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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 4 "FREE" Week Product Review - Dr. Ron's Ultra Pure Body Care Body Lotion

Good Morning for Day 4 of The Five Fish "FREE" Week!

Okay so we are showcasing the talented Dr. Ron again because why.....well we love his preservative free, super smelling products, and well they were FREE to try out so why not?

Today the review is of the Dr. Ron's Ultra Pure Body Care MSM Body Lotion in Kiwi. Sounds delish right? Well it absolutely is! Here is why I love lotion so much and wanted a preservative free lotion. I am a native of Arizona, when you think of Arizona you think Grand Canyon, Phoenix, HOT.....BLOODY HOT!! Then if you have ever met a native we always tell you, "It's a Dry Heat." We are truly full of it when we tell you's so hot you can bake yourself and a batch of cookies, your lipstick can melt in seconds, and your cell phone can be cooked so fast you have to put it in the freezer just to see the screen again. Plus shorts....forget it, when you get in your car the bottoms of your thighs just took a scorching too, they are now "tender loins"! Anyway, being that the weather here is so...dry...our skin is as well requiring lots of re-hydration. Plus swimming in the summer further parches our environmental armor, which means we need more lotion. Not all lotions are exactly alike. I have used Vaseline, I have used Nivea, I have used Aquaphor, I have used Aveeno, I have used everything known to man to soften and quench my poor skin. I am lucky I don't look like saddles bags walking my skin is so leathery. My skin also is prone to break outs, by break outs I mean all of the sudden I will have a rash........not sure where it came from, which product, but more than likely from my lotion or perfume so I have to be safe in what I use so I don't look like a spotted red leopard.

If you don't know Dr. Ron, check him out and here is some background and info on the

MSM Body Lotion in Kiwi:

MSM Body Lotion - Unscented or Kiwi

  • A 15% MSM solution and botanical extracts in a base of apricot, almond and jojoba oils moisturizes, refreshes, restores and protects your skin.
    Soothing to aching muscles and joints.
    Use as a hand lotion, or after a shower or bath over the entire body.
    Unscented is a gentler formulation, for those with sensitive skin.
    Kiwi is scented with a higher concentration essential oils, including kiwi oil. Unscented and Kiwi, each eight ounces

When Dr. Ron sent me the shipment of all the beauty products, my first true product that I tried was the lotion. I am a lotion whore!! Ask my sister, she saw my endless collection of designer perfumes and lotions. But this lotion was like no other that I had tried. I put some on immediately after opening my bag of goodies. At first I the smell. A very soft, subtle, delicate hint of kiwi that isn't overbearing where you end up smelling like a tween at a school dance or like that stripper from your DH's, buddy's bachelor party....girls you know the smell! Anyway, I was reveling.....and then I applied.

Hmmmm, silky, soft, smooth, glides over every inch without having to reapply more, hmm, not sticky, still damp. So I gave the lotion a bit more time so I could really gauge the effectiveness and overall results. The damp feeling subsided which was very nice, I hate feeling like I just lubed up with something, I want to feel like a woman, not someone who is attempting a circus feat. Some lotions leave this greasy, heavy residue and often all the perfumes and other additives make my skin feel weird and even more dried. Or the damp and sticky feeling stays and when you get dressed your clothes stick to you. So I liked that Dr. Ron's lotion dried but without drying me out. So ladies and gents if you love you some lotion but don't want to smell like you put on perfume, but you still want to smell fresh then Dr. Ron's is the way to go.

Make it a great Thursday!! The week is almost up...tomorrow is internal review day!

The views and opinions expressed on this blog belong purely to Karie Herring. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party in question.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 3 "FREE" Week Product Review - Traba Door, Traba International

Welcome to Day 3 of The Five Fish "FREE" Week!!

I promised and so I am delivering.....since I got off on some tangents in the last 24 hours.

Okay so as I mentioned in yesterday's post you can actually make over your home in a preservative FREE fashion! Okay, I know you are saying, there are no preservatives in my home...what could have preservatives, what would need to be preserved? Well for one the wood in your home is made with preservatives. Yup, some of the good old 2X4 or 2X6 construction has what is called "green" wood (it actually is colored green) which is great for fighting those nasty little buggers called.............TERMITES!!! Plus "green" wood is treated so it is less likely to warp due to weather and takes longer to burn when your house is on fire from what DH has told me. I'm no "wood" pro (*giggle) so ask your local contractor or one of those fabu guys at the Home Depot.

Alright, so the biggest thing next to the overall construction is paint, which they have VOC free stuff (again click on the HD above) your carpet (same linky) and DOORS!!! Yes those fabulous things to keep our privacy are LOADED with nasty stuff that we are completely unaware of. Here is what a standard MDF door is filled with.........FORMALDEHYDE!!! Tell me that is not a preservative?! I mean we use it on the dead......good thing they are dead because it guessed it.....CANCER!! Hello, preserves them right? Preservative. Now luan doors, pictured below, you would think are super safe and preservative free right? Because they are a species of a mahogany in the veneer on the door. Nope they use the same type of glue as the MDF, the glue holds down that luan veneer that looks so great right? Nope...ugly doors!

Those photos are straight out of my home when I bought it in 2004. Aren't they stunning?

I hear crickets................
that must be a FAT NO!!

Alright so here is what my home looks like now.....mind you I made all the simple and inexpensive makeover options: paint and doors, plus a nice set of runners. All of that cost $240! But that includes the two runners, the doors you see in the above pictures (8 doors @ $20 each for a slab) and the paint! Now the best part of these doors......they are FORMALDEHYDE FREE!!

How is that? Well the new doors being distributed by Traba Door beginning this year have to be formaldehyde free due to legislation passed in California which is where Traba headquarters are located. California Air Regulation Board passed a law about airborne toxins in products that have formaldehyde, among other toxic and carcinogenic preservatives, such as cabinets, doors, the whole gamut. So every door that is manufactured and sold by Traba has to meet the CARB regulations.

