not everyone enjoys that "au naturale" experience. I on the otherhand do, but I love a great smelling product too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scrub. The facial scrub was like getting micro-derm. If you have ever had micro-dermabrasion this is the closest and least expensive treatment to it! Enjoyed it and my skin felt fresh, not dry and not tender. I am buying more I loved it so much.

The lite moisturizer was phenomenal! I love the Niaouli. If you don't know what Niaouli is...Google it! The product is excellent as a natural antibiotic. That is what they use it for in the outback of Austrailia. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory which is fantastic for acne prone skin. If you have a bit of irritation...this stuff will clear it right up! Not to mention your nasal passages with the fabulous scent.

Finally, I love love LURVE the after shower. In Arizona the heat is brutal. A hot shower is brutal. The winters here...are brutal and this wonderful mixture of vegan and moisturizing oils is exactly what my skin called for. The oils will not clog your pores if you are worried about that, and you don't feel greasy....EVER! Just smooth supple soft skin right out of the shower. Literally you apply this while your skin is still a little moist (towel dried) and it smooths right in and you are left feeling totally quenched!

Now where can you buy these FABU products. Well at the Skin Free site, CVS,, and Walgreens! Talk about Super Duper on where to buy and they are affordable. Most products of this caliber will cost you, but Skin Free offers you a valueable product at a reasonable price. Which in my household we love a great deal!

*Disclaimer: For all The Five Fish transparency and disclosure policies, 
be sure to click the link Looking in the Fish Bowl.

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Blogging and Toddling

Toddling twins and a mom who enjoys not mix. Basically this mixture is like taking a mom who is on Prozac and loading her up on shots of bueno!

I have attempted....okay really I have done more than attempt....I have started a half dozen posts only to have them so graciously (screaming, yelling, wailing, and crying) interrupted by the twins. This requires my moment of Zen to be disturbed by removing my ass from said chair in front of laptop to inspect said disturbance. This gets old!

Needless to say I think I am making a good exercise of it. I am thinking of moving the chair altogether to avoid the whole truly sitting down to just doing air chairs. I will have a sweet looking ass and thighs in no time if I do this!

As I remove said arse from said chair I find scenes like these strewn through the house:

I see toilet paper from a BRAND NEW roll completely dismembered through my vanity area of my bathroom and the latrine area.

I then see where the twins are becoming a gaggle of trouble.....unloading my Tupperware from my cabinets. Which normally I have no issue with.....except lately they disappear outside, in the sink, under cribs.

Finally, Little Bitty decides she will be the lookout for her brother....who was most likely the one who unrolled the toilet paper. Not only is she the lookout but the distraction....can you see in this picture why she would be a distraction?

Ah yes, the favored Victoria's Secret brazier that she managed to get out of my bedroom and strung from her neck like a set of beautiful ivory pearls.

This kind of chaos ensues I pray for nap time. I begged for it yesterday when they refused to nap. They woke so early from their nap just to rummage and create more damage. By the end of the day I was spent. I still had to work out and said...EFF it. I went to bed. I had laundry that needed to be will grow larger tomorrow...went to bed. If you want to know how a mom of multiples does it everyday....she just says EFF IT and goes. to. bed!

So I went to bed. And now....that the twins are napping I get to blog! HOORAY! I have to say on these days I miss the Big G just for the older entertainment he is for the squids.
Enjoy what a normal day looks like in my house of Blogging and Toddling.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twin Mommy Love

I am proud to say I am a mom to twins. Not so much for the accomplishment that I successfully carried and delivered two human beings on the exact same day and carried them for the exact same time, together, in one womb, even though it is truly a feat. But I am proud to say I am a twin mommy or a mom of multiples because I am in some really fabulous company.

Not only do we get twice the hug, kisses, loves, and smiles, but twin moms and moms of multiples are truly unique. They have an air about them that no other mother has. Not quite sure the words or how to explain this sense of being with these women, but when you are in their presence you know what I mean. I spent my Thursday night with a group of them and you feel at home with them.

So my Thursday night I was with my Busy Bee Mom group as I WILL NOT miss a meeting. That is my fix, my mom time, my night out, my two hours or more of pure blissdom and freedom to enjoy with other women. Gossiping, learning, supporting, and guiding in this job we call "Mom." Part of the meeting was also to share your job in the club, which I will do next month (September). My job, if I did not already share with you (probably because I am modest) is that I am the National Rep and Donations Coordinator for our club.

I converse with the NOMOTC (the national level) about what we do every month and find out about conventions, conferences, and goings on about being a parent of multiples. I also go around asking businesses for donations to the club (since we are a non-profit under the IRS 501(c)(3)) to help support our moms. Our biggest campaign right now that I am running is our "Meals on Wheels" for new and expectant mothers. Which currently we have at least SIX (give or take a few) new moms that I counted at Thursday' meeting that are expecting or recently delivered.

These moms will have their hands FULL, as we are always told (DUH!), and so we are asking local restaurants to donate a gift card for a to-go dinner for the dad to pick up on his way home to share with his family. Especially because our group is so large and so is the Valley (Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, etc) that delivering a meal to a club member can be difficult.

In addition we also ask for donations for our monthly meetings for cool swag to be raffled off. If you show to the meeting, everyone gets a ticket. At the end of the meeting a ticket is drawn and a lucky mom gets some cool swag! I have entertained folks such as Whole Foods for the organic mommies, Fry's Food (since we all need groceries period!), Toys and Babies R Us, Target, and most recently and most proudly....some TWIN mommy business owners, successful multiple mamas, and mamas that support the Mothers of Multiples Community!!