Here is some info on Traba straight from their website:

Traba is pleased to present an international line of doors infused with historic design and hand crafted with a rich blend of materials. Everything from the doors core construction to its beautiful finish is completed with relentless attention to detail ensuring every door is as strong as it is beautiful. More than just a brand, Traba retains old world craftsmanship with unmatched value.Traba Classic Series doors feature a unique 1 ½” solid wood edge along the top and sides; plus a 4” solid wood bottom rail. The deeper edges make the door capable of accepting longer screws while also providing extra room to customize for a special floor treatment or tight space. The stiles are 5” wide adding flexibility to incorporate an over sized lock set. A one piece veneer finish eliminates seams that appear over time in normal stile and rail constructed doors.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

While the value of the engineered core is reflected in the superior strength and stability of the door, our real value is in the savings for the environment. Our engineered products are constructed of recycled industry bi-product which reflects our commitment to naturally sustainable construction and our environment. We are committed to improving the environment around us and we welcome any opportunity to contribute or participate in environmentally friendly projects focused on the sustainability of the resources around us. Our direct influence and participation in our facilities allow us the ability to control the adhesives and products we use and therefore reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants.

So with the doors being preservative free they are also a GREEN alternative!! The doors are made of composite materials, so the materials that would normally be thrown away. Click the MDF link above to read more about it. They do also have a wood product, Knotty Alder and I have to say that after reviewing all the beauty shots of the door I was head over heels.

Now you might also be wondering about warranty info and if you aren't here is the info.....every good door has a warranty!

Warranty - Classic Series

Limited Lifetime Warranty
A limited Lifetime Warranty is provided on all The Classic Series of MDF Interior Doors offered by TRABA INDUSTRIES. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is offered as long as the MDF Interior Door is in its originally installed location.
The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all The Classic Series of MDF Interior Doors against warping, cracking and splitting. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover any damage caused by cuts, abrasions or scratches on the surface of The Classic Series MDF Interior Doors. The Limited Lifetime Warranty excludes any doors used for the purpose of an exterior application. Only an authorized TRABA INDUSTRIES representative may give written consent to replace any of The Classic Series of MDF Doors.
Limitations and Exclusions
Priming of Traba Doors must be applied on all six sides (top, bottom, edges, front & back) within 72 hours. Failure to prime all six sides within 72 hours will void the limited lifetime warranty.Limited lifetime warranty pertains to doors for interior use only. If used for exterior applications, the limited lifetime warranty is void. Normal wear and tear including wear-through of the finish or deterioration for reasons other than materials and workmanship of the door itself.Abusive handling.Doors left sealed/unfinished at the job site, exposed to the elements. Appearance caused by failure to follow recommended handling, and finishing guidelines is not covered by this warranty.The appearance of field finished doors is not warranted in any event.Natural variation in the color or texture of wood not considered being a defect.Warp is not considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4" in the plane of the door itself. "Warp" is any distortion in the wood itself and does not refer to the relationship of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term "warp" shall include bow, cup and twist. For doors larger than 3/0 x 7/0, warp shall not exceed 3/8" in the plane of the door itself.If warranted door(s) are found to contain defects stated, the manufacturere may, at its option, either:Repair the door(s) without charge.Replace the door(s) without charge, in the same stage of fitting and/or finishing as was originally supplied.

If you are interested in a super easy, inexpensive, preservative free, beautiful home makeover and would love to see Traba in your sure to contact Chad and he can point you to the many distributors and door shops all over the U.S. (and soon Canada!) that carry Traba Doors. I know here in Arizona, Legacy Custom Doors is carrying Traba. When you contact Traba by emailing Chad, let him know you read the Traba Door review here at Five Fish, so you get the superior treatment I received from the gentlemen at Traba.

Make it a Great Wednesday!

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Where is the Moral Obligation?

Okay, folks I so plan to give you the Five Fish "FREE" Week Day 3 review....its a WIP (work in progress) but this is something I am absolutely, most definitely passionate about...EDUCATION!

As most have read I have finished my college career (thus far) so you know I love education, I am an advocate for learning, I love to learn, I love to teach my children, and most of all I love that they love to learn and my oldest, Big G, is in school. He is in kindergarten but not your standard kindergarten program. He is in a program that you would call a YLK (Young Learner Kindergarten). What is YLK? Well this program is designed for children who's birthdays fall after the school deadline for standard kindergarten registration. So say school starts in August and your child's birthday is in September, well they have to wait another year. Not my kid!! He got to go to a FREE, yes FREE, program with the city of Mesa Public Schools.

He did three weeks of all day with a teacher who did not fit his personality and the poor boy suffered. So we got him into this program and I can say he is a changed boy and ready for next year. However, I don't think that Big G would have been such a changed boy or been at the aptitude he is had he not had Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Long by his side. Why are Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Long so fantastic? Well let me tell you!!

Mrs. Burton has been teaching for 15 years with Mesa Public School and for the last 10 years she has done the YLK program. Now I must confess and most any other parent will tell you that to get a 4 or 5 year old to listen to you, follow your directions, and be fully engaged is a FEAT!! This woman and her partner in crime Mrs. Long can engage these children, teach them, and get them to follow directions!!! To have that ability with over 20 children ranging from age 4-5 is expertise and experience, not to mention a whole BOAT load of patience.

So upon speaking with Mrs. Burton yesterday I saw that AZ is keeping all day kindergarten. (This is what has fueled my passion......) I was ecstatic! My boy will be gone all day to learn and run off RAW energy next year! HOORAY!! But I was informed that Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Long will be let go. I was pissed!! Even worse, they will be replaced by a teacher who has about a year, maybe two, of teaching experience. So we are looking at a teacher who is roughly 21 years of age!! UM??!!! HELLO!!!??? I am all about the younger generation teaching, but not to my kid! I want a teacher who has been around the block, is loving, patient, kind, and can give my child the educational attention he needs to strive and excel. Mrs. Burton and I chatted up for a while and then I went on my mission. I came home, bitched to DH, bitched to my mom, I bitched to anyone who would listen........including the Superintendent and the School Board for Mesa Public Schools. Below is my email correspondence back and forth as of 10:05am AZ time. I would love to hear from you about this!!! If you live in AZ or Mesa, help me stir the pot to save the jobs and education of our children!!

Dear Sirs and Madam,
The topic of the Young Learner Kindergarten program was brought to my attention recently and how the program would be losing some of the finest, experienced, and trusting educators I have met as a parent. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the lack of judgment on behalf of the board, superintendent, and those involved in the decision to terminate the employment of seasoned, experienced, and well respected educators only to be replaced with younger, less experienced, cheaper paid contract educators.
Are you able to put a price on the value of a young learner’s education? As a parent and continuing education adult I cannot! Had my son, who’s birthday falls after the cutoff for the 2008-2009 full day kindergarten school year, not been able to attend the Young Learner program with Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Long at Hermosa Vista Elementary he would be just that much more behind entering the 2009-2010 full-day kindergarten. This program with the EXPERIENCED educators that currently are involved in the program are the foundation and first stepping stone in our children’s education. These educators have readied my son to a level where he would almost be bored in an all day kindergarten class. Their experience is what sets them apart from the lower paid, younger, less experienced (1-2 years teaching) educators. These educators know how to help these children LEARN, they don’t just teach, they help these children to use the power of his or her own minds to grasp for everything that is endless in this world to learn. If you eliminate these teachers you are eliminating the endless power that a young learner beholds!!
I know that the objection that will be brought to my attention is that of funds, money, the economy, and added pressure from the state due to a financial deficit. To which I will respond to you as a frustrated and angry parent…..HOG WASH!!! I am a finance major and I could tell you that I am sure you have not completely weighed all the creative financial loopholes, ideas, opportunities available to save these educators jobs. I am sure you have another means to reduce expenses. I am sure a portion of the educators may be close to retirement, or say within a year or two… financial decision would be to meet his or her vestment and cut losses now rather than to continue to pay the added expense of certain benefits and tax payments. How about those who have less tenure teaching or who only have a few years under his or her belt, cut their contract payments by 15% or more. They are younger, they are less experienced. Mesa needs, DEMANDS the top notch educators that have allowed these younger children the opportunity to be our future, the pioneers, and educational prodigies. Please note that as a parent and member of the Mesa community I hope to band other parents in an attempt to sway the board to save these educators positions with the schools. I will also use the power of social media and networking with Twitter, Facebook, and blogging in hopes to get the word out that education cannot be sacrificed, nor can experienced educators. Although, if the decision is not swayed I can only chalk the decision up to par based on the national rankings of Arizona schools which suggests that Arizona cannot afford to lose experienced, top notch educators. Attached is a flyer “raving” about the YLK program…..which in my opinion would include the staff that has been teaching and involved in the program for the last 10 years.

I thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Karie Herring

Response from the Superintendent :
Thank you for your e-mail about the YLK program. Your disappointment is misplaced; please address your support for YLK programming to your elected state officials. It is their position that children whose 5th birthday falls after September 1, will not generate funding to pay for teachers, supplies, etc. Before I became Superintendent, I put the YLK in place. I recognize the value of this program and have data to show its impact. The 2003 newsletter you included reference that success and it continues today.However, as sad as this is, this is a funding issue at the state level. As a finance major, you might want to investigate the manner in which Arizona funds education and the multitude of rules and regulations that dictate our actions. Someone with your passion and a fresh look might garner the attention of those with the power to change things. With reference to Mrs. Burton, and other experienced part-time teachers, we are obligated to follow adopted policies and procedures. Currently, we must be assured that all full-time continuing-contract employees have jobs. Once our obligation to them is settled, we will address those valued staff members who were not guaranteed employment by virtue of the contract they signed.
Deb Duvall
Alice Swinehart
Executive Secretary to Superintendent/Governing Board Dr. Debra Duvall
Mesa Public Schools

And now my response TODAY, and probably not my last:
Dr. Duvall,
I am a smart individual and find hard to believe that my disappointment should placed with the state….when as you stated
“With reference to Mrs. Burton, and other experienced part-time teachers, we are obligated to follow adopted policies and procedures. Currently, we must be assured that all full-time continuing-contract employees have jobs. Once our obligation to them is settled, we will address those valued staff members who were not guaranteed employment by virtue of the contract they signed”
So how is this a matter of the state, other than a funding issue? Again my disappointment, as do other parents within the Hermosa Vista Elementary boundaries, place blame on the district and Mesa Public Schools. I do carry disappointment with the state in the mismanagement of funds but I am disappointed that the first obligation is to the full time continuing contract teachers and NOT the students who will be greatly and most definitely adversely affected by this decision. I beg the question in the future of child education……where is your obligation? The fulltime employees or the children who need the experience and expertise showcased by teachers such as Mrs. Burton.

Karie Herring

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Oh My...I Must Thank the Blogging Academy!

I cannot believe I woke up this morning to find I have yet another award....TWO AWARDS in fact!! My dear blogging Mommy Veronica Lee over at Of Mice an raMen presented these awards to me and I am so super stoked! Here they are in all the glory of the blog universe!

This award reads:
"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to
read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all…"
So I will have to say to avoid the wrath of a Zombie Chicken....because I would hate to have my brain pecked to death by a Zombie Chicken I am choosing all 116 of the bloggy moms I follow!! YUP!! ALL OF THEM!! I think then I am choosing wisely and I can't say I am not choosing at all....although I would be here all day listing them. So please come graciously accept the Zombie Chicken and Bloggy Buddy. Now I will head over to my Sister Blog and dedicate these awards to my best bloggy buddies!! Have a great Wednesday!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Why is Tuesday so awesome (awe-sum)? Well because today I was nominated for another blog award...only the second in my bloggy career. Can you believe it? ME??!! I mean seriously, I usually only get that award from DH, you know the one right:

I was nominated by my sister which is totally AWE-SUUMM!! So here is a blip about my sister if you don't already know her or follow her blog and our blog:

Brittany - is a true free spirit, my best friend, my best enemy (hey we're sisters), and one savvy chick who got me into this blogging business.

To accept this AWE - SUM award and pass the award onto others I must list 7 awesome things about myself and then list 7 awesome people that I would like to pass the award on to. So here goes, I am AWE-SUM:

1. I got up this morning without barking orders in my drill sergeant fashion and coffee was waiting for me.

2. I made breakfast for EVERYBODY, including mahself, before 8am. This NEVER happens.

3. I made a ruckus, and am still making a ruckus about my son's teacher who is losing her job in June. I will do all I can to make sure she keeps her job....I am AWE SUM.

4. I didn't yell at my kids once today. I know!!! AWESOME!!!

5. I finished all my pointless homework in a timely fashion so I can spend the rest of my time wisely this week (stirring the pot with my son's school)

6. Oh, I was elected Treasurer of the PTO for my son's school. I am SOOO AWWEESUM!!

7. I ate a brownie, from the batch my husband made, shortly after taking them out of the oven....they were so warm, soft and gooey!! I am so totally AWWEE SUUMM!!

Now here are some of my bloggers that I think are awe-suumm, but actually, they are all awe-suum. So here are my 7 that I am limited to:

Annette over @ Fairy Blog Mother

Trisha over @ Mom Dot

Candice over @ A Day in the Life.....