These mamas are absolute gems if you ask me and I know I enjoy "tweeting" them up when I can. I also love one of their blogs and not to mention the books they have. You got it...BOOKS! You know how I go GAH GAH over books.

One of these mamas is Susan Heim. Have you heard of her? I have, and I just LOVE her and she is a riot! Tons of fun this lady is and FULL FULL FULL of her twin knowledge. Also because oh, she has twins! I read her book and have to say that is so refreshing to know others have been there, still there, and going there again! Being a parent of multiples brings out the best and worst and life gets easier when you know others are out there with you, sharing the same loves and pains of being a parent of multiples. Susan is awesome enough to donate some books to our club to add to our library for new, expectant, and already chasing multiples, moms! Susan RAWKS!

My other mama is another gem. She has the name of a Southern Belle and a heart of gold. Miss Shelby Tutty is the founder of Double Up Books which is a site dedicated to the sale of books about twins, triplets, and other higher order multiples. Her site RAWKS!! Her books...RAWK! She RAWKS because she is donating to our club and in response to her grateful act we are publishing a link to her website. Because when you search about twins, you get everything else BUT stuff about twin babies or twin kids. So her site is your one stop shop to find the goods on having multiples and raising a family and parenting support.

Like I said, multiple mamas and those who know the job of a multiple mama RAWK. They are one of a kind, are gems, are AWE SOME!! I cannot say enough about them and I think I am done now with all my twin mommy love to these ladies. Just fabulous for their gracious acts and support of our community. Now go check them out, because they are wonderful.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

You are what you eat

Have you heard the adage or saying:

A little dirt never hurt
Five second rule:
Pick it up off the floor before five seconds and its safe
You are what you eat

Not to get on my soap box but this is not always the case for our food. More specifically I am talking about all the yummy, juicy, food and produce we pick up at the local supermarket.

Did you know that they have genetically engineered tomatoes to be immune to Round Up?

GROSS right?
Can you imagine how much Round Up or other crap we ingest because farmers spray the weeds....because weeds are unsightly right? Plus those icky bugs. The bugs like bees that are becoming extinct because of insecticides, even though those bees pollinate the majority of our fruits and vegetables. Those chemicals do not dissipate, they are absorbed by the soil and the plants. Sure it may not be on the TOP of the food but what about in the dirt, in the stems, in the fruit and meat of the food we eat? Did you know that they engineer plants to bloom for one year and one year alone? Requiring high yield farmers to replant new seeds?

Our produce is so scary! Not to mention unhealthy.

I only found these facts out after attending one of my Busy Bee Twin Mom meetings and one of our moms who has a degree in Environmental Science from UC Santa Barbara, told us about all these scary and truthful facts of the food and produce we eat everyday. I mean I know that they use pesticides and etc, but I was unaware of all the genetic modifications. No wonder we all are getting cancer.

So I share this with you because I think that the information is important. The traditional food in stores is unhealthy for us and our kids. The hype on organic is not because it is organic and reduces your carbon footprint, but because overall the food IS better. Tastes better, works better with your body, does not leave unhealthy and unsafe levels of chemicals in your body.

Did you know those chemicals stay there? Yeah they don't just "go away," we don't take them out in our BM trash, they are there for life. Imagine how your body is a living chemistry lab as all these different chemicals bind, mix, and stick to every cell in your body. And we wonder why people get cancer, why our daughters start to enter puberty at 10 years old and even younger. Milk and beef are the same way, chickens, pork, all modified with hormones, fed grain, feed, grasses, and vegetables that have all been genetically modified, altered, treated, hormonally injected.

Here is the BUT, that everyone is saying, "BUT, the FDA says its safe."

Sure the FDA also said that pharmaceuticals are safe, but they are taking those off the market now too, are they not? The FDA also said that a pesticide that was so great in the 70's was safe and guess what, it is no longer used...except illegally in third world countries because the risk of in Utero deformities, abnormalities and preterm labor. The FDA also said Valium was safe....but they did a 20 year study on all the effects of tell me....if it is SOOO safe....why a 20 year study?

Organic is tricky but not. The USDA Certified tells you that your food is USDA organic, no pesticides, the farm has been clean for many years which includes the water the non use of pesticides, insecticides, the whole array of chemical free.

There is also the OMRI Organic Certification which certifies the products are organic without the USDA and FDA taking their slice of the profitable organic pie. These farmers farm organic, but do not have the time or money to invest in the full blown organic certification. The whole enchilada of the USDA Organic takes at least five years of a clean farm plus lots more time, money, and certifications....some farms don't have that kind of time or fund.

There is also Organic Fair Trade. These are products from developing countries and farmers who again, do not have the time and resources for a full blown certification. However, they do adhere to organic farming guidelines.
Did you know that there is produce called Heirloom? Yup, these are centuries old, untouched fruits and vegetables that have been farmed for years. They taste beautiful, they look beautiful, these seeds and produce items are often found on Native American farms and European farms, old school, old farming, no new technology and products for generating a mass quantity harvest, just good old fashioned farming and foods.