Morgan over @ Mommy Momo

Karrie over @ Knit Purl Gurl

Betty over @ It's Me Betty

Miracle Mommy Bear over @ Moon N Star Mommy

Enjoy your Awesomeness!!!

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Come Hop on My Lily Pad

My friend and Tweeple Mom Dot tweeted this great social add-on feature for mine and your blog! Track your friends, your readers, and network to maximum potential. Here is what I am talking about, the Blog Frog, straight from their web site:

TheBlogFrog turns your blog into a social blog. When you are a member of TheBlogFrog, you can install "Social Add-ons" to make your friends a part of your blog. You can install the Recent Visitors Add-on and it will show a picture of your friend when they visit your blog. The Chat Wall Add-on let's your friends send you notes, or you can use it to write a mini-blog post. The News Feed Add-on will tell you when your friends have posted and what they're talking about on their Chat Wall.

How does it work?

When you sign up for TheBlogFrog, it asks for the address of your blog (you can try it without a blog too, but it's not as fun). Behind the scenes, TheBlogFrog visits your blog and looks at your Link List or BlogRoll. A LinkList is the thing on your sidebar where you can put links to all your other friends who blog. The people on this LinkList then become your Blog Friends. Once TheBlogFriends knows who your Blog Friends are, you can install "Social Add-ons" on your blog and start having fun with your friends.
When you sign up, TheBlogFrog also asks you where you went to High School and College. It uses this information to show you who else is blogging from your schools. You can also add a workplace, church, neighborhood and so on. This is called the "Social Blog Directory" and lots of new entries are added each day so be sure to check back often.

Go check it out!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 2 "FREE" Week Product Review - Dr. Ron's Ultra Pure Body Care Body Scrub

Here we are Day 2 of the Five Fish "FREE" Week!

Alright so I have lots to show this week courtesy of Dr. Ron. He was so generous to provide all these wonderful items to try out!! So in addition to shampoo and conditioner we have body scrub.

Now scrubs can be a bit precarious because of their dual action. First of all scrubs scrub, they exfoliate all the dead cells and eliminate the free radicals looming on our skin. Then the scrubs cleanse, leaving our skin feeling fresh and supple. However, some scrubs have the harsh chemicals and rather than leaving your skin soft, supple, and refreshed, your skin in left barren and dry and literally exposed.

You know about Dr. Ron and his pioneering of these fantastic beauty products, so here is the info on his body scrub straight from his website and his catalog:

MSM Body Scrub

  • Jojoba beads with crushed Apricot Seeds and Walnut Shell Powder creates an invigorating whole-body treatment. Peppermint oil, a natural deodorizer, makes the skin feel cool and fresh. Eight ounces.
Now I have to say again, I love me some beauty products!!! I mean I have tried St. Ives, Dermalogica, the whole gamut of beauty scrubs and this one was like lightning. The peppermint leaves you feeling more than cool and fresh, my skin was tingling almost as if an electric current was running across it after I had applied and rinsed. The scent is super invigorating with a soft citrus scent, apricot, and the eye awakening, get your blood moving scent of peppermint. I mean my body felt like my mouth had after a good cleaning and gargle of mouthwash. I was jazzed and energized and ready to take on the day. But I do have to admit that the tingle is something to get used to. While I am all about a sensual feeling and experiencing all things new the peppermint was interesting, especially when the temperature outside is 90 degrees and you have the air conditioning on in the house and you have the peppermint to add......interesting. I did feel like my skin was very warm and then cool, much like Icy Hot or Bengay, but curiously wonderful and like I said, leaving me feeling jazzed. Be sure to check out Dr. Ron, let him know that Karie of The Five Fish sent you and check out all of his wonderful products, remember he also has many many other products not listed in his catalogs and he gives private consults! How fantastic is the man who offers us preservative free!!

Make it a great Tuesday and be sure to check back tomorrow for a

look inside a preservative free home makeover!!

The views and opinions expressed on this blog belong purely to Karie Herring. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party in question.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 1 "FREE" Week Product Review - Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Body Care, Shampoo and Conditioner

Welcome to Day 1 of The Five Fish "FREE" Week.

Today we are going to explore the preservative free products of Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Body Care. You might be asking how can body care products such as shampoo and conditioner possibly have preservatives. Well I wondered as well and began to research and found that almost every shampoo on the market has this #1 nasty ingredient, ready, "SODIUM LAUREL (LAURYL) SULFATE".
Okay, so I know you are wondering what this compound mineral is in our hair products. Sodium laurel sulfate is a cheap detergent and is what makes our shampoos as sudsy as they are. You know what I mean, that great foaming action that makes us believe our hair is getting so clean...WRONG! In fact sodium laurel sulfate is an irritant and is a carcinogen...yup washing your hair can cause cancer, who would have thought. The second preservative is paraben which prevents bacteria and fungal growth in almost all beauty products, again another irritant, allergenic, and carcinogen.

So I came about researching this because I have been trying to find organic or as close to organic as possible for my family. Buying organic products not only reduces our overall carbon footprint, but the products are absolutely superior for your overall health. Big G has eczema so I have to be careful with what I use on his skin or he is a mess and takes months to clear him up. The Squids are also new babies, but have so far (so good!) been a-ok with standard OTC products. I, on the other hand, I have to use glycerin type washes or my skin is a mess as well.

The staff and Dr. Ron sent me the MSM Shampoo and MSM Moisturizing Conditioner. Here is some information straight from the Dr. Ron website about the products and about Dr. Ron:

MSM Shampoo

With herbs, nutrients and essential oils, MSM strengthens hair and restores elasticity. A rich supply of mucopolysaccharides and protein in our conditioners leaves hair soft, light and shiny. We avoid the use of sodium laurel sulfate, a cheap, harsh detergent often derived from petroleum and disguised in pseudo-natural products with the phrase “comes from coconuts.”

  • Soft, shiny hair results from superior nutrition – but our great shampoos and conditioners will bring out your hair’s natural qualities like no other products.
    Our unique blend of oils, herbal extracts, and nutrients strengthens hair, restores elasticity and repairs split ends.
    MSM Shampoo contains a rich concentration of sulfur in the form of MSM for maximum benefits

MSM Moisturizing Conditioner

  • For dry or damaged hair, our MSM Moisturizing Shampoo and MSM Moisturizing Conditioner have an extra high concentration of essential oils. Eight ounces each.
    Blended with coconut and olive oils, herbal extracts and nutrients, essential oils have exceptional moisturizing qualities and help restore beautiful luster to your hair.
    Essential oils contain characteristic plant aromas that leave a gentle fragrance and help hair stay fresh between washings.