CSA - A CSA is great!! I am a member of a CSA. I love them!! Fabulous is what they are!! You find a local farm in your area and you invest your monies anywhere from $100 to $300 per season to purchase vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy, you name it, whatever that farm has to offer. And guess see how they grow it! You see how they maintain their farm, you are also buying RIPE then and there, fresh! No hormones to speed the ripening process. Because other farmers have to pick early before the produce is fresh and then try to ripen the product in a store for you to buy. Because no one wants ugly produce right?

Your eggs...did you know that Grade B eggs can be stored in a fridge for up to one year before sent to the supermarket for you to buy?! Yup, why do you think they have such a short shelf life...because they have already been stored for a YEAR!! Nasty!! Your Grade A eggs yeah those are refrigerated for almost as long...SIX MONTHS before you buy them in their pretty cartons in the store. Plus those chicken...literally cooped up with their only goal is to lay those eggs. If you were cooped up like that....would you be healthy? Probably not.

Food Co-Ops. These are fantastic. Again you get all the greatness of a CSA but you also get more variety such as some farmers who also have cattle, so beef, bison, chicken, you sign up, choose your pick up spot and there you go! Better than the grocery store because you are supporting local farmers, local residents (just like you), and you are helping the environment by avoiding the obsession and use of petroleum based products such as oil, plastics, diesel.

Now that I am on and about off my soap box, look into a CSA. Meet your local farmer, check out your local farmers market, taste their food! They always let you taste the fruits of their labor. We did, we got to taste fresh cantaloupe...OMG and was it the best tasting cantaloup ever. We got a watermellon and a half dozen eggs and the eggs were beautiful. Brown and tasty with more Omega-3 fatty acids than those nasty store bought. Seriously you are what you eat and do you want all that build up of chemicals and genetically modified experiments working in your body?

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mrs. Fish Thursday Tips and Tricks: Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pie

What is Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pie? Well these following recipes that I LOVE to use in my house. For way you can eff them all. Even if you do...they still taste super scrumptious. So here are some favorites for my house for cooking:

Grilled Fish

You can use catfish, Mahi Mahi, Cod, Tilapia, and of the fattier fish and preferably a white fish, white fish is great on the grill.
Now while the fish is frozen I melt about 2T of butter (margarine) per fillet in the microwave and pour over the frozen fish. I do rinse the fish first so that the butter will seep into the fish and not bounce off and harden again. I then pour about a half cup of white wine or a chardonnay into the pan where the fish will marinate, a cup of lemon or lime juice. Lemon juice is not as acidic as the lime so it will not cause your fish to cure like when making ceviche. Then I sprinkle my favorite spices. I love a fresh lemon zest, because Arizona has an abundance of citrus here, pepper, garlic, a dash of salt. Whatever your favorite spices and seasonings. Let sit overnight or for at least 6 hours. If your fish is still frozen, A OK, throw it on the grill. Be sure to spray your grill with some cooking spray to prevent sticking. Cook on low to medium and until the fish is flaky. Voila!
Couple with grilled or steamed zucchini and yellow squash, artichokes, asparagus, or a salad and you have a filling and light summer meal.

Feeding an Army: Brisket

I love brisket. I made brisket for the first time this year for Passover/Easter and I was so damn proud of myself!! I indirectly cooked on the grill with some smoking chips to give the meat that smoke flavor and O.M.G!! I usually do not boast about my food.....but when my whole family was mmm'ing and ahhhh'ing and Oh Damn to me....I knew I rocked!

So Brisket comes in two types of cuts, first cut and second cut. I know.....fancy right. Well you want the first cut. The one that comes right off the cow's shoulder. This has all that great fat and marbling that will make your brisket OH so tender and juicy and mouth watering.
Second cut is just as good, however, smaller sizes, looks a lot more pretty and easier to handle. Usually in 3-5 pound cuts where the first cut is 7 or more pounds and is the whole ball game.

I dig second cut. I cut it in half to fit onto my grill as I have yet to upgrade to a Grand Daddy Grill of all grills. (But if you want me to review one I would be more than happy to! LOL) But I cut the meat in half to fit on my grill. The night before I cook it I dice 4 cloves of garlic, very fine dicing. I rub each side of the meat slabs with kosher salt. Kosher salt is very tasty and so awesome for cooking, it is the rough large grain salt. You can use sea salt as well for another healthy alternative. After salting each side but rubbing the salt in really well I pepper each side of the meat and then I rub in the garlic. I let this sit overnight, you can cover it or leave it exposed to the air in your fridge. Allow at least 3 or more hours to grill your brisket especially if the cut is larger than say 4 pounds.

Heat the grill on high. Make a plate with edges out of foil to cover the bottom rack of your grill and place on grill. Reduce one burner to low and the other to med, this process is called indirect grilling and makes for some really beautiful meat. Place your meat FAT side up to help keep the meat juicy and so you do not cook off all the juice and fat. If you want the smoked taste, place your wood chips on the grill at this time away from the meat and drippings. Here is the hardest part. WALK AWAY. Yup, leave the meat to cook. Every time you open the grill and look at the meat you increase your cook time by 15 minutes!! Flip once during the cook time at least half way through. Your meat will take on that perfect smoked look, where the meat is beginning to look cooked but still burgundy in color. This is BEAUTY at its finest with brisket.

Remove the brisket from your grill. Make sure to use tongs, never, EVER, NEVER use a fork or pronged fork to remove ANY meats from a grill. This drains all your meats of their precious juices. Next let your meat rest. This will allow the meat to contract a little and the blood to re-enter the flesh to keep your brisket slices moist and tasty. After letting the meat rest for about 15 minutes, slice AGAINST the grain in thin slices and serve.
We couple brisket with potato salad, slaw, macaroni and cheese, grilled or steamed fresh veggies, or on a sandwich. You will have leftovers for DAYS, freeze some of the meat for later or invite family over for a feast!!