Here is a little about Dr. Ron, straight from his website:

Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure began in 2000 to provide our patients with the purest and most effective nutrients, formulas and special foods. Many other people now use Dr. Ron’s products. We thank all of you, especially members of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, two organizations that are doing so much good work to further accurate understanding of nutrition. We are committed to providing the finest supplements to complement traditional diets.
We Source Materials from America, New Zealand and Europe
Most of our source materials are from America. We secure organs and glands from free range, grass fed New Zealand animals raised without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. High-vitamin cod liver oil is imported from Norway and meets the strictest standards of purity. Other materials are occasionally sourced in Europe, Japan and Korea, depending on quality and availability of supplies. Contamination of source materials for supplements and pharmaceuticals in recent years has led us to avoid sources with potential problems. Careful and selective sourcing of raw materials provides an extra measure of safety. You may be confident that all Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure products contain only and exactly the nutrients listed prominently on the labels.
The Ultra-Pure Promise of Purity, Quality, Potency and Value
Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure products are designed and manufactured by a team of supplements professionals and health care providers with extensive clinical experience in natural medicine. Source materials are carefully tested for purity and potency. Many of our products, including Doc’s Best and other innovative formulas, New Zealand organs and glands, and high-vitamin Norwegian cod liver oils, are unique. In our formulas, we combine synergistic ingredients at optimal doses to create maximally effective products. We use no lubricants, fillers, binders, coatings, flowing agents, or other added ingredients of any kind. Because we use only the pure nutrients, our supplements achieve maximum absorption, and are truly hypoallergenic.

Ron Schmid, ND, has practiced naturopathic medicine since 1981. He served for two years as Chief Medical Officer and Clinic Director at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. Ellen Triplett , Lac, has a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine.
Dr. Ron is the author Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine and The Untold Story of Milk. He is on the honorary board of the Weston A. Price Foundation and has written for Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Foundation.

You must be itching to did a "free" shampoo and conditioner measure up? Well I have tried a lot of salon shampoos/conditioners, claimed "organic" shampoos/conditioners and I have to say that Dr. Ron's is by far the most enjoyable and fabulous product I have ever used. Like I said I have used the expensive salon shampoos, and we all know how our hair feels after leaving the silk.....well I got that same feeling from this shampoo and conditioner.

The best part was the smell. I am such a smell oriented person, I mean I smell all of my produce, meats, etc at the store before I buy it, so when I cracked open the package and my hair smelled like I was rolling in herbs I was in heaven. It was clean without feeling stripped and my hair smelled fresh without the harsh smell of added perfumes, and I had to get used to the little to no sudsing since the nasty emulsifiers and detergents aren't in these products.

Then I conditioned. Mind you I have the worst hair known to man. I have chemically treated it since I was oh.....8 (I grew up in the 80's, perms were so HOT back then, I was rockin'!) I color it and then add that I live in the driest state of the union, Arizona, so I swim half the year which wreaks even more havoc on my hair. So I have to use a lot of conditioner, anti-frizz, and smoothing products. With Dr. Ron's I didn't have to use my daily routine of "Tame the Beast" smoother's. The conditioner has a wonderful citrus scent that energized me in the shower and was a great morning pick-me-up. Plus when I rinsed my hair didn't feel just soft, but smooth and silky and stayed that way even after I blow-dried my hair. Most products leave your hair feeling weighed down or they rinse out immediately leaving your hair barely conditioner or feeling repaired. All fly aways, no tangles, no dry feeling, just smooth, soft, manageable, touchable, play with my hair type hair. I am in love!

Be sure to head on over to Dr. Ron's and check out all of his wonderful beauty and health products. In addition to all over well being he does offer consultations! How awesome, get a consultation on how to live an all around healthy life. Also if you go to buy his products like I am going to, be sure you let him know you found his product review on The Five Fish and that Karie Herring of The Five Fish sent you. Thank you again Dr. Ron for sharing this wonderful product with me and my family!

Make it a great Monday!

The views and opinions expressed on this blog belong purely to Karie Herring. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party in question.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Free" Week

Free week you ask? As in giveaways? Well those are coming, but most importantly I am doing a product review of "FREE" products. By free I mean that these products are free of VOC's, free of preservatives, carcinogens, and other ingredients that often result in allergic reactions among some people and or can cause premature aging and other health issues. I am doing this in part to promote the reduction of our carbon footprints (Going Green!), products that work without all the extra additives and you have no worries with kids and your family, plus these products promote an all over healthier living. These products will range from health and beauty, dietary supplements, and home products because often our home is the most polluted space, even more polluted than the air outside.

Stay tuned this week for the "FREE" product review week and be sure to check out our sponsors and give them some bloggy love, make sure you let them know where you found them......right HERE @ One Fish Two Fish Three Four Five Fish and that Mrs. Fish sent ya.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Does this mean anything to you?

To most women and or especially moms this appliance is our arch enemy. In my house especially because the Squids seem to know when that door will open and then you would think open season just began. They scamper as fast as they can to jump in....for what and why? I still don't see the appeal. Anyway, I wanted to share with you this picture. What does this mean to you?

A dishwasher to me means a place, and or an appliance to rest my filthy, grime encrushed flatware and dishware so they may be automatically washed by Whirlpool. To my husband, I am not quite sure what the appliance means to I see that dishes pile in the area just to the north and the west.....ah yes you see it??!!! That would be the SINK. I am always curious why the dishes can't and don't end up in the dishwasher.....I mean is it REALLY that far to the dishwasher from the sink?

Moving on I did notice this today as I was sitting here updating my blog, talking about being a mom and how I just had my moment to blog and relax, just take a moment to be me when I see this dumped at my side.....and not at the sink and not with one of the Squids. Does this mean anything to you?

So I am assuming because DH was on a business call and this was dumped next to me that I was suppose to put it in the dishwasher? I think?! As you can plainly see I was in the middle of my blog (and paying bills....see them there...hidden behind my Vitamin Water.....yes I am avoiding them) and wasn't sure what the hell the empty bottle being dropped at my side was suggesting.

Any takers on this one? LOL

Sidenote - DH does do dishes when I cook, or he does dishes 50% of the 90% of the time I cook. Happy Friday folks!

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Am I really unconventional?

Today while working out much of my many frustrations on my back yard, which now is well groomed and well watered, I pondered if I am really that much of a different mom. By different am I truly that unconventional? Do I raise or treat my kids or give them privileges that make other mothers gasp.

One of the things I am a little 'unconventional' about is my kids daily sugar content. I read a great number of labels when delivering these foods to my kids mouths. Why? Amazingly enough everything has a certain amount of sugar or some sort of fueling product such as protein. Big G however reacts to sugar a bit more dramatically than other kids. *Now this is where I get the rolling of the eyes and the "Oh you are overreacting, all kids get a little hyper on sugar." While this statement is OH SO true, have you ever seen a five year old high on adrenaline. I mean pure, raw, unadulterated epinephrine? Yeah, didn't think so, not until you meet my kid. I have to limit even the tiniest amounts or balance out sugars with a certain level of protein. Like PB&J, lots of the PB and easy on the J. DH gives me all sorts of hell for this saying I am destroying a perfectly good sandwich to which I reply "Sure, then I will send him in your office shortly after he consumes this so he can wreak havoc on your world and your day. Thanks for playing!"

Another thing I have noticed from reading many a blogs and from comments around my family is how other children seem to be confined or limited to household areas. The whole idea seems weird for me....not sure why but it does, probably because my kids have run of the mill with the entire house. Of course bathroom doors are closed to prevent toilet playing and drowning, the pool gate is more than secured (combination lock....and I am the only one with combo...DH can't remember it to save his life!), cabinets are all secured to avoid getting into trash, cleaning items, etc. So from one mom to another why are kids confined to certain areas? I mean they get older and learn that certain rooms contain certain things, etc etc, so why keep them in one area? I do understand the whole "Well I know where they are at all times" but at what age does this progress to run of the mill? Like I said, maybe I am weird.

I also give my kids choices. I don't let them TELL ME what will go on, I TELL THEM here is what you got, you can choose A or B, not both, not C, not that you won't choose, it's A or B or the highway. I saw a segment on the TODAY show about not giving your kids choices and I about threw something at the TV. I mean really?! I think giving kids choices will empower them, the whole idea allows them to choose and to learn cause and effect. Just as a baby will drop a sippy cup and we pick it up, they are learning cause and effect. Once you stop picking up that cup all the time, they learn to not drop it.

I do not spank. GOD HAVE I HAD MOMENTS!!! My Big G is my mortal arguing nemesis. He pushes my argue button like his father does. EEEWWWWW!! Then when he argues and is defiant my first action is that I am angry he is being defiant and I just have this angry urge to haul off and spank his derriere. But I have to stop, take a deep breath and remember he is learning his boundaries, he is learning his independence, he is learning. I am able to calmly explain to him the consequences of his actions and the actions I take, this seems to be easier, not much, but easier when disciplining. He freaks out for a moment, and then explains what I am doing and why.....and surprisingly, everything is right with the world.

I try not to spoil my kids nor spare the rod. My nieces and nephews on DH's side are living proof of that. But I think kids need positive reinforcement and they also need true discipline and not a beating. I also think that giving kids their way all the time, even if we are tired, even if we are not in the mood to argue, fight, or deal with them because our day is and has been hell only reinforces certain behaviors. Again, I may be way off.

I am just curious to hear from other moms if you have little quirks and ticks that may seem weird to other moms or seem weird that you do certain things and other moms don't. I guess I want to know what works for you as a parent and do these things seem unconventional to you or other moms.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a House Party!!!

My sister, Nicole, over @ The Hudson Fam 4, and one of my partners at Three Sisters is having a super cool party!

Simply head on over to House Party to read all the juicy details of all the available and upcoming parties! What a great way to review, test, share, and have a blast with a new product.

So back to Nicole. She is doing the biggest and most popular house party known to man.....


I mean how freaking cool is that!? You get to check out the totally redesigned Ford Fusion plus Ford is offering great incentives like a $1700 federal tax credit for those buying the new Ford Fusion Hybrid. So you get paid to be green? Sounds like an added bonus to me, at least that bailout money is being put to good use!

Keep an eye out for Ms. Nic as she is going to start promoting her house party, post cool pics of the whole event and give us all the juicy details on the American Idol Finale and the new Ford Fusion. Way to go Nicole!

Be sure to sign up for your very own House Party and tell them how you heard about it!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mystic Wonders Giveaway!

How would you love to never have to buy those bulky bottles of laundry detergent again? Or how about those annoying little dryer sheets that you have to fish out of your clothing every time you fold clothes?

Well my fabulous sister Brittany over @ the Greer 5 is giving away the Mystic Wonders product. She has the complete laundry system which is One laundry ball and two dryer balls. Could you imagine the money you would save not buying any laundry accessories for a year?

No detergent = SAVINGS!!!
No softener = SAVINGS!!!
No Dryer sheets = SAVINGS!!!
PLUS a reduced dry time as the dryer balls disburse the heat as they tumble through the clothes thus reducing the dry times and amount of energy you use = MORE SAVINGS!!!!

Please rush over and check out her one of many giveaways, this one is fantastic among others. be sure to check out the Mystic Wonders site to see what the organization is all about and all the fantastic products they have to offer.

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On this day 39 years ago a U.S. senator founded the awareness and inspiration for loving our planet and saving her in all her glory for years to come, we now celebrate today as Earth Day.

On this day 26 years ago, my mother delivered a baby girl of a mere six pounds and a few ounces. I remember my parents going back and forth on what to name this little girl before her arrival. I would tell my best friend and Sunday School mate Brittany Davalos (whom I used to ride the Sunday school bus with) that I was going to have a little sister. Well when you are five years old (which is how old I was when my sister was born) you want your new sibling to share the name of your best friend of course! Like naming the family dog....just kidding.

After Sunday school I told my mom what we were to name my new baby sister and her name was to be "Brittany" spelling and all. Who would think a five year old to name her sibling and get the spelling correct? If you are like me, who descends from a long line of OCD crack heads, then of course you get the spelling correct.