Dessert on a Dime
Pound cake is probably the easiest dessert to make. The recipe is on the back of any Bisquick box, and everyone loves pound cake. Angel food is another great one! Super Easy Peasy to make long as you have patience or a ready make box from the store for others.

So grab a bag of mixed frozen fruit. I love the huge chunks. Two cups of orange juice and one cup of sugar. Heat the orange juice to almost boiling and slowly add in the sugar and begin to reduce the heat. If your mixture starts to thicken fast....great!! Then it is almost ready. You can also add in some cinnamon or nutmeg for a little extra sweetness. Pour in the frozen fruit, about a cup or so until thoroughly coated. Remove from heat continuing to stir. Drizzle juice over the cake and scoop out a spoonful of fruit. Oh so yummy. Even if your mixture doesn't thicken...still a great drizzle and sauce for pound or angel food cake.

I hope you all enjoy these few recipes as much as I do. I know I love to cook and "experiment" in my kitchen with different spices, foods, and whatever I got. We try not to waste anything in this house.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Difference a Year Can Make

If you chronicle what happens in a year, from daily writings to even recalling shady memories, a great and amazing thing happens. You realize so much!!

This time last year I was breastfeeding my twins, I was fat, well not so much, as I lost a lot of baby weight...but was packing it back on because of breastfeeding.

This time last year my boy was struggling in all day kindergarten. Big G was doing the all day thing, but we realized that starting him a WHOLE year too soon was not best. He was throwing fits, yelling in the halls, everyday was a challenge.

This time last year DH was about to be laid off. Three years and lots of sweat and tears and he was laid off due to budget cuts. Scary when you aren't sure where the next paycheck to pay for your groceries will come from. Especially with newborn twins!!

This year, the twins can almost open the fridge themselves to find food. They remind me of the characters from the movie "Over the Hedge" when they raid the human fridge.

This year I am down 30 pounds (just from March), working on 50 more (to be pre pre baby weight!! Yeah I was a size 4...I am hopeful) or less I would be happy. I just like to know I look good in my clothes, and I don't have to fork out four grand for a tummy tuck I really won't need. Thank goodness for the little engine that could of weight loss, slow and easy, and consistent.

This year, Big G is amazing!! He can color in the lines like a girl would, he gets up at the butt crack of dawn every morning excited to learn. Excited to be at school. He thanks me for making his lunch for him. And he is more than happy and excited when he gets home from school. Each day I find him more and more grown up, having grown up conversations about truly in depth topics like food, Star Wars, well I never said they were MY kind of grown up conversations...maybe his father but not me.

Amazing what a difference a year can make. I am glad that DH and I decided to take him to the young kindergarten program last year since he wasn't quite five when he started school, and I am glad he is able to do all day kindergarten this year. He has matured so much emotionally and I am so happy for him. I am happy he enjoys school so much that this next summer....he gets to go to school then too!! Yup, summer school!! No more being bored! But we will play it by ear. Who knows, school may become the bane of his existence like the most of us.

What happened in the last year for you? Good and bad? With your kids? So much can happen in a year and in most cases even less time.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Might Die Having More Than One Baby...Well Not Literally

My reaction to having twins was pretty much like all other mother's or soon to be mothers who found they were having twins.


Seriously. I did not sign up for this. I was crazy enough to sign up for ONE. Let alone TWO!

The journey of life begins. Every mother/soon to be mother's fear is the loss of the pregnancy until about week 12 or so. The fear subsides. Sometimes the morning sickness. Heartburn is a daily visitor. Urinating is like don't realize you went so much until you see your water bill the next month from what seems like continuous flushing. And finally the time comes when the two little faces you have come to know as Baby A and Baby B, blurry, splotchy, and skeletal, greet you with white filmy, pink flesh, cries, crying, tears, joy, sorrow, shakes, unknowing, fear, terror, pain, defense, a rainbow gamut of emotions.

I wanted to make sure my kids were alright. I was put at ease to know they were. They still are. Bounding, giggling, sqwealing, wailing, whining, crying, and carrying on, they are more than alright. But before we got to the alright, I really was not sure if I would be alright.

I was not sure if I could go the distance. I saw my skin stretch to the point of being a cast member on a Sci Fi world premiere television event. My back, hips, and knees were in so much pain, I was thankful for the winter season in AZ so I could sport compression stockings 24-7. I quite literally thought I would die. Twin pregnancy sucked. Pregnancy with a singleton sucked, but nothing compared to my two for one deal.

So when I met them and I was ponder how the hell I would manage. By Myself. All Alone. I thought I was going to break. Yes I have DH. Yes he is a great help with changings and baths and the like. But the rest was all me. You see I was the one with the lactating breasts. I was the one who had two. Lactating. Breasts. And so I did it. I breast fed both my twins. At the same time, one on each breast. For each feeding. Never missing a beat. Never, if hardly ever giving a bottle. With the exception to boost caloric intake for Sara who was a lot smaller and needed more, even though she was six pounds at birth as a twin. But I did it. Until I thought I was going to die. Until I thought I was going to lose my mind. I was losing every inkling of who I was as a person. As a woman. A wife. A caregiver. I need to break what I was doing for my own metal condition. To prevent a complete breakdown.