And so it shall be. My mother gave birth this Earth Day 26 years ago to my best friend in the whole world Brittany Ann Hudson Greer (Yup, she authors the Greer 5). We fought like cats as little kids, she stole all my beauty products when we were teens, she was my maid of honor at my wedding, I was her Matron of honor at her wedding, we have cried, we have laughed, we have laughed so hard we cried, we have cussed each other out, we have slapped each other, killed each other with silence, battled, apologized, hated, loved, and come back to the fact we are always sisters and I will always love my sister and I always have loved my sister. I named her after my best friend, so of course she would be my best friend. Have an absolutely beautiful and wonderful day Britt, I love you and I love you for all your faults, strengths, conquering that which can destroy you, and your ability to make people smile and laugh. I love you and have the best Birthday Earth Day ever!

(See, I am always her right hand man....err.....I mean Woman!)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MOM!!!!! She took my stuff!!!!

Have you met my sisters?

Nicole Hudson over @ The Hudson Fam 4

Brittany Greer (Hudson) over @ The Greer 5

Well the three of us are joining forces to bring you the best of what is around with sisters. No this blog won't always be happy happy joy joy we are sisters. Nope, we will bring you recipes, stories, musings, antics, reviews, giveaways and of course....sister fights! Everything that makes being a sister the best and most unique relationship in the world!! So be sure to check out their individual blogs and of course our new blog Three Sisters.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tummy Tuck

Oh yes the dreaded. Some mom's have ventured into the dark world of plastic surgery, I know I have. Nope, not the tummy tuck, though I was afraid I might have to have one, I got my girls upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0.

So I have been on my own weight loss challenge for some time, well since February. I got the itch because I saw I was the fat chick.....and no one told me I was the fat chick. Granted, I had a second pregnancy with twice as much baby (the Squids) and carrying an 8 pounder and a 6 pounder will make your stomach look like the face of a bulldog shortly after giving birth. Needless to say most women will opt for the tummy tuck. I, on the other hand, have taken the long road traveled. Although my road is fairly short because when I started this ordeal in February I was a size 16. You got it!! I was close to having to cross that line in the "Women's." I am not saying this is a bad thing, however, for me....VERY BAD! So after 2 months I am down a total of 20 pounds and you wouldn't believe my jean size now....just guess.....

AN EIGHT!!!! AN 8!!! Can you believe it!? I know I couldn't.

So here is my tummy tuck secret for those of you who are in fear that you will forever look like a mommy tummy forever:

1. Layoff all the bubbly. By this I mean soda, Redbull, spritzers, beers, anything that makes you burp and fart. This stuff is not liked by your insides, so guess what, they react and they react by bubbling up and you look bloated. After one week of no bubbly, watch that belly smooth out.

2. Ease off the salt. Salt is in just about everything, I am even trying to test my bottled water for some traces. Your body has a perfect salt to water ratio and if you go over that ratio...POOF, you swell like a sponge in water. Foods rich in potassium like tomatoes and bananas are great for fighting off the bulge.

3. Cardio and Strength training. I am not telling you to go out and start Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Simmons or beef up with Hanz and Franz. I am telling you that I went out each and every night for 30 minutes and walked, power walked, jogged, whatever to get my heart rate up. Elevating your heart rate gets that blood moving and you need to sweat. If you aren't sweating, you aren't doing the right amount of cardio. Couple that cardio with some really good strength training exercises and VOILA! Bikini ready belly. A great place to check out some strength training moves is at Spark People or even Women's Health, they have some super core moves that will make you hurt!

4. Remember to get plenty of sleep, water, rest (don't work out 7 days a week and expect results, take some time off), and ALWAYS EAT. If you don't sleep your body never recovers, if you don't have water your muscles do not have energy to synthesize, if you don't rest you will just bulk up....and what woman wants to be bulky? Finally, always eat!!! If you miss a meal, especially breakfast your body goes into protection mode and starts protecting your fat! WHY? Well because your body thinks you are in distress, so it stores that fat and protects it as a reserve. So if you starve, and then eat, you will only get fatter. So always eat breakfast even if it's just a slice of toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk. Get some protein in that body.

5. Don't stress and keep going. We have such high standards and we want results NOW! Well guess what? Not gonna happen. You have to work hard and in time you will get the fabulous results you always wanted. Just remember to tell yourself how beautiful you are and love yourself, that will be your biggest motivation.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way a licensed medical professional. I have provided information that for the most part is already common knowledge exploited by many media outlets. I have also generalized what I have done as an individual and results will vary from individual to individual so my information is in no way to be taken as a proven fact just my opinion and personal experience.)

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Feeding the Animals

While I should save this for Wordful Wednesday I couldn't help but to share how entertaining the Squids have become. Recently they have felt very "big kid" and wanted to use their kid table as opposed to the high chairs. Feeding at the kids table is always a chore as it is so small (short), they can get up at any time, and they aren't always so good with their place in they all end up on the floor or upside down. But always makes for an entertaining meal that is for sure! So here they are eating....I know how exciting! Pickles Magoo was not having a good night, just a fuss budget, and Little Bity of course being the dominant little sister felt she needed to help her poor twin. Enjoy!!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Even the Tooth Fairy is feeling the recession

Big G has finally lost all four of his front bottom row of teeth. Those suckers were all hanging by threads and this last one was a doozy as the tooth hung onto dear life in the child's mouth. I mean we could brush and brush, and wiggle and wiggle to no avail. Just when we all but gave up hope that he would NEVER lose that dang tooth, *POP*.

"Mom, Mom, MOM!" He comes rushing in to tell me about his tooth as I am listening, but not listening as we mom's happen to do, how he is "Gonna wash off my tooth in the bathroom sink." "Okay buddy.......WAIT! NO!!! Bring the tooth here." I gently placed his tiny tooth on the window sill of the kitchen so we could place it into a neat white envelope for bed time for the Tooth Fairy to retrieve. Later that night I put his tooth in that white envelope and took it to him so he could stash the treasure under his pillow.

Then DH and I decide to go to bed some time later.......completely forgetting about the tooth. It hits me! OMG I am the dang tooth fairy. I whine and complain to DH about how comfortable I am in bed and that I don't want to be the Tooth Fairy tonight. He replies to me asking if I am passive aggressively asking if he would do it........Um, why would I have to be passive aggressive? If I wanted you to do it I would have assigned you the job, hello, I am the mom and the adult in charge right? So this time I wanted to diversify G's exposure to the various forms of US currency. He has gotten a Five dollar bill, mainly because the Tooth Fairy didn't have ANY change for the first two teeth and the event was totally unexpected, losing two at once. He has received a dollar and this time I figured we would switch up what was to be delivered and so I fished out a fifty cent piece.