I had many. Breakdowns. I would put the kids down for their nap time which was every 2 hours give or take. And then I would find a nice spot in the house to retreat and ball my eyes out. I didn't ask for twins. I didn't have fertility issues. I was and am a good mother...why was I cursed? Why was I given this ultimate challenge, the job to top all jobs, an early death sentence, why me? I asked this for six months after the birth of my Thing One and Two. What was I to learn? Had I not suffered and struggled enough in my young life that NOW. NOW when I can enjoy being a mother I am tossed this curving knuckle ball to beat out into center field.

So I suffered through the pointless comments, stops, gawks, and gasps about having twins. The daft and the bold of fertility issues which most assumed was my issue. NO ONE has twins that are boy girl. (Um...okay....did you miss sex ed.) I dealt with it all. The nasty, the insane, the unbelievable, even the codependents who clearly thought I was unable to care for two children at the same time. As if I was the Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman or something.

At about 10 months I knew I was going to make it. Life got easier as I weaned (Sara...not so much the Seth-En-Stein) off the boob and into a hand held baby bottle to go! Bottle feeding was easy as they were able to hold things on their own at that time. Then when the sitting up really was in full force the high chairs were rotated into the house. Meals got easier. Naps were still consistent. I was a free woman again. I could leave the house and not worry if I was going to have saucer size messes all over my shirts if I didn't move fast enough through a store to get home for a feeding.

Things got easier because I kept them on a schedule. From the day they were born they were on a schedule with me. I knew if they deviated life would be hell. I wouldn't sleep, I would suffer, they would suffer, DH and Big G would suffer with me.

The one year mark passed and I wondered where the time went. I still wonder. I thought life would get easier with them. Which life did, get easier, for a short moment. And then they both started walking. Climbing. Almost running now. My house is on a constant Def Con 1 status.

But being a mom of twins gets easier. I am able to enjoy these moments as they entertain themselves. I am not always the playmate, which sucks, but is a life saver all in one. I watch them now "twin talk" to each other. I watch them watch us and learn. I watch them turn into loving people before my eyes and I wonder where the time has gone.

Big G told me the other day how much he loved me and that I was a great mom. I didn't know what to say. I welled up and felt the burn in my cheeks, my nostrils flared, and I wondered where the time went. He tells me how much he appreciates the organic juice and milk boxes for lunch, that I cut his sandwiches into triangles, that I picked him up from school with his brother and sister. And I wonder where the time has gone. That my boy no longer gazes at me like I am the most beautiful woman on Earth, but that I am the woman who knows him best. Moreso than his father. He looks at me and smiles and tells me how much he loves me. The twins fight for a seat in my Indian Style lap, each wanting a prized thigh to hold them. And I wonder where the time has gone that they used to feed until they couldn't eat anymore, gaze up at me and pass out.

I really thought I was going to die with twins. But if dying means that you get to enjoy all that life gives you, with twice as many hugs, twice as many smiles, and yes...twice as many diapers. I wouldn't change my death wish. Life with multiples isn't easy, but what is easy is the love you feel for these people who came into your life when you thought you truly were damned.

I am proud to have enjoyed Grant as my oldest, he was my teacher on being a mom. The twins are only helping me perfect the fine art of evolving motherhood.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Am I living in a Hitchcock Movie

I wonder this so many times while cruising through the blogosphere. I guess I am blessed, lucky, per chance maybe that I have a great network of readers. Bloggers that truly have great content. I made a conscious decision the other day to "weed out" some true bullshit. Stuff that I was following for the sake of following but did not enjoy the content.

I am finding more like that everyday.

I kept my very special reads....who lately I have failed to comment....but at least I see them on Facebook so at least I can keep in touch that way, but I had other reads that were quite frankly airing on the side of feeling chagrin. You know that feeling....the one where it is like....SHEESH, are we going to beat that horse again. Or are we past that yet? I mean I truly feel like I am in an Alfred Hitchcock twist of the Twilight Zone because my bloggers that I did enjoy are now part of the disease infested bloggers that I did not enjoy. The blase ones who think they are superior and really they are no different, they just have a larger bank account and bigger PR backing. The ones who just want to wreak of misery and bullshit about "OMG, Girl, did you see what she wrote on her blog?" and the "Unt uh, no she didn't...I am so with her...I am so sick of that."

When did blogs turn into high school?

A bunch of women. Grown. Child rearing. Child bearing. Grandmotherly. Women. Who act like a bunch of juvenile brats? I guess like I said I was stuck in Smallville reading about how other mom's were struggling to maintain a level of sane like I was everyday. Frustrated about what to cook because frankly the day sucked and Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos, heck Taco Bell seemed more tantalizing than cooking. I was in Smallville enjoying the simple things of being a mom, the complex, the ordinary, the extraordinary, the fun, the sorrow, the laughs!! So when the hell did blogs turn into a "Well I am hanging with the cool chick and we are going to do this and take a stand" and when did women, who all share the same passions turn into enemies. Not even frenemies...well some, but not all. Was I in the twilight zone?

I guess this was my reason for not blogging either, other than my desire to read. To reconnect with my family and get through this hump of school and get back into a grind, a groove, the routine of life with my school aged son and now toddler twins!

I'm really curious if anyone knows what the deal is with blogs, with the bloggers? What happened to leaving well enough alone?

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Girls Aren't Always Sugar and Spice

Girls are not sugar and spice and everything nice. Unless of course you are talking about the way they smell. And even then...some girls, chicks, and women are questionable. Whew!

So my Little Bitty is coming into her own. She is truly an independent child. We knew this from birth that no doubt she would be a spit fire. Sara came into this world with her eyes wide open not making a sound. She was already planning mass manipulations of our emotions. Even now though she is ever so curious. Her inquisitive mind wants to conquer, touch, explore, have, hold, and steal what her brothers do not share.

While I was taking a moment to go out to DH's office which is literally 20 feet from the back door, give or take a foot or so, to drop off some paperwork that needed to be handled I thought all was one in the house. Big G was positioned on the couch watching an educational program about sponges and starfish (*cough Sponge Bob *cough) and the twins were playing together with Tupperware and the sorts, causing a mess that I could easily swoop up later in a dash. I was in the office literally no more than five minutes. Enough time to drop off my paperwork, say a few words to the hubs and back into the house to maintain order and finish my other work.

I come back into the house to see a few Goldfish strew through the kitchen and fireplace room, thinking nothing more than another mess to clean, I looked over to see this!!

Yes that folks is my Little Bitty. Sitting on my island. In the middle of my kitchen. When I came in she was originally positioned in the middle of my ceramic cooktop launching Goldfish into my fireplace room. She unrolled a roll of paper towels and was working on my SOLID GRANITE mortar and pestle. Thankfully she did not tackle that....I could only imagine the destruction caused by the heavy stone. I sent Big G off to grab his dad so that I could 1. get help cleaning her destruction and 2. proof that she is not the growling angel she portrays to be.

My little "girl" or mountain goat is what I should call her. Pulled a dining chair from the table and began her ascent. Obviously did not take her long as I was not gone for long at all. Our table was promptly moved from the area where it was closest to the kitchen island to prevent further incidents....however, she managed to comquer the kitchen table again...with an accomplice (Seth, of course) and they began to chuck glass candles off the table. I can see them now....hiding out on the roof...throwing water balloons to poor pedestrians in the future. Hopefully they grow out of this!!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to School Blues

I really thought that everyone but me would dread returning to school. I counted every day and hour like they were my last. Yearning for that moment.....OF. SILENCE.

Hence, the moment never came. Yes, Big G is off to a full day of kindergarten. Last year was the young learner kindergarten because of his age, plus the program truly helped him develop those wonderful social and emotional skills when trekking off to the big bad world of education.

So he left the first day and with all honesty I sat around waiting for the call. The call to tell me he did something absolutely horrid. That he was a complete embarrassment to my parenting skills. I thought he would not be able to make it through the day without myself and his father. We were oh so wrong.

I really did not appreciate how much of a help and a great entertainment he was to the squids. I mean they all played so well together. And now that he is at school, the twins rely heavily on me to be their source of entertainment. Not so bad, except when I took my days to feed my reading addiction....which I am still having withdrawals I am going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow for more laundry and cleaning really piled up. Although, when Grant is at school, when the Squids find something they are interested in and leave me be then I can get A LOT done.

My other misconception that I had about the fatal return to school was that he would be bored. I am so glad he is not. Kindergarten is working on counting to 20 right now....which is mere child play, pardon the pun, to Big G. He can count to 100 and almost to 20 in Spanish. So when we pick him up everyday, we are so glad that he is telling us how much he loves school. The last few mornings he has even gotten up early enough to watch his little bit of cartoons, sing in our ears how excited he is to go back to school, and he isn't arguing.

I think the back to school blues have got to be for the parents because I am so lucky to see that so far so good, my kid LOVES school, and I love that he is happy.

How was your back to school with the kids?

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smart Mouth Kids

I am amazed every day at what my kids will say. Especially now Big G who has done a few years of early learning before actually doing the whole kindergarten experience. Today, literally like 10 minutes ago DH challenged G to count to 20. Then he looked at me like.....WHAT DID I DO?!

Big G counted to 20, then 30, 40, all the way to one hundred and back. Needless to say the boy MAY get bored this year in kindergarten but we shall see.

Yesterday was like any other day. First day of school. The kid was wrecked as usual. His face was drained of any energy an life. I was left to pick up a five year old zombie in need of a fix of sorts. TV. The Wii. Brains. He got home explained to me his day and bolted to the Wii. Though I understood his fixation since he has been grounded since lat week. One of my many bargaining tools is the threatened loss and sale of that stupid contraption....although I use it for my Yoga.

After the Wii time he got a small snack before dinner. He ate and then proceeded to be a little pig. I try to give him credit, I mean he is five, a boy, and his father's son. Cleanliness is not a priority and neither is tidiness. However, when I spent MANY grueling hours scrubing my floors on my hands and knees (yes...I did...the whole OCD thing right) the hairs on the back of my neck began to raise as I sat at the kitchen table and heard the small tinkling of crumbs to my recently prisitne conditioned floors.

I look over my shoulder as I see my boy walking away, making a trail of mess as he goes. I told him to be more careful with what he was doing since he was dropping crumbs and making a mess (miniscule in comparison to other the Squids) and here is his LOVELY response.

Well just go get the vacuum then Mom and suck up all the crumbs. Jeez!

Gods and naturistic forces kept me from grabbing his neck like a wet rag needing a good wring. DH looked at me with wide eyes....and I snapped back at him that any time he felt like getting off his too good ass to help in the Maid department that I have so rightly assumed over the years, he was more than welcome to let me have a single day off. Mum was the word from him.