I sent my fairy self into his room, pulled the envelope out and slid the money in.

The next morning............the kid completely forgot he lost his tooth. About lunch time I had to remind him that the Tooth Fairy came and we needed to see what she brought. As I went about continuing cleaning G came back with a look of total surprise and worry. I asked, what was the matter and he had this response:

"Mom", (Shaking envelope in the air) "The Tooth Fairy is out of money too."

I was mortified and laughing so hard I almost fell over looking for his money to find it on the floor next to his bed. Luckily we gave him a fifty cent piece and nothing smaller or the Squids quite possibly would have decided to consume the Tooth Fairy change.


Mommy Savings

In this crap of an economy some families are thriving, some are striving, and others are literally barely surviving. I have to say that I am a family that teeters on some days. My DH works in the building materials industry (doors, lumber, windows, stuff to build houses) and lets say that his industry is barely alive. With that I have figured new ways to save money, cut home costs, cut major spending costs, and cut corners without sacrificing the way we have become accustomed to living. Some moms may know these little tricks and tips and others may not, some may be totally ecstatic about the idea and others may think the whole idea is hokey. Whatever your stance may be, these are my ideas, tips, and tricks and they do not reflect your particular lifestyle etc. So now that I am done with my basic disclaimer here are the goods:

1. Buy as much and as many canned, dry goods, condiments, cleaners, tiddly items you can at the DOLLAR store. I mean Dollar General, Dollar Tree (who also offers larger wholesale type quantities if you need, AND they accept Food Stamps), Family Dollar.

Buying from these stores does not mean that your food will taste any different, be any different, look any different or that you are less of a human being because you shopped at a discount store. I bought Velveeta Shells and Cheese there, name brand Spaghetti O's, Duncan Hines brownie mix, you name it I got it there for more than HALF of what I would have paid for the generic at my local grocers, and guess what....ALL THE SAME!

2. CLIP THOSE COUPONS!!! That's right, clip the coupons when you get them and then HOLD ONTO them. What? Why? Well because manufacturers know that you will clip those coupons and then go right out and spend full pop on the item with that coupon.

Rather, you wait for the following week, or maybe the week after to see if your item goes on sale. This is the coupon game. Watch for the weekly circular to see if your item goes on sale AND then use the coupon. Also use grocers that apply double coupons. Here in AZ, we have double coupon grocers everyday. Only special occasions do they triple your coupons.

3. Buy canned or frozen produce. Yes we all LOVE LOVE LOVE our fresh produce. I am a victim of loving my fresh produce. But when I saw how much of my beloved I would throw out each week because the items would spoil so quickly (even with my Debbie Meyers Green Bags) I decided the time had come to buy frozen or buy canned. In the frozen I buy my broccoli, corn, cauliflower, spinach, the foods I love to steam for dinners. You can buy a package of frozen spinach for almost more than half you could for the fresh, and its the same, at least the end product.

4. Buy as much generic and or bulk as possible. If you have an item you are CONSTANTLY running to the store to bulk. By doing so and being a member of a warehouse store like Costco (who I love) and or Sams Club, you can save yourself bundles in dollars and bundles in gas dollars for running back and forth to the store. I compared cereals and milk as those are our family's biggest inventory turners and we save at least $20 (per store trip) buying bulk than buying at the local supermarket.

5. Invest in those awesome reusable bags. I know, the lover of Mother Earth came out in me with all my green adventures this year. But in all honesty you save money each grocery trip! Bet you didn't know you get FIVE CENTS off for each bag you use, EACH time you use them at your local supermarket. I shop at Fry's here in AZ and with having 5-10 bags each time, well that's an additional 25-50 cents off my bill. Not much, but HEY, every little bit counts.

6. THE BIGGIE....make a list. I think too many times we as Mom's are so DAMN busy that we forget to make a simple list. We are the Queen's of multi-tasking so we run our list in our head like a drill sergeant attacking his troops in line. We beeline to the grocery store and end up buying those damned Krispy Kreme's at the front display, the Ho Ho's which are near the coffee, and a bag of Doritos's since they looked so yummy on our way to the check out. All the while forgetting that we needed tampons, mustard, and eggs. So remember to take a few minutes to make a list. Or build your own online @ My Grocery Checklist. I have laminated mine so that I can use it OVER and OVER again with a dry erase marker, or I stuffed mine in a Ziploc Freezer bag until I got it laminated, plastic is about the same. I just check what I need at the time we realize we are out and then done. I don't have to try to remember later. I mean seriously, three kids screaming and the last thing you can do is remember what the hell to get at the store when you don't have a list.

Take 'em or leave 'em, just some of my ideas, tips and tricks. I hope these are some great ideas you can use. I also use the Coupon Mom as my reference for what is on sale and what is a coupon based on circulars. The grocery shopping trek is time consuming but so worth the effort when you can add up the HUNDREDS of dollars in savings.

Let me know what you do to save money with groceries, around the house, and things to help your family in these tight times. I would love to hear how other Moms have other neat ideas, please post comments and subscribe so I can see what else you have musing in your home.


Friday, April 17, 2009

I fail, I suck, I am back with plenty of content...and goodies!

I have to say I fail so badly at blogging over the last 22 days, possibly longer as I did the minimum when I did post. I am in the final stages of this wretched degree from The University of Phoenix Online and this last class, the one I am in right now is kicking my ass! I was in fear I would fail, which I wouldn't, but I am an obsessive compulsive type of person not to mention I dramatize EVERYTHING. So when I have a class that challenges me, I automatically turn into that 16-year old girl, "OMG I am going to fail, and I won't graduate" and then Chicken Little comes out in this whole drama, "THE SKY IS FALLING." So because I was so paranoid about this class and OCD about getting at least a B+ I failed to blog about all the funnies of the Squids and Big G. Now, my class is over....I am a month away from graduation and now all my time once spent on school will be used for reviews, blogging, oh, and yes.....GIVEAWAYS!!! I at least accomplished that bit of blog friendly material, all the fun loving, spread the wealth in these hard times giveaway extravaganza. So stay tuned for those coming real soon! Make sure to thank my all talented bloggy sister who got me into this mess of blogging, giveaways and reviews, she has had some excellent giveaways herself. Without the help of Mrs. Greer, aka Brittany, I wouldn't be here to share the adventures of my misfits, products I use in my home for the twins, and give away FREE STUFF!!!