I will give Big G about another year before I force that vacuum upon him and we'll see who was so smart, he will be so grateful to appreciate my cleaning and vacuuming skills then!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I got a new drug

I hear that the road to recovery begins with admission. So I am here as an addict to tell you of my illness. My admission towards a full or at least some sort of haphazardly recovery. I know my addiction hurts, time passes and I fail to see it. I cannot get enough. My family is slowly suffering because I have avoided cleaning the house, making full, healthy and complete meals, laundry has been mounting almost like an attack.

This is the explanation for my not blogging. I have so wanted to blog. To share in my stories of what the Squids have been accomplishing, or attempted accomplishments in their opinion, the first day of school was today, how my kids are growing so fast before my eyes. I feel like I blinked and now Big G went from birth to young kindergarten to all day kindergarten this year. The gnomes are getting so big, 18 months this month and I wonder where the time has passed. Just yesterday they were having a WWF wrestling match in my abdomen for kicking space.

I feel like my addiction just in the last week has really gotten in the way. I thought I had it under control. I had not had any problems in the last 15 years until now. Now of all times. Now when my life is in peak with the soap company, PTO, my twin mom group since I am the National Rep for our local chapter and the donations coordinator.....NOW?! Why now!!??

So I am working on the first step towards recovery. I am admitting I have a problem. It rules my every waking moment that when I sleep I sometimes have correlating dreams to my addiction, to my need, my fuel, my burn. My ache for more.

But before you all get all bent on me....let me just tell you what my addiction is so we are all on the level and you can see my story, hear my story. Help me find the right support group because I know this sort of problem is on the rise.


I cannot.

Gotcha didn't I?

Yes I am the new found Twilight addict. I finished the entire series in less than a week. I finished Breaking Dawn in one day flat! So I am an addict to reading now that I am on a roll I cannot stop. I need more. I need more books to entertain my mind. Also helps with Big G at school so then I can read. So if you know of a great Readers Anonymous self help group I am all ears!!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hey you...You're a Winner

So I had three giveaways of which I am surprised at the LACK of participation, but the winner is going to be overflowing with joy. Here are the winners for the following giveaways:

Online Poster Printing Winner of (1) 16X 20 Canvas
Technically, the only entrant....and a "stingy bitch" to boot, so I like her.

PINGO Winner for Calling Card

Honey Kix Prize Pack Winner


Alright folks, emails have been sent. You have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Thanks again for entering these fabulous giveaways, thanks for your help and support of our sponsors, and as always....keep your rod and reel handy for more Fishy Giveaways!!

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Parents Eat Free Night

Can you believe a night like that at a restaurant exists? I know I had not a CLUE that parents can eat free until DH made the lovely suggestion to go out to eat dinner last night.


Thanks for playing babe, next time, listen to the wife when she says "Beware."

Let me explain. You see the shiny white round ball at night? We call that the moon. Once a month, usually about the same damn time Flo drops by, the white ball of fury is FULL. Which means that my sweet little squidy gnomes, turn into fire breathing, grimoire casting, horn bearing DEMONS.

Now Seth-en-stein, not so much. The Little Bitty.....O.M.G!!

Seriously the girl is on a rampage. No stopping her. A drawer in my kitchen was open every other second. Garlic press here, spoon there, spatula name it, she pulled it out. EVERY. EFFING. FIVE. SECONDS. Seriously, I contemplated putting a collar around her and a stake in the floor where the rope only had about two feet of play so she couldn't get into anything. Tupperware, stainless steel bowls clanging.

And then. When I thought her possession had passed and I did not have to contemplate my conversion to Catholicism to invest in a priest to perform an exorcism she did it. She pushed me.

Not physically, I mean she weighs a whopping 22 pounds sopping wet. She climbed up onto the dining table. Unloaded everything on it. Began to head for THE laptop, MY laptop, to hurl it like a discus in a track an field competition. So I told her NO one last time. And she screamed like bloody hell and I lost it. I walked away. I hid in a place where I could call her all the foul names I have called people that make sailors blush. And then I was fine. Until the hubs began debating the dinner debacle.

I hate dinner. Unless I have prepared a menu that week I hate trying to throw together dinner especially when I have been busy working all day. (Cleaning, blogging, gossiping with my mother...ya know...working!) No really, I have been fighting with a customer, I lost $2400 because he was scared of the FBI form....long story on that, and then the demon spawn of hell awoke from her monthly slumber. So we decided on a "kids eat free" deal! WOOT.

Not so much. Basically the dinner Gods said, "Hey Herrings, thanks for playing!"

So we venture to Coco's, which by the way has some fantastic desserts. And the whole thing is a joke from the get go. The 20 something doesn't know her asshole from a whole in the wall hostess puts us in a CORNER booth with twins. Um....yo.....where do we put not one, yes count them, TWO high chairs. Alrighty, a new adventure....BOOSTER SEATS!! Negative. Seth-en-stein was great, he was easy peasy pumpkin pie as Big G would say. Not the Little Bitty, oh no. Let's throw our Crocs across the table, eat crayons, and then SCREAM bloody hell again like someone was yanking her nails from the nail beds with a pair of pliers.

DH patiently pulls her from her stance, takes her outside. I order for the kids seeing as she is probably hungry, hence the extra dose of demonic presence, and I wanted there food there first so they weren't so cranky and then DH and I could order. They come back.....we go for round two. Negative. Even more ornery, tears, blood boiling screams, kicking. LOTS. OF. KICKING. He takes her back outside just as the food arrives. The boys eat. DH is waiting for me in the car....thinking I am gonna just bail. Um no, feed kids, then bail. He comes back, we try round three and she shows sign of interest in the tempting and toasty chicken nuggets only to begin her dive onto said table where we say EFF IT! DONE!!

As she blood boiling screams, I try to gather all the gear since traveling with a singleton and multiples is seriously a day trip safari the shit we pack. I fumble. He's impatient, barking begins, and my growls come back. I wanted to tell the Mo had you listened at home when I told you going out to dinner was NOT a wise plan, we wouldn't be snapping at one another. So I take the boys to the is not unlocked. So I stomp towards the front door and tell DH of his brilliant plan to send me to said car when I DON'T HAVE KEYS! I get the boys and the demon in the car....he pays.....the waiter trys to comp....not sure why. My kid is the asshole. Not like you had turrets for that moment and was freaking like she was. So we leave a hefty a bribe that we promise never to return.

On the ride home....incessant screams, cries, no comfort in sight. Not even the blankie. I sit in total silence wanting to be a childish brat and rant this to DH:

"Nah Nah asshat! See I told you!! Not a good idea to go to dinner. Getting out of the house was not good. I told you she was a demon today, she is out of hand, you think I am menstrual....nice...nice excuse. See I WAS RIGHT!!!"

But I sat there. Completely, totally, utterly, emotionally toasted from keeping my cool, holding in my bittersweet victory. I got home.....and BALLED.

I was starving, since I didn't get to order and not hungry all at the same time from all the chaos and BS of dealing with my baby girl who just needed to go to bed I guess. We tossed her in jammies and she drifted peacefully to sleep. The boys went to bed just as easily.

And then I made myself the best gall dang breakfast burrito!!

Eggs, sausage, hickory smoked maple bacon, fresh diced potatoes and FRESH, oh yes, FRESH homemade tortillas sprinkled with cheese. I ate till I felt like the fattest cat around. Like I was the most depressed woman crying into her Haagen my papas y frijoles. Watched some bad TV and then went to bed before 11pm. And that my friends is how parents eat free on a Kids Eat free dinner night.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Head Snuggler Review

One of the most important pieces of gear we can ever invest monies towards is a car seat and the safety of our children in cars. However, along with car seats and infants, toddlers, and young children is the falling asleep factor. All three of my kids are great passengers, they can fall asleep in a matter of minutes in the car. But here is the problem:

Ah yes, the slouching head. They do it from the time they are born and as mothers we do everything we can from the time they are in infant carriers until they are old enough to not be in a car seat where they can prop their heads on their own.

So over at TwitterMom's we had the opportunity to review this great product from Melrose Kids called the Head Snuggler. Here is what Melrose Kids is all about:

Melrose Kids is a company focused on making things more comfortable for kids and just a bit easier for parents. Take a look at our products and check back often as we are always working on new ideas to add comfort to children’s lives and peace of mind to parents. We, at Melrose Kids, believe that parents are full of wonderful ideas but just don’t know how to get them off the ground. Well, you too can be an entrepreneur! If you have a great idea, get in touch with us. We’ll work hard to get your idea developed and on the market (with your direction, of course) and the best part is, we’ll pay you a royalty for every one sold! We’re a family company for families!

What did the Fish Family think about this?

To be honest, upon my first thought was "How how does it work?" Then when I let the information digest I began to think...."well how tight is it, will it really pull hard on my kids' heads, can it cause choking in the event it falls too low.....etc etc."

I have been meaning to do this review for some time, but lately....the kids just haven't slept in the car!! And NO WAY was I going to do a review without really testing out the goods....I mean talk about false advertising. Sheesh.

Anyway, the Seth-en-stein finally fell asleep in the car. He is the worst for falling asleep and the slouch, Little Bitty is smaller and more agile, so she snuggles into her car seat without the slouch.

Here is a video that I snagged of Seth-en-stein sleeping in the car with the Head Snuggler. Now please bear with the video since I was driving and "attempting" to record the boy sleeping and how well the Head Snuggler really works!! I even turned a corner and you will see how I was jostled around while driving and recording and he.stayed.put!

Like I said, I was very skeptical about the product and the overall effectiveness. In fact, I almost gave up on trying to do the review because my kids were not falling asleep in the car. But low and behold....a day presented itself and VOILA! Kids are sleeping and Head Snuggler review here I come!! Seth-en-stein had no idea it was on his head, he would rub a tad, but not like he was trying to pull it off, just that maybe it was itchy in one spot and needed adjusting. The installation is super easy peasy too. You slide it over whatever you are going to use it on...a chair, a stroller, car seat and there are pre-cut holes for fishing the seat belt straps through depending on how the Head Snuggler installs with your car and car seat. I do have to say that if you plan on using it when they immediately fall asleep....I would say have a second person in the car. I was lucky to be at the bank drive thru when he passed out so I just pulled it over his head and he was put in place and no worries about slumping over and cricking his neck.

You can buy the Head Snuggler online and in select stores in Canada right now. Total bummer about only in Canada...but super that we can order online for US residents! The price is $20.99 plus a great low price for shipping. They also come in four fashionable and neutral styles for your kids: green with polka dots, green with purple bears (which is what I have), brown with brown bears and brown with blue bears.
I have to say that this is a great investment for any parent who hates the neck slumping and I think it worked just as they said it would.

